Truth About Abs by Mike Geary Gets A Thumbs Up For Its Truthiness.

Henry‘s Rating: 5.0 / 5.0


Most of the courses I review are somehow related to weight loss. And this one is no different.

But the way it IS different is that it’s presented as a six pack abs course (or flat abs if you’re a woman).

Don’t let this fool you. This stuff works wonders to help you LOSE weight too. The course actually teaches that the main way to get six pack abs is to get rid of the layer of fat covering your abs.

So everyone has something to gain here (or should I say lose?).

The Overview

Over 263,000 people have used Mike Geary’s “Truth About Six Pack Abs.”

Men AND women.

At least, this is what Mike claims.

There’s no way I know of to verify this claim BUT… I checked his website on and it looks like he gets some major hits to his website… so his claims are possible.

Also his website has been around since 2004 according to This certainly makes it even more possible that Geary HAS helped that many people.

Honestly, I trust him on this. I have met Mike in person he is really passionate about what he does. He has a ton of testimonials from people all over the world too. Adding even more weight to his credibility.

Moving on…

I’m sure you’re wondering what all the fuss is about… why over a quarter of a million people would use this program.
The basics of it is this…

Everyone who’s overweight has a layer of fat covering their abs. The way to “get abs” is NOT to do lots of ab exercises… no no, Mike claims doing this will only make you LOOK FATTER.


Because the muscles underneath your fat will get bigger… which will push your fat outward more. Giving you the appearance of being fatter.

I think that sounds about as good as a one-world-government ran by a cat with rabies.
How bout you?

Digging Deeper

Mike says you should change your diet to get abs (and lose fat). In particular… start cutting out fat-producing foods. Some of which most people think are healthy. Notice I said fat-PRODUCING… which is not the same thing as foods with fat… almost anything can turn into fat once processed by your body. Mike goes into all of this in detail starting on page 77.

I wasn’t that skeptical of the claim that cutting certain foods will make you lose fat.

That’s obvious. Everyone knows that.

BUT… what I WAS skeptical about was his claim that saturated fat was good for you! I mean, this goes against everything I’ve ever been told.

So I had to do some searching…

I found a video of a Dr. Miller who is professor of surgery at the university of Washington… he pretty much confirms what Mike Geary says.

Of course the trick is not overdoing the saturated fat… and combining that fat with certain super foods… all of which Mike goes into in the course.

Final Judgement

I’m really what Mike has done here. Good for both men and women. Concentrates on eating and not exercise (always a good thing). Allows eating saturated fat. It’s a good program.

But like always, you gotta put it into practice. The bonus audio programs helps out with motivation.
Dang! I forgot to go over all the bonuses you get. Didn’t I?

Yeah, you get the audio course about motivation. An 8-week dumbbell training program and an online dvd featuring the woman from the biggest loser tv show (I forget her name).

But the best thing is Mike’s 8-week money back guarantee. If for any reason you don’t like the program just send Mike an email and he will send your money back.


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