My Investigation On “Zylotrim” For Weight Loss


Today’s Target: Zylotrim for Weight Loss

Zylotrim is touted by it’s makers as a pill that you take twice a day to lose weight. They say that it increases the activity of your “fat burning enzymes” and makes you lose weight without dieting or exercising. Really now? This sounds like some sort of miracle pill right? Wrong! Let’s do some digging and get to the bottom of this…

Is the product or company an obvious scam?

I did a TON of research on Zylotrim trying to sniff out the nitty gritty and boy did I! One of the biggest problems is that the company makes many claims about Zylotrim both through their advertisements and on their website however they don’t publish any data to back these claims up. As you can image, this got my attention pretty quickly! Especially since there is simply no magic pill for weight loss.

They claim to have done numerous double-blind studies but they don’t appear to publish the data from these studies anywhere. It really makes you wonder if they did these studies at all…

The company doesn’t even publish the active ingredients but after an exhaustive search online I found it out :: The active ingredient is 7-Keto DHEA which is a natural stimulant that supposedly increases your metabolism. I wasn’t able to find out exactly how much 7-Keto DHEA Zylotrim contains.

Is the company guilty of deceptive marketing?

The makers of Zylotrim, Obesity Research Institute LLC, was fined 1.5 million dollars by the FTC for making misleading claims about weight loss and the FTC has received a ton of complaints about the products manufactured by this company. This company makes a lot of claims about Zylotrim but doesn’t back these claims up with any data. Very fishy…so let’s move on…

Does the product live up to it’s claims?

Zylotrim makes two very large claims in it’s advertising:

“Those who took Zyltrim lost 200% more weight than those who didn’t”

Ok, so you’re actually saying that people who took Zylotrim lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t? Where’s the proof! (It appears to be non-existant)

“66% of each lb lost was pure body fat”

Again, where is the proof? Oh yeah, there isn’t any. Both of these claims might be hard to believe given the criteria of this weight loss pill :: but they’re impossible to believe being that no actual proof of either of these claims has been published.

Does the product have any dangerous side effects?

The makers of Zylotrim claim it has no side effects.

WARNING: The side effects of Zylotrim’s active incredient, 7-Keto DHEA are heart palpitations, acne, reduction of energy (causes “proton leakage” in mitochondria), decline in testosterone levels and salivation.

Huge red flag here people! Proceed with caution. Either this company is lying through their teeth, or Zylotrim contains such a small amount of it’s active ingredient, 7-Keto DHEA, to the point where it has no effect on the body at all. I wonder which one it is?

What does the Better Business Bureau say about the company?

The BBB has a pretty large report on file for Obesity Research Institute LLC. As of the time of this investigation, Obesity Research Institute LLC has received 172 complaints in the last 36 months concerning advertising issues, billing or collection issues, contract issues, customer service issues, delivery issues, guarantee or warranty issues, product issues, refund or exchange issues and sales practice issues.

What are people saying about the product or company on blogs and forums?

Here’s just a small portion of what people are saying about Zylotrim on the online discussion groups:

“Zylotrim is a SCAM!!!!!!! IT doesn’t work and the company bills your credit card monthly without you knowing! then they will not take it back or refund you your money! The operators are obnoxious and theives!!!! DO NOT BUY

“This is just one more scam. The pill does nothing to help you lose weight or inches. They tell you that you need to take it for 60 days to see any results, but your money back guarantee only covers 30 days. Real cute. Can’t the Federal Government do anything to put these people out of business. – Hannah”

“i have been on this so called wonder diet pill for 3 weeks, i feel no different , look no different, sure as heck have’nt lost any weight. so if you don’t want to waste your money like i did ,just go and buy bigger clothes, its cheaper!!!! >-( – Tina”

Does the company sell any other “questionable” products?

Obesity Research Institute LLC also makes Lipozene, Fiberthin and Propolene all of which are weight loss products and unfortunately all of them have a pretty negative reputation just like Zylotrim.

Health Hound Overall Assessment: “It’s A Scam”

Everywhere I look, I see bad things being said about this product, the company behind it and especially their marketing practices. The fact that so many people who try it say it does nothing for them, along with the fact that they don’t to openly publish any of their so-called “research data” on this product is enough for me to recommend you steer clear of this product. And let’s not forget about the 1.5 million dollar FTC fine they received too. This product has scam written all over it plain and simple.

Share your Zylotrim story with the Health Hound! Leave a statement below and I’ll be sure to follow up.

I’m always on the trail!

Henry The Health Hound


  1. I cant believe how many so called diet pills are out there. For one thing zylotrim says they are offering a 30 day free trial plus they sill pay s.h. but when you call they tell yo to get your billing information ready. If it is free why do you have to get billing info ready. This really makes me mad when they misslead people people like that.

  2. I took Zylotrim for the 60 days I was also on nutrisytem and worked out pretty good every day and I saw results good ones. I lost almost 50 pounds and felt good. More energy. Unfortunately I quit both and gained about 20 back and feel sluggish and fat again I felt a real mental attitude change and I am desperate to get the good mental attitude back into the healthy weight loss mode and was thinking of ordering Zylotrim again. I am still walking when I can. and watching my diet and I bought Alli instead to give that a try. Have you heard any negative about that? Thanks for the heads up I still don’t know if it worked for me or not but I would like to think it helped. I have been extremely tired though since I quit everything and now I am worried I ruined my mitochodria. Thanks for any info you could send. Sincerely Kay JO

  3. Health hound, Thanks for the report on Zylotrim. I desperately need to lose weight around the waist area so I was about to order. I am happy to be spared the disappointment.


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