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Looking for an effective weight loss program? There are many different choices out there, but which one will work best for you? One of the best is a boot camp.

Boot camps are one of the best weight loss programs for those who want to get in shape and lose weight. These classes and programs can be found everywhere–check online or at your local gyms. Many are held outdoors if the weather is good. They combine all sorts of exercises into an hour long class.

The term ‘boot camp’ refers to intense physical workouts geared towards everyone from the everyday exerciser to the elite athlete. These classes have become very popular as people see the results they want from these military style classes.

These weight loss programs are basically a system of drills. Participants are put through drill after drill with little or no rest in between exercises. These high intensity bursts followed by muscle endurance drills which use weights or the body’s own resistance. In this way, they will keep body fat burning even during rest. Weight training moves are then followed by another burst of cardio, and on and on.

In this type of weight loss program you can expect to do exercises such as one minute of jumping jacks and then move on to 30 seconds of ab crunches. Then you might do pushups and then tuck jumps or jumping lunges. These moves will get the heart rate up, and it will stay up in order to keep the fat burning going. The heart rate will come down during rest a bit, but is then it will be sent right back up. This will also help to strengthen the heart.

This program is designed to do many things for you. As a weight loss program, they will keep you in the fat burning mode, helping you burn more fat and calories. Another great thing it does is keep the body confused. This is called muscle confusion and it one of the best ways to keep yourself losing weight and adding muscle, because your body never hits a plateau or gets bored. It helps to keep you seeing reductions in body fat and weight loss.

Boot camp classes are designed to push the you to your individual max, it is different for everyone, which means all fitness levels can take these classes. Boot camp classes have been proven to burn more calories than steady state types of cardio, like an elliptical workout or stationary bike workout.

All in all, the boot camp classes are one of the best weight loss programs if you are looking to tone up and lose weight.


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