Weight Loss In A Bottle


Weight loss in a bottle, can it be true? If you believe what the television ads and magazine ads tell you…but common sense should warn you that things that seem too good to be true usually are.

There are several new products on the market that claim to be ‘high energy’ or ‘fat burners’ in a bottle. These drinks promise you weight loss, a speedier metabolism, and a great fat burn. However, do they stand up to their claims?

No. They do not. There is simply no drink on the market that can make you skinnier by just drinking it- at least not healthily. Some of these are juice drinks that may tell you to drink only their juice and lose weight, which you will, but you need to eat right in addition to drinking ‘juice.’

Another important component to weight loss is exercise, and these new drinks do not ask you to do any! If you are not eating right and exercising, you will not lose weight and keep it off.

The best method for weight loss is to eat small meals, five to six per day, and exercise for at least thirty minutes most days of the week. This will increase your metabolism and help you burn more fat, which these bottled drinks just won’t do!

Good luck with your weight loss, and remember to save your money and bypass those pricey so-called fat burning drinks!


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