6 Unusual Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work


The internet is just filled with weird and wacky weight loss tips, many of which make you just scratch your head and go “huh?” But here is a list of some strange and unusual weight loss tips, that off the wall as some of them sound, actually do work.

So if you are tired of the “same old – same old” when it comes to weight loss, give some of these seemingly odd tips a try.

Reflect on the Problem

Try eating in front of a mirror. According to Researchers with Arizona State University watching yourself eat, is a great way to eat less. By placing a mirror in front of study participants while they ate, researchers discovered they ate significantly less, then those given the same meals, without the mirror. Why? The researchers concluded that by watching yourself eat, you are more aware of your body image, and what you may not want to see – such as beer guts and love handles!

Eat With The Boys

Believe it not research has shown that both females and males, will consume less food when eating in the presence of a male companion. The study conducted by the University of Akron concluded that women will eat less in the presence of a man to appear “more feminine” while men eat more around women to appear more macho and  “less feminine”.

Cut the Credit, Cut the Calories

According to researchers if you want to cut down on overindulging when going to a restaurant or food shopping, leave the credit cards at home, and go with a limited amount of cash. With a credit card, it seems people are more likely to over spend on a restaurant bill, such as by ordering a rich and expensive dessert, than they would if they knew they had to pay for the meal with cash. Same is true of impulse or junk food purchases in the supermarket.

Sniff Something Sweet

Researchers in London found that putting vanilla-scented patches on the back of participants’ hands significantly reduced their cravings for sweets. They concluded it was the aroma of the vanilla that was satisfying, and reduced the desire for a sweet-treat, and suggest that vanilla scented candles could put a cap on your sweet tooth.

Tighten Your Belt – Literally

Well, do not make yourself uncomfortable, but research has found that you should never eat in loose fitting clothes such as your PJ’s or lounge wear. They give the illusion that you are slimmer than you really are. Tighter fitting clothes will give you a more realistic look, and feel of the “real you.”

Colorful Calories Counting

Want to beat the diet blues? Researchers say paint your dining area and kitchen – blue. Shades of blue and green suppress appetite, while yellows and reds stimulate hunger.

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