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Henry’s rating for TRX is 4.7 out of 5

If there is one area in fitness that has just about as many scams and rip-offs as “miracle diet pills” it’s “weird work out gear.” From Shake Weights to Thigh Masters, we’ve all seen the TV Ads and infomercials promising amazing results with “just minutes a day.”

Most of the time the only weight you lose with these products is the lightening of your wallet!

But when the TRX Strength training system was featured on “The Biggest Loser” and endorsed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, I thought, here is a simple home workout device that may actually live up to the hype!

Looking at the TRX it’s easy to sneer and lump it together with other simplistic looking devices that are long on promises and short on results. It is merely two nylon straps with handles on them, and is used anchored to a door, wall, etc. But unlike similar looking rubberized “exercise bands” – that achieve their modest results through resistance training – the TRX accomplishes much more by using “suspension training” to strengthen core muscle groups and build lean muscle mass.

What is Suspension Training?

With TRX Suspension training, the bands themselves do not expand and contract like resistance bands; instead your bodyweight – up to 1400 lbs—suspended from the TRX provides the workout. The bands allow you to do multiple reps of core strengthening activities, using your body weight as resistance, that you could not do as well, or as much without the TRX. Specifically, push-ups, squats, lunges, as well as dead-lifts, chest presses… just about anything you can do on typical exercise machines.

The TRX was invented by a former Navy SEAL to keep his team pumped, primed and ready, while deployed. So it is no wonder that it has been embraced by the military. According to Department of Defense statistics, use of the TRX system by forward troops across all branches of the military has shown a 50% increase in physical job performance, in tasks such as forced ruck-sack marches, obstacle courses, and other Physical Training tests — and more than an 80% decrease in stress and strain related injuries compared to those not using the TRX in training.

Fire-fighters, SWAT Teams, and other law-enforcement agencies swear by the TRX for the same reasons. As do personal trainers and professional athletes such as UFC Champion Dominick Cruz, LaDainian Tomlinson of the San Diego Chargers, and Mixed Martial Arts Champion Bas Rutten.

How to Use The TRX

There are almost a limitless number of exercises you can do with the TRX. The real beauty of the device is every movement you do with the TRX is also challenging your core strength and balance. It is progressive, the more you “lean” during exercises, the more body-weight resistance you use, and the less you lean, the less body-weight resistance you employ. So you can easily vary the intensity of your workout, and it gives you the ability to strengthen every major muscle group with one piece of equipment.

When you purchase the TRX it comes with a DVD loaded with routines to follow for the beginner up to the pro-athlete.TRX classes are springing up in gyms all over, and you can likely find one near you if you want to check it out You can get a great look at the TRX in use by viewing the exercises section on the company’s website.

Who Should Use TRX?

While pro athletes and military Special Ops are singing the praises of the TRX, what is great about the system is that it provides an intense, real workout that is totally scalable. Which means an all-pro linebacker, or a senior citizen who just wants to strength train for increased stamina and conditioning – can both get the workout they want and need – from the same device!

 The Good

There is a lot of evidence that the TRX is one exercise device that does what it claims. In addition there is a lot of good about the TRX:

  • A large variety of exercise options to try
  • Ability to strengthen every major muscle group with one piece of equipment
  • It is easy to use at home and is completely portable.
  • Workouts that come with the device are fairly easy to follow. Classes are available for further training
  • Every move challenges your core and coordination.
  • You can easily progress with the TRX

 The Bad

Not even a great system is perfect. Some people have said that the TRX can be difficult to use at home if you do not have the space next to the appropriate type of door to anchor it to. Some also complain that if you are going to want to watch the DVD’s and follow along live during your workout – the necessity to use a door, with the right amount of space in front of it makes that a bit of a challenge. The gear is not inexpensive, the least expensive package is around 200.00, but if you compare that to other universal type “home gyms” or a gym membership, that really is worthwhile investment.

The Bottom Line

The TRX Suspension training consistently does what it claims. You can work a variety of muscles in all ranges of motion, you can tailor your workouts to your particular needs and goals, its fun to do, it allows you to get creative, and push yourself past your limits. For all of these reasons and more, I give the TRX Suspension Training system my top rating of 4.7 out of 5.

You can learn a lot more about TRX by checking out their website & Shop For TRX Training Bundles for up to 40% off.

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  1. I’ve been working with a personal trainer for twice a week for 6 months. We do all sorts of stuff on the TRX Trainer. It’s truly a great workout!! Nice review!!


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