The Five Biggest Health Scams At Your Drugstore


After covering so many scams online, I decided it was time to do a short review of the top 5 scams at your local drug store. In this blog post I’ll tell you what they are and why they aren’t what they say they are…

Diet Pills

Last year, the FDA lifted a ban on Ephedra which is the main ingredient of many diet pills. This led to a rat race of new diet pills being marketed. In case you didn’t know, the reason why Ephedra was banned in the first place is because it’s been linked to many deaths and considered very unsafe. Why the FDA lifted this ban is beyond me. The fact of the matter is, besides the fact that it’s deadly, Ephedra really is effective at weight loss. This is because it increases metabolism and contains huge doses of caffeine.

Here’s The Kicker: Only ONE company is currently manufacturing genuine ephedra products. The rest of these products popping up are ephedra substitues and fake ephedra that don’t actually work. The reason they’re selling them is because of all the attention Ephedra has gained now that the ban has been lifted. And I also suspect a lot of the people who used to sell Ephedra are back in business now with new marketing taking advantage of the publicity around the ban being lifted but still they’re only selling snake oil.

If you see a diet pill be cautious. If you see a diet pill that has anything to do with Epehdra be extremely cautious. It likely doesn’t contain any Ephedra at all (which kills people) and is only a mere snake oil placebo.


Many people remember back in the day when you could go into a drug store and purchase a decongestant off the shelf and not feel like a criminal. Then illegal drug manufacturers started buying them up in droves to manufacture methamphetamine so then Psuedoephedrine became a controlled substance.

Thus Phenylephrine was born as a so called replacement to psuedoephedrine but the problem is that according to numerous studies it’s likely not effective at all for treating colds. Snake Oil!


Airborne is a vitamin that you drop in water a lot like Alka Seltzer. It was really popular a couple of years ago especially after one of the bigger lawsuits in health history. A lot of people loved Airborne especially travelers because it was marketed as an immunity booster. The fact is that it’s a complete scam and does nothing they claim it does. The company was forced to pay 23.3 million dollars in a settlement for false advertising. The sad part is that Airborne is still being sold to this day.

Magnet Therapy

There are many products out there claiming this “magnet therapy” that it’s getting downright rediculous. Any product that claims magnets will manage, relieve, cure, reverse, massage etc. are downright scams. There have been many studies on magnet therapy and there is no evidence supporting any of the medical claims made for magnet therapy. It’s a total placebo.

Head On

Most of us remember those rediculous commercials. So you just roll this thing that looks like a stick a glue over your forehead and your headache is instantly cured, right? Wrong! This product was proven to do absolutely nothing to cure headaches thus the makers were forced via legal measures to stop advertising it as such.


  1. You mention that only ONE company is currently manufacturing genuine ephedra products, can you by any chance share with us the name of this company? I realize you might not agree with ephedra, and for some obviously good reason. It would however still be nice to know this information.

  2. so who is the only company manufacturing genuine Ephedra if you don’t mind me askin. I had made the mistake of ordering the sensa, and I just happen to come across your website tonight. I downloaded your Fast, safe, and effective weight loss. There is a problem for me with this menu, I don’t like vegetables, very few fruits, and fish.

  3. Hi, My late father used head on and loved it. He also got Back on (not sure of name) and used it also. He thought they worked for him. Maybe in his head who knows. I used Sensa for three months and lost no more weight than without it. About 35 pounds so far but most of that was before Sensa. I lost 70 pounds before by diet and exercise but it is going slower this time and I am only 2 years older. I tried Instaflex for arthritic shoulder and it did not work but they refunded my money. Nothing has worked for my shoulder heat ,ice or head on or anything and you name it I have tried it, Steve

  4. This is the first time I have seen your website. I am very impressed. There are so mnay scams out there and it is hard for the average person to know what is and what isn’t legitimate. I intend to bookmark your site and read often. Thank you from someone who has been “ripped off”.

  5. Sniff sniff sniffing around and found this site by chance, thanx for the heads up on the diet scams, I’ve been a victim of the rip offs many times too often IE: snake oil?

  6. Henry, I’m really glad I found your site. Its great! Have you heard about a product called Malegard? It is supposed to greatly benefit prostate health and is recommended by the American Prostate Society.

  7. Dear Hound’ I’ve spent years looking for something to beat headaches. I don’t think the medical establihment knows(or cares) because it’s not a big deal and there isn’t much mony in it, Have you found any thing in your research that prevents/stops headaches available to the every day consumer?


    • This will sound absolutely crazy – but my mother and her siblings (all have passed away of old age), had cluster migraines. If they could realize at the early stages of the migraine they would eat a baked potatoe (nothing on it) and Canadian Club Ginger Ale. Nine times out of ten it would help. I have migraines and so does my son – we also find it works. Crazy – who knows – Old remedies sometimes make no sense.

  8. Great information! There is nothing that works as well as eating a healthy diet and good ol’ excercise. And please, don’t forget those 8 glasses of water a day!! Love yourself!! Get a support group together and go for it!! Those that try to stifle your efforts or are constantly offering the wrong foods to you….. steer clear of those people. We all know deep down what’s right for our bodies. Use your own common sense and go at your own pace. There is NO magic pill out there that will eliminate excess fat. The magic is in YOU!! You have to want something badly enough to make success happen. Go for 1 or 2 pounds a week. Give your brain a chance to get use to the new routine. You will succeed!!

  9. Read an ad for Sensa. Decided to see if I could find it on line and found your web site. Glad I did. I threw the ad in the trash. Glad to read about so many diet scams. I have tried several but have come to the conclusion that the only way to lose weight is to eat sensibly and exercise. Loved you piece on mood causing weight gain. That helped me. Thanks.

  10. hey thankyou for your research and the time you take to help people that feel they have a weight problem your article on healthy trim was great for me my wife and companion of 32 years was goin to buy that product after reading your article she is not thank you

  11. One day I asked my brother (in his 40’s at the time), “How come so many people are so fat?” He turned and without blinking an eye, he said, very slowly: “Food.”

    Dieting is kind of like drinking whiskey and water when you’re sick. “Throw the water away and drink the whiskey,” the old salts would tell you. When you get those pills that tell you to follow their little diet plan (enclosed) while you take their pills: Throw away the pills and follow the enclosed diet plan. You’ll lose just as much weight and ya don’t have ta buy any more pills.

  12. Henry, just wanted to say thanks on some really good feedback on some scams I have fallen for. I wish I had stumbled across your site before I was a victim. Your doing a great thing here – please stay true to your followers.

  13. Hi Henry, I recently was given 3 bottles of Malegard, a prostate health supplement my Dad was taking. I can only find info on this product on the marketers web site. Before I start taking these and sending a $15 monthly check to Lifespan for more I would like an unbiased review of it. Does it do what it says it will? Or should I steer clear and find something else to control minor urination symptoms? I am 51 years old with no other apparent health issues taking only vitamin C and a multivitamin. Please advise, Thanks

  14. Hi Henry,
    I was just watching a paid advertisment on TV about Sensa and I was about to purchase Sensa and decided to buy it on line.
    but then I noticed your website just under Sensa and decided to check out your site first. I am so glad I did! As someone who needs to loose weight I know I am susceptable to adds like Sensa. So I relly want to thank you for comming to my rescue.
    Keep up the good work , I will come back to your often.

  15. Just ran across your web site researching Sensa. Glad I found you. I have the same question that others asked: Who is the only manufacturer of ‘real’ Ephedra? Or, what is the real name of it? Or where can it be purchased? Great site, love it!

  16. Hi Henry,
    This has been my first visit to your website. Found it informative, and encouraging for those of us who are weight challenged.

    I notice that you repeatedly say diet & exercise. Good advice. But would like your thoughts on “Shake Weights”. Do they really ramp up exercise? Would they help with weight loss?

    I am recommending you to my daughter & granddaughter.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Hi, Terry! Thanks for reading. As far as the Shake Weights go, they are not, in themselves, an answer to weight loss, but as a tool, sure they work. But. You have to add in your cardio and other muscle groups when you work with weights. The Shake Weights may look funny and are good for a laugh, but yes, if used regulary, they can help the tricep muscles.

  17. Dear Henry, you are a hero to many people. Although I am not easily susceptible to fake health products, I appreciate the information you are providing about health scams. It gives a sense of relief when you shop online for health products.

    Thank You Very Much!!!


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