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 Henry’s rating 5 out of 5

Isabel de los Rios


A giant squid, a politician admitting they made a mistake, or a celebrity who actually uses something they endorse. All things you do not see too often. You know something else you do not see too often? Henry giving his Five out of Five rating to a new diet plan! But, like a few other “once in a blue moon events,” that is exactly what I have done for the Beyond Diet Plan.


That is because someone has finally taken all the good points that I have been writing about in various columns and in my report, “The Health Hound’s Fast, Safe, & Effective Way To Lose Weight Quickly!”- and wrapped them up in one safe, comprehensive, and effective Diet Plan.


That someone is Isabel De Los Rios. Isabel is not only a respected associate of the Hound, she is a certified nutritionist and exercise specialist who has already helped more than a quarter of a million people all over the world lose incredible amounts of weight the healthy way, without shortcuts or gimmicks.  Isabel has been featured on MSNBC, Fox News, in Women’s World, on Lifetime TV, and on WebMD. Like many legitimate weight loss professionals, she has come to the world of fitness, diet and wellness, after achieving her own personal transformation. Isabel lost dozens of pounds and beat a family history of Type II Diabetes through a regimen of nutrition and exercise. She now shares her – “If I could do it, you could do it!” – experiences with the Beyond Diet Plan.


Here is the thing: if you are expecting to find any earth shattering breakthroughs in the Beyond Diet program, you won’t. There is nothing new here — eat right, reduce calories, cut out the junk, exercise – lose weight, get fit, livelong, be happy! But what you will find new is Isabel’s approach. If you have read a few of my recent posts, you have seen the research that has come out about how effective “online support” through Social Media can be to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Isabel has taken that to the next level, by creating an interactive Beyond Diet community of fellow dieters involved in the program.


In fact if you take a look at the Profile Page, once you become a member and log in – it looks very much like Facebook, and I am sure this was quite intentional. Hats off to De Los Rios for becoming the Zuckerberg of Online Dieting! People in the program freely engage with experts and one another. For example, there’s the “Ask a Question” section where you can simply type in a question, which is answered by a team of certified coaches who will give you meaningful answers. You can see other people’s questions, and you can also respond to questions with your own tips, tidbits and personal experiences.


There’s also the “Hot Mix” section right there in the center of the page, which functions a lot like status updates on Facebook. In this section you can find informative articles, recipes and all sorts of communications and inspirational messages between members!


How to Benefit From The Beyond Diet Plan


Obviously to benefit from the Beyond Diet Plan you need to obtain the program, create your personal profile, and follow the plan.


OK, so you have lots of friends to help you along your path to a new you on the Beyond Diet, but what about the “meat” of the plan? You can be sure I would not give it Five Stars if it was not the real deal.


As I said, do not look for flash or fads here, but you will find what you need to succeed. On the Beyond Diet you will be eating common-sense healthy foods: fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, eggs, wild fish, meats, poultry, grains and oils, all with a heavy concentration on natural and organic foods, which I like!


The cost of joining the plan is very reasonable. Signing up gets you not only unlimited community access, but includes many extras like Isabel’s “Desserts Done Right” recipe book, 3-weeks of diet plans, the BD Edge exercise program and much more. What you won’t get are silly shakes, weird restrictive rules, tasteless “custom” foods, or strange recipes. You’re also given a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but your extra pounds!

Who Should Use Beyond Diet?


So far this is one of the best diet programs The Hound has come across for anyone who is trying to lose weight and keep it off.


The Good


Research has shown that online diet programs can be a very effective way to lose weight. Whether it’s the access and convenience, or the tools and motivation related to an online weight loss community, they seem to work and work well… as long as you are willing to put in the effort.


The Bad


I guess if I have to say anything “bad” about the plan, like any other really successful weightloss program, it’s not going to give you “overnight” results, and it requires a certain amount of stick-to-itiveness, but Isabel has created a community that makes that easier than most other plans that I have seen.


The Bottom Line


The Beyond Diet needs to be tried by anyone who is serious about losing weight, maintaining that weight loss permanently, and beyond that, learning how to live healthier for a lifetime. The Beyond Diet takes you through all of the classic “diet fails” and offers effective and practical solutions for them.


What I love most about this program is that it is very doable – for anybody. Isabel has gone to great lengths to empathize with her audience, and to make her program easy to follow in simple incremental steps – with a ton of support along the way.


I am proud to give the Beyond Diet my highest rating of 5 out of 5, and I encourage my readers to try it – and see if they agree!


For more information about the Beyond Diet Plan, just click here!



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