Should You Go on a Weight Loss Diet?


A weight loss diet should include foods that actually help your body fight fat and help you to lose weight. It is easy to incorporate foods into your diet that actually fight fat. The foods that will do this are things like spices, green tea, garlic, and flax seed. It is true. Research has shown that for several hours after eating spicy foods, your metabolism spikes. This means you will be burning up extra calories just by doing nothing. Good choices are cayenne pepper, jalapenos, Cajun spices, and curry powder or tumeric. Curry powder will actually impede the formation of new blood vessels. And this new blood vessel formation is actually one of the causes of cellulite.

Green tea for weight loss is another popular way to add a healthy food to your diet that helps you fight fat. One of the benefits of green tea is an increased metabolism, which will result in more fat loss and calorie burn. The catechins in the green tea stimulate your body all day long so that the metabolism revs. This means you will burn calories while doing nothing at all! You should drink four cups a day to get the most from green tea, but just having one cup of green can also offer these fat fighting benefits.

Another thing to add to your daily diet that will help your body burn fat is cinnamon. You can find creative ways to add it to your daily meals–put it in your (green) tea or coffee, sprinkle it on cereal or oatmeal or even bake it into foods. This is one spice that can help you metabolize the sugar you might be eating.

Or, if you are a garlic lover, note that both garlic and onions work to break down fatty deposits in your body. This will also work to lower your body’s cholesterol as well.

Finally, flaxseed is another powerhouse food that will fight against fat. Flaxseed and flaxseed oil actually work to attract fat soluble toxins and remove them from your body. If you use flaxseed oil to sauté in or add ground flax to your baked goods or pancakes you will reap the benefits! Flax seeds are actually very good on salads, too. So, as you can see, it is easy to go on a ‘weight loss diet’!


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