My Investigation of Thomas Coleman’s “Tinnitus Miracle” System


Today’s Target: Thomas Coleman’s “Tinnitus Miracle” Treatment System

Tinnitus Miracle is one of the more popular tinnitus treatment systems available online. This tinnitus system is actually in the form of an electronic book (aka ebook) mixed in with some one-on-one consultation with Thomas himself.

Who Exactly Is Thomas Coleman?

Thomas Coleman is a medical researcher and health consultant and former tinnitus sufferer himself. He’s the one who put this tinnitus treatment system together after doing years of research trying to cure it for himself.

What Exactly Is Tinnitus Miracle?

Thomas’s “Tinnitus Miracle” is a natural treatment for eliminating tinnitus and several conditions associated with it. It is a step-by-step system that tries to address all of the conditions associated with tinnitus because (evidently) there are a lot of different issues that can cause it which require different treatments to be effective.

Does Tinnitus Miracle Live Up To It’s Claims?

Thomas makes many claims about Tinnitus Miracle on his website. I have personally verified many of these claims via public information (because that’s what I do!) but I couldn’t verify all of them because I simply ran out of time (there’s just so many!) The ones I did research passed with flying colors except for these two:

1) Stop The Constant Ringing, Buzzing, Hissing and Discomfort and Keep Them Away Forever

(Ok, Is he really saying that there’s NO CHANCE your tinnitus symptoms will ever come back after using his system? Hmm…)

2) Eliminate Your Tinnitus Within 2 Months

(I think better wording for this phrase would be “Potentially” Eliminate Your Tinnitus Within 2 Months. It might work for most people, but nothing works for everyone no matter what it is. This sounds like some overly-extreme marketing hype to me.

Does Tinnitus Miracle Have Any Potentially Dangerous Effects?

Tinnitus Miracle is an electronic book and only consists of natural solutions for eliminating tinnitus. I read the entire book front to back and didn’t see anything that I would consider even slightly dangerous (except maybe the part about acupuncture.)

*Important Note: I am NOT a doctor so you definitely shouldn’t take my word for it. This is only my personal opinion. and I’m a dog.

Tinnitus Miracle Customer Service – Is It Up To Par?

As part of every investigation, I purchase the actual product, request customer service, then request a refund. In my experience, customer service is an area where a lot of companies fall flat on their butts. Thomas’s customer service was exceptional. A basic question took under 24 hours to get a helpful response. The refund request was processed by ClickBank, Thomas’s online distributor, in under 48 hours.

What Does The Better Business Bureau Have To Say About Thomas?

The name of Thomas’s company is Higher Ways Publishing. The Better Business Bureau has no record (good or bad) of Higher Ways Publishing or Tinnitus Miracle. Further investigation found that Higher Ways Publishing is based in the country of Israel so they aren’t covered under the BBB.

Flash Update: I have discovered the Israeli equivalent of the Better Business Bureau which is Public Trust ( however the site isn’t available in English. If anyone can look up Thomas’s company and translate it then please email me!

So What’s The Verdict?

Tinnitus Miracle is not a scam. In the Health Hound’s opinion, I would say that it’s a no-brainer not to at least give this product a try. Please report back with your opinion of the product (positive or negative) and proof that you have used it (such as a receipt).

Click Here To Learn More About Thomas Coleman’s “Tinnitus Miracle” System
Hound Tip: The information on Thomas’ site has better tinnitus tips than most paid products I’ve seen..


  1. Glad to hear you’d gotten some help for the tinnitus, what was cost ? How long was the treatment for yours, any maintenance after?

  2. I purchased a trial order of Quietus……Company name must be Preval. They said that they would set me up (when I ordered it) I CLEARLY TO THE REP> NO NO several times, that if it did work, I might re-order.

    Did not work or should say, the items did not help me ! (in any way.)

    I got an (un-authorized) charge on my bank account for $119.80.
    I called the number shown on the bank charge. 888-249-2367 ME.

    I was put on hold for 30 minutes, finally a lady (gave no name) that said she would transfer me to a manager. I then sit from 3:05 pm to 4:10 pm, with absolutely no verbal response of any kind.

    I likewise, phoned the bank.

  3. Thanks for honest info. I’ve had Tinnitus for years. I’ve tried everything that sounded legitimate, none worked. I went to an acupuncturist and he told me he can cure anything wrong with my body except… you guessed it, tinnitus. He was an honest to goodness China man, trained in China for 11 years and he was honest. He helped me with a lot of things but I still have Tinnitus. I don’ think there is a cure.

  4. Called Quietus this A.M. requested a document detailing the Guarantee. Was told that it is included in the delivered package after an order for material. Without the guarantee doc I refused any request for an order.

  5. dammit, you guys! my ears are double the volume I had before I started reading all your problems and disappointments. I’ve been through U. of Md. Tinnitus Clinic, and a $4,6700 sound system that merely added to my stress and tinnitus volume. I’m glad I found the Health Hound’s info tonight. My Hubby had put the Sunday supplement ad on my desk for me to order a batch. I know a lot of bad words I’d like to use against these people–for now I’ll act like a lady.

  6. Glad I found this site , I was going to try that Tinnitus “Quietus” …I would not only still have tinnitus , but high blood pressure too !!! Thanks !

  7. Glad to read about Quietus before trying it. My bf uses RingStop, a product he gets at our local healthfood store. It doesn’t work for me, but he said it works for him. It is slightly less expensive than Quietus at $77/bottle of 180 capsules. If there are cures for tinnitus, why do doctors tell you there is no cure for it?

    • In reply to Allison M. ; Why do doctors tell you there is no cure for Tinnitus? Because dear, there is none. Tinnitus is as a result of damage to part and parcel of your inner ear. Relief – maybe. A lessening of the volume – maybe. But no cure. Sorry. I am a physician and have lived with it since being a young Marine in Viet Nam. Lots of loud explosions will just about gaurantee hearing damage.

      • First of all, thank you for your service as a Marine, Joseph P.

        As for Tinnitus, I have had it for 35 years. There isn’t a cure for it. You can get depressed from it but try and go outside to help with the wind current going through your ears. This helps me somewhat yet there isn’t anything to do. My tinnitus gets louder at night or when I am tired.

        Take care Sharon

  8. A common cause of Tinnitus is when the tips of the hairs in the cochlea break off, letting the liquid in them to continue flowing out. The nerve ending corresponding to the pitch of the particular hair is then heard steadily. There is no cure for this condition, so if you hear a high pitched (or any pitch) tone you better get used to it.

  9. I really want to give this a try so I am ording your book. Have tried it all being very skeptical right now, praying this is finally the answer.
    Thank You, Cindy

  10. I have also had tinnitus for years, as did my mother. The only medication, (under doctors orders,) that works most of the time is, Hydrochlorothiazide, which I take for my high blood pressure. The prescription dosage for the HP was one tablet daily. It was recommended that I take two tablets. It does eliminate it most often, but not always. I did notice that when I am stressed, the tinnitus is louder and re-occurring, and the medication has little effect. I notice the ringing more when I lie down. I will try Lipo-Flavonoid only if the ringing starts in the evening. I bought it today, so I cannot report on its effect.

    • My doctor recommended I try Lipo-Flavonoid. After 6 months of taking the maxium dosage I still have the ringing. If anything, the ringing died down somewhat after I quit taking L-F.

    • to Larry Doria,
      If your tinnitus is helped by HCT that suggests that you have the type of tinnitus related to as cochlear hydrops. Ask your doctor about taking a carbonic anhydrase diuretic for the tinnitus. That type works effectively for your type of tinnitus.
      best wishes,

  11. There is no pill you can swallow, or no magic device to treat Tinnitus. I have had it for 30 years after flying C141 cargo planes for Uncle Sam. I have seen ENT doctors and every snake oil salesman on the planet. I am sorry to deliver the news that you may as well just work on ignoring the ringing as I have for the last 30 plus years.

    • Don is correct, I have had the ringing for 45 years. the nerves in the enter ear were damaged from racing cars and loud weapons in the military in my teens and now I am 65. The ringing has NEVER stopped and never will. The only upside is that after a period of time you block it out and actually do not hear the ringing during your daily routine.

      It has always amazed me that the nerves can produce a sound they do not hear. Laser surgery on that specific part of the brain my be the only solution and no one has attempted that proceedure, that I am aware of.

  12. Yes I to have been told there is no cure and to turn up the radio to drown out the ringing. when you are trying to sleep.. do you know how loud that will be,, will wake up the dead.. however I have had a little relief from using Ginkgo Biloba what else you got later.. Nitro

  13. Wow! Very depressing to read all this, and sadly, depression adds to the tinnitus. I have had tinnitus for over 10 years, a light hissing. In the past 6 months, it has increased in volume significantly to a loud high-pitched hissing, so bad that I am very concerned about what this all means for my future. I am glad to hear that I am not alone, but in fact, I would not wish tinnitus on my worse enemy. I am about to go into a process that offers a thorough evaluation and solutions that might include Neuronomics. has anyone tried that yet?

    • Joe G- my husband got Tinnitus after a fall from a 16 ft ladder …after several months of him going batty about the ringing ( I was reminded of it everyday) a Dr recommended Neuromonics. After a few months…it seems to have helped the ringing noise about 80% Its been two years and I have not heard one complaint from him about the ringing since starting Neuromonics…. I hope this helps

  14. I got tinnitus after having stapedectomy surgery twice. The first time the piece slipped and so I had to have a revision surgery. I had a small amount of tinnitus from first surgery, and a lot more after second surgery. It seems to be getting worse and sadly to say my hearing is also no better after two surgeries. Has anyone else had tinnitus as a result of inner ear surgery? The ent was no help and just brushed it off as a result of surgery and no big deal. Is there anything I can do that might help and also help my hearing deficiency?

  15. I have had tinnitus for as long as I can remember. Both of my sisters have it too so I’m thinking it’s something genetic. (We were raised on classical music so loud music really wasn’t an issue). I was ready to suck up and pay the price for the Quietus. Glad I didn’t after finding this site. I’m looking forward to getting your book so I can try some other things. I’m like the others, mine is louder at night, when I am tired and when I’m stressed (which is a lot right now). It’s getting so loud as I get older that I can’t drown it out with the TV or radio any more. It’s quite frustrating. Does anyone else have the problem of it hurting when you are in a dead quiet room?

    • Jan, I have also had tinnitus for so many years that I don’t remember when it started. Lately, it has become louder as the day wears on, until at night it is so loud that it almost drowns out everything else. I guess since I’ve been dealing with it so long, I don’t feel pain. I used to try to “get inside the noise” and use the ringing like a mantra and try to meditate. It seemed to ease the discomfort but it didn’t make it go away. If I could find a solution, even if it would just reduce the noise, I would use it. Here’s hoping we both can find some relief.

  16. I went in for a hearing check and the Doctor told me they have it also, and dont know of a cure either. I have tried Gingo and found it makes my blood pressure high and I my stomach gets upset. I have noticed that it is not as bad in the mornings as it is in the evenings. It gets worse when my blood pressure is high such as during stress or working out. Another wierd thing I have noticed is that it gets much worse after I eat large meals? I hope that someone someday can find a relief because it also contributes to high anxiety.

    • I too have had the ringing for many years. My doctor suggested that I try melatonin. I’ve been using it for some time and I think it has lessened the volume by 30% or so. Its still there but seems more bearable now. A friend suggested hearing aids. Has anyone tried that?

  17. Hi All!

    Wonderful to read your comments.

    I too have had it since I can remember. Here’s the thing, it scares the crap out of me. Why? Well, it’s scary to not have control over something in your life.

    But I also have a Nickle allergy, it’s so bad that even the minute free nickle in stainless steel will affect my skin over a few day period. I can’t control that, no cure, but it doesn’t terrify me.

    Well, am I going to lose my hearing? Bingo. That’s what terrifies me.

    Visited the ENT today for Nasal issues (Going to have my 3rd nasal surgery, yay) Well, new Doc, he’s gonna fix what my previous doc didn’t fix the first 2 times… Anyway, I asked if there were any new news in the tinitus world, he said no, but seeing as I’d not had a hearing test since I was a little tot, he threw me in the chamber and let the test begin.

    Well, turns out I have excellent hearing. Not just excellent, extremely excellent. Who woulda thought? Not me. SO I find myself a little less stressed and anxious over the thought of a ringing in my ears. The tinitus is there, but I can still hear just fine, and my condition ISN’T worsening (even though there are days the ringing is louder).

    So I find myself a little more at ease knowing the tinitus isn’t a sign I’m going deaf, it’s only a nickle allergy I have to deal with.

    I encourage you to go out, get a hearing test, results will vary of course, but keep your report, and go back in a month, in 6 months or even a year or two. You may very well find out that there is no reason to worry your hearing is declining.

    I hope this helps 🙂 *hugs*


  18. in the 3 years that i have had tinnitus i found that there is nothing you can take to
    relieve the noise. all the advertised medications are nothing but snake oil. my audiologist gave me hearing devices called white noise generators which mask the sound to some degree and make life a little more comfortable. i would suggest this as a last resort

  19. I have been suffering with the high-pitched ringing for over a year now. I saw an Eye Ear Nose Throat physician, he ordered an MRI, MRI showed no tumor (good!), but bottom line was, too bad, no cure available. I have studied and have finally managed to quit caffeine, tho I’m a coffee lover. This has helped, and a supplement called Clear Tinnitus helps a little, but it gets very loud late in the day and makes it hard to get to sleep sometimes. Glad I found out Quietus was a scam.

    I’ll keep checking, someone has to come up with something that really makes a difference, because this does drive you crazy!

  20. At first I thought I was going crazy. I’ve had it for 6 months and am getting kinda used to it. It really doesn’t bother me sleeping. I am in the process of reading Tom Coleman’s book. I’m optomestic I believe there has to be a cure.


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