Weight Watchers V2


Weight Watchers has certainly stood the test of time. Founded back in the late 1960’s, thousands of people have lost weight using this popular weight loss plan.

So, great, right? Go sign up? Not so fast… Weight Watchers may be the oldest, but the new changes may or may not be good for you.

The New Weight Watchers & Its Weaknesses…


Cons (Flawed)

Clever points-based program takes the thinking out of calorie counting and NOW the points reflect the quality of food. People may be disappointed that some of their favorites went up in points. PLUS, they’ve made fresh fruit “free”… uh-oh! Keep reading…
Classes for group support. You are the one who gained weight. Shouldn’t YOU rely on YOU to lose the weight? (Maybe, maybe not… keep reading)
Thousands have reported success with the program. The program is lacking in long-term studies to see if participants kept the weight off for good.


Healthier Plan, but You Might Not Lose Weight!

I have mixed feelings about Weight Watchers because for some, Weight Watcher’s has been a saving grace. It does help people get a grip on portions and understanding the caloric cost of one type of food versus the next.

Now, Weight Watcher’s has revamped its points system to encourage healthy choices. It used to be that 100 calories cost you the same amount of points regardless of the type of food. For instance, 100 calories worth of black beans will cost you less points than a 100 calorie pack of cookies.

Great, BUT… they added this free fruit thing into the equation which really bothers me. Listen, fruit is great for you, but if you’re trying to lose weight, you should only eat it in moderation.

You can’t power down bananas and grapes all day and not count the calories because they have a lot of calories AND they are digested quickly, meaning they don’t fill you up as veggies would. Think about it… a serving of fruit has around 100 calories. Snack on that several times a day and you’re probably going to gain weight, not lose it.

Don’t Want to Count Points or Go to Class? I have another option… and it won’t cost you a single penny!!

FREE! My 100% free weight loss report will help get you on the right track towards weight loss. Rather than rely on a points system, why not learn what to choose based on some very simple guidelines.

We all know when we make obvious dieting mistakes (snarfing down a bag of chips), but what if you’re making mistakes and don’t even know it? What if I told you there are foods that will keep you fat and foods that can help you burn fat?

And guess what? They could have the very same caloric content… but one is bad for your waistline and the other is good!



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