Does P90X Live Up to the Hype?


By now, you have all seen the infomercials for the P90x. They are famous for making the claim that you can attain a complete body transformation in just 90 workouts.

The big question, does it work?

After expecting this to be a big scam, I am actually surprised to tell you that it really does work. But that is… only if you do it.



The workouts work. You can make pretty dramatic changes if you do these workouts-as prescribed.

The exercises are straight forward and doable for most people who have experience working out.

Most people report that Tony Horton (the instructor) is very motivating. For something this hard, it is great to have good motivator.

You don’t need a lot of extra equipment or a spotter.

Again, if the program is done as prescribed and your goal is to lean and defined – then this should do the job. It was hard to find a fitness trainer to say a bad word.

You still have to “eat right” to come close to the results you see on TV

This is big time commitment. It is an hour a day of exercise and the yoga program is a whopping 90 minutes.

Some of the moves may be too much for those who aren’t in good shape [however, they do show you modified moves]

You need a pull-up bar for a lot of the sessions, you make the call.

Some people report that Tony Horton can be a little annoying (but the majority like him)

They up sell you their nutritional supplements on the DVDs which is a little much. You don’t need them.

The Investment

P90X is expensive ($120.00), and the shipping is a whopping $19.95 with some bit about this being “Free” and “Express”. This part is definitely kind of scammy, but all of those television products do it. It must be part of the, “culture”

But, if you truly think you can commit to 90 days of craziness, don’t let that kind of thing stop you. The best thing to do is to find a good deal on eBay and Amazon.

However, If aren’t really gung ho, then the package is just going to gather dust.

The Real Key to Success: The Eating Plan

The package also includes a nutrition guide with meal plans, a workout calendar, a fitness plan and online support. They put you on a really strict diet, which is the real reason why people are losing so much weight!

The truth is, If you do the workouts and don’t follow the diet – you probably won’t lose any weight at all! The infomercial is slightly deceiving this way. I am not saying the workout isn’t great, but let’s be honest…

A Free Way to Lose Weight?

There is a great alternative to the P90X eating plan that my pack loves. You might want to try these methods before committing to P90X (which is a big commitment). It’s a 100% free report I’ve put together that teaches you several proven methods to lose weight. In the Health Hound’s opinion, I would say that it’s a no-brainer not to at least give this free report a try

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  1. As long as you are eating for nutritional value you do not have to follow the diet plan to a T. I have experienced awesome results as well without following the diet plan. Do I have a 12 pack ab set? no but I am not looking for that. At 40 I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life. That is saying something as I swam and raced bikes competitively until I was 24. spending $140 for the program & $120 on weights, pull-up bar, and resistance bands, is a far cheaper way to get a personal trainer and a gym membership. Plus, I have no excuse to get a workout in. I am out home already!

  2. I have tried the P90X workout with the diet and the results were great. Then I got tired of eating egg whites and started doing my own thing with the diet. Strangely enough, after following their diet for 30 days (that’s how quickly I saw results and how long my commitment to the diet lasted) I just could not go back to eating the way I used to before P90X. McDonald’s gives me stomach cramps, very fatty food give me gal, I feel sick after eating high salt or high sugar products. I’ve not touched 90% of my pre-workout food. Our family diet has changed. I follow my own gut feeling about food now – and it is wholesome, healthy and way less in quantity. Try the diet, it will change your mind, tastebuds and weight.

  3. One comment I would like to make is on saying P90X is expensive…compared to having to commute to the gym everyday, pay for a membership, and if you choose to get a personal trainer this is a bargain! You get a comprehensive meal plan along with 12 workouts that are laid out for you on DVD. I think the most important part is this saves a lot of people time…you say the workouts are long and they are but factor in people that drive 20 to 30 minutes one-way to go to the gym. Great program that works, saves you time, saves you money, and is the real deal.

  4. My husband and I are currently doing this plan and yes the workouts are hard, the yoga is brutal, we have yet to finish one yoga! The diet is actually doable. It’s high protien but after atkins diet, this is nothing! You can still have fruit and dairy and plenty of veggies:) I would recommend it and get it on ebay.

  5. Kevin, good to hear about your results. I’m about the same size, 6′ and 300 lbs. (thanks thyroid lol). Was doing my research on this program (can’t always believe tv) and saw your review, I’ll be buying because of you. Made me feel good to know a guy my size doesn’t have to starve himself. Takes a lot of fuel to power us big guys LOL! Thanks again!

  6. Don’t worry about weight loss. If you look better and your clothes fit better you are winning. Stick to a high protein diet with complex carbs and low carbs and fat and you will see amazing results with P90x.

    Most people can not stick to a routine and this helps you do that.

    I train very hard and eat right but I gain muscle fast so I only lose a few pounds after 90 days but look like a different person. Good luck!

  7. P90X is great, but its not for someone who is going to start the program and a week later decide that its not fair that its too difficult. I think P90X is one of the best programs out there today.

  8. I recently gained 20 pounds and I was looking for a workout to get me into shape for the spring (2011). I’m on day 9 and in the first week I lost 7 pounds. IT WORKS PEOPLE! I try to eat three balanced and nutritional meals per day and drink plenty of water. There is no hocus pocus. It’s hard work and dedication. It’s the normal fitness tips. PERIOD.

  9. At 57, is P90X too much? I do the treadmill about 45 minutes a day and Ab work 4-5 days a week. Want to lose about 20 and redistribute the weight som.

  10. I am in the middle of week 7 right now, which is Phase 2 of P90X. I swear by this program and preach it to everyone – because of my results. In the beginning, I could do about 15 pushups, now I can do 60 in a chest workout. I could barely do any of the ab crunches in the ab ripper video, now I can keep up to Tony and pull 340 ab crunches per session (he does 349).

    The most encouraging results is the weight loss. I weighed 200lbs on day one. 6 weeks later, I now weigh 178lbs. That’s 22 lbs in 6 weeks. Believe me, when you are doing this intense of a workout, you will not want eat anything but lean, low-fat and healthy food.

  11. p90 is a great program, i let myself get out of shape so I couldn’t do all the workouts with 100% form so i stopped them before my form got bad and I hurt myself. I could barely get through 10 minutes of ab ripper. But the great thing was I still saw and felt results after 90 days. So I did another 90 days and found it so much easier and was able to get through most of it with limited breaks. I still wasn’t happy with my performance and wanted to keep up 100% with the discs. That’s my motivation , I am on my third go round and its amazing how easy the exercises are now compared to the first round. I am in construction and cant possibly measure my food or eat that little all day or I would pass out, but I used the nutrition plan as a general outline and tailored it to my needs and the results are great.

  12. My wife and I are in the middle of week 12 of P90X. We followed the nutrition plan in that we made choices from the food groups but didn’t make their recipes. All in all, this is a fantastic program, but it is very demanding. To succeed, one must follow the exercise and nutrition plans very closely. We did……I went from 193lbs to 184lbs and and gained shape and muscle. My wife went from 166lbs to 157lbs and lost 12 inches. She is cut and looks hot because of the muscle gain. She used to be on weight watchers and went down to the 140’s, but lacked the muscle definition and didn’t look anything like now. So, if you do the program, you’ll get results. Period. Everyone I know (over 100 people) who did this achieved results. But remember……it is super hard and takes dedication.

    Good luck.

  13. Josh – I am 5’5″ and weigh 146 lbs. I would definately recommend P90X. I am 47 and used to compete in natural bodybuilding competitions when I was in my 20’s. I was also a certified personal trainer and am currently a doctor of chiropractic so I have been involved with fitness for quite some time. I too have the same problem as you (although most women would kill for this problem). I have to work hard at gaining weight, particularly muscle weight. Many people overtrain and actually break down muscle tissue too much without enough rest and recouperation which is where you actually build size. P90X is one of the best things I have ever done. I am in better shape now in my late 40’s than I have been in prior including size. Get it, follow it as close as possible, and make sure you are eating enough good food to give your body what it will need to take on a program like this. I found I was actually eating more (my body required it) and gaining more muscle while losing more body fat. Get it and don’t look back. Good luck.

  14. A few comments on the comments:

    The P90X program works. It does require about an hour a day – but – once it gets you in shape, just use a remote to speed it up, cut down the time involved and get an even more intense workout in less time. At $120, over three painless payments, it’s super cheap for the value.

    It’s a FITNESS program for overall health. Losing weight, building muscle and getting ripped are just the side effects of eating healthy and working out properly.

    The program – intense reisistance training, interval cardio workouts, core and stretching/yoga work – are just the scientifically proven best ways to stay healthy, stay fit, get strong, avoid skeletal/muscular issues and other diseases like cancer and diabetes, and to avoid many of the ravages of aging.

    The diet is not confusing – it’s essentially reasonable portions of quality proteins, complex carbs, good fats and limiting or eliminating crap food.

    To Dan B. who said that the “models” they use to show 90-day results are deceiving – these are not models – they are actual users. My girlfriend is in the latest infomercial, and I know other folks who have been in them as well. You are required to sign a release in order to be used in them that states you got the results using the program – and I know it’s true in our case. We are users and the results are from the program.

    For someone obese, don’t expect those results in 90 days. For someone in the 20-25 pound overweight range or less, you CAN get those results in three months.

    I have an ex-military friend who is a personal trainer. He loves the X and totally verifies its effectiveness, as does anyone who has really done the program.


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