Tinnitus Scams


WARNING: The following products are guilty of deceptive and unethical marketing practices and/or are a flat-out scam!

1) Quietus – “Risk-Free Trial Offer, Pushy Sales People, Lots of Fine Print”

2) Ring No More – “Shady Company, Deceptive Marketing Practices, No Reported Success”

3) Lipo-Flavonoid – “This product is advertised as a treatment for tinnitus but only treatments Meniere’s Disease”

4) Sonavil –  “Numerous lies on the website, extremely “shady” company”

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  1. Searching for information on Quietus, the product that is featured in newspaper ads and on radio. Is this product effective, or just another empty hope for Tinnitus sufferers? Please respond ASAP Thanks, Judy

    • Hey Judy! There has been some success reported with Quietus but we don’t recommend it due to deceptive marketing practices. There are plenty of alternatives out there. If you prefer a supplement I would recommend T-Gone, if you aren’t a big fan of pills I would recommend Tinnitus Miracle which I’ve investigated here. Thanks for visiting!

  2. i placed an order for quietus yesterday which was march the 12th.i will wait and see what happens ,and keep the public updated.

  3. i read other peoples experiences,however i am willing to try almost anything.if this doesn’t workiwill try that electronic book i have seen advertised.

  4. There was an advertisement in our local paper today for a product called “Ring no More”. The ad required you to call in for a “risk free” trial. The product is supposed to provide “life changing relief from Tinnitus in 30 days or less”. The only way to receive this “risk free” trial is to call an 800 telephone number. Sounds a lot like Quitis. Any experience with this product?

  5. Stay away from Quietus, I had 2 charges of $19.95 for 2 other items on my charge as a direct result of giving my credit card information to Quietus. It did not work & I am STILL awaiting my refund. I disputed the 2 $19.95 charges & after threatening to contact teh State Atty General’s office, had teh charges reversed. Maybe I will have to do that in order to get a refund for Quietus.
    They were very reluctant to let me return the product, even after my husband ended up at the doctor with an ear infection from the drops, but finally relented….I mailed the package back about 2 weeks ago & still, no refund. I will follow through, I thought I was smarter that to get caught up in this!!!!

  6. thanks healthound!

    had ringing in my ears for as long as i can remember … loud enough to really cause major disruption of sleep .. and irritating enough that i was considering a product like quietus … but, their ad and site make my scam flags pop everywhere .. so i figured i’d wait long enough to see if it ‘stuck’ .. surely if any product really worked the way it said it would, then it’d still be around (e.g. the FLOWBE .. lol)

    i’m glad i found this site. it really just reaffirmed my suspicions.

    i am interested about the book .. maybe i’ll get it. i’d like to see some non-biased reviews tho.

    thanks HH 🙂

  7. I wear hearing aids due to a sinus infection. I take Xanax and Allegra for the Tinnitus. The Xanax is addictive, but it helps with the Tinnitus. I exercise, walk alot, no drugs or booze, watch my diet, get 6 hrs of sleep every nite and drink lots of water. I take vitamins and supplements which seem to help. Thx for your great site, lots of help for me.

  8. Amen on not trying Quietus. I did not receive all of my order and have been unable to get through to their “customer service”. I have sent emails to no avail and even though they say they are open until 6:00 EST, they are not answering the phones. I should not have to wait on the line for long periods of time to try to get through. It scares me how many people must be ordering this stuff since they are so busy answering other phone calls!! I also had 3 charges of $19.95, although they rammed something down my throat that they said would just cost $1.95 for each. I told them no, but then they said I would get a $100 gas card, so I was stupid enough to fall for that. I mean $4.00, for a $100. Couldn’t pass that up! I was told this morning that my charges for the Vacations Sav Us and the Bargain Links would be refunded. I have a complaint ready to go to FTC if I don’t get some results soon! Don’t feel bad, I thought I was smarter than this too. I feel sorry for all of the unsuspecting elderly.

  9. Medical doctors casually say – No cure. And so the many “products” suddenly breaking on the scene has to make anyone skeptical. I wonder, with the plethora of Internet offerings of things such as Quietus, Ring-no-more, T-Gone, Tinusol, etc., why isn’t the American Tinnitus Association out there vetting like Henry? When there is money to be made by preying on the suffering of people there are always those who will do it.

    Now I’m not saying any one of the products I mentioned works or does not, but nowadays with the Internet all one has to do is profess to have a solution and, in order to rake in easy money, all they have to do is get a small number of people to “bite.” If just 2,000 people bite on a one time purchase of $50, well that’s a quick and easy $100,000.

    Henry, you have done great work in ferreting out some predators, but “new solutions” are popping up so fast it’s difficult to keep up. Meanwhile the crooks out there keep preying on the suffering – – making it difficult for the real solutions to get through.

  10. I tried beyondtinnitus.com. It is a web based sound and music therapy system. It worked for me. It was developed by two ear doctors at the university of California.


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