Use the Power of Simplicity to Heal


By Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D.


When you suffer from illness and pain, one of the biggest challenges is just sorting through an increasingly complex system of medical therapies and alternative practices to find the relief and healing you seek.

But healing needn’t be difficult. In truth, says Spring Forest Qigong master Chunyi Lin, the most powerful healing techniques are usually the simplest.

When I first encountered the teachings of Chunyi Lin I watched an in-depth television news story on the remarkable healing of respiratory and cardiovascular patients who practiced Qigong.

At the time, Chunyi Lin was teaching people to heal themselves using Qigong at one of the largest medical clinics in Minnesota, and I found it fascinating that his workshops at the clinic were attended by as many medical staff as by the general public.

Chunyi Lin has demystified the ancient practice of Qigong, or “energy healing,” in a way that makes it simple and easy to use for anyone. Peer-reviewed studies show it works.

For example, people suffering chronic physical and emotional distress found relief using Spring Forest Qigong active exercises and meditations, reported Dr. Jane F. Coleman in the Journal of Holistic Nursing. Sleep, concentration, decision-making and appetite also improved in the majority of subjects.

People suffering serious depression saw significant levels of improvement using Spring Forest Qigong, reported a study by Frances V. Gaik, Ph.D., of the Adler School of Professional Psychology.

Research into this 5,000-year-old Chinese practice is advancing around the world, and into other areas of illness, including cancer.

In a study led by Dr. Byeongsang Oh at the Sydney Medical School in Australia, cancer patients who used Qigong experienced significantly higher levels of well-being, improved cognitive functioning, and less inflammation compared to a control group—and they reported increased satisfaction with their sex lives.

Everything is a form of energy, including our bodies.

Through simple movement and meditation, Qigong teaches you to train your mind, breath, and posture to work with the energy of your body to release blockages and clear energy channels, promoting healing.

For instance, using Spring Forest Qigong, you can:

  • Open the liver and kidney energy channels in your feet by simply moving your heels up and down. This relieves constipation and warms cold feet and hands.
  • Balance and heal your internal organs and align the spine by slowly moving your hands in a circular fashion in front of your body.
  • Open energy channels in the lower half of your body, stimulate the cerebral spinal fluid, and clear your mind by gently tapping your tailbone with open fists while leaning forward slightly.
  • Stimulate your lymph system and increase energy flow in the entire body by gently bouncing while standing with your knees slightly bent.

Even a simple smile sets your body’s natural healing powers into action, says Chunyi Lin.

When you smile, you automatically activate endorphins, a morphine-like chemical your body naturally produces. Endorphins not only decrease feelings of pain, they modulate appetite, release sex hormones, enhance the immune response, and lead to feelings of euphoria.

“A smile is a healing and comforting symbol of love,” says Chunyi. “When you put a smile on your face, the love energy in your heart, that healing energy, automatically activates.”

I have worked with Chunyi personally and witnessed his commitment to bringing Qigong to everyone he meets. You too can experience the sweetness of his presence in your life right in your own home with his Spring Forest Qigong personal learning course.

For more information on Spring Forest Qigong, click here!

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