Weight Loss Plan


In need of a weight loss plan? There are many types to choose from? Will you go on a fad diet? Choose weight loss supplements, like diet pills? Or start a new exercise regimen? With all the choices out there, it can be hard to decide.

One safe, effective and fun weight loss plan is to take group fitness classes or simply workout with friends. Exercising with others has been proven to help keep you on track and help the pounds melt off!

For one thing, working out with friends can be a major motivator–and motivation is essential especially when you are beginning a brand new weight loss plan. You have culpability to others, because if you promise a friend you will work out together at a certain time, you usually will feel responsible to your friend and show up! And they will do the same.

One way to be accountable is to make an appointment with a friend to workout. This will mean that you will keep it. You wouldn’t cancel on a friend would you? And working out together is a very social occasion–you can gossip, laugh, share stories and you won’t even notice how hard you’re working.

Additionally, it’s been proven that we feel a boost in our mood when we work out with friends. Another great reason to follow this weight loss plan!

Working out with a friend also allows you to combine your knowledge. You might know a good abdominal workout and your friend might know a great cardio move, so when you workout together you can get the best of both worlds.

Not sure how to start? There are various ways to work out with your friends. If you all belong to the same gym you can take a fitness class together. Or, if you don’t belong to a gym, you can make a standing date to walk, cycle or jog together–whatever you enjoy most. You might even want to purchase workout DVDs and create your own classes at home.

Finally, if you live in an apartment or condo complex that has a fitness center this is a great, free alternative to joining the gym, and you won’t have far to go!

All in all, working out with a friend is a great weight loss plan. You get the benefits of a better mood and more calorie burn all in one!


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