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  1. Henry,

    Wow, thank you for your service! I found you by goggling Quietus and really appreciate you work on Tinnitus, thank you. I also found it very interesting that credit card companies report the 2% / 40% sales / refunds on trial offers; and possibly banning them, good. I just made up my mind to NEVER, EVER fall for another free trial offer again; thanks to you I see I’m not alone.

    I recently had a horrible experience with free trials of teeth whitening treatments, and yes, using a celebrity endorsement. I ended up getting full credit back, but not without great gnashing of teeth; including threatening to contact the Illinois Secretary of State.

    Keep up the great work, I’m new and haven’t looked around your website yet. I hope you have a newsletter or the like; I’m really glad to find you!

    Thanks again,
    Jeff Mueller

  2. I’m new and obviously don’t know what I’m doing, sorry about that – I submitted a tip about Aftershock by and then wrote a note to Henry thanking him for his service, which I just found this morning. I did not intend that note to be “published” at least not with my full name and state. If you publish my tip and comment, please delete my last name and state.

    Thank you, sorry about the confusion.


  3. I last wrote on March 20 that I had finished my bottle and the noise was louder than it ever had been. Was hoping that once some time passed without the pills, the ringing would return to the low sound it was before I tried Quietus. Well, it didn’t. The sound is twice what it ever was before trying Quietus. Wish somebody would stop them from selling this sham of a product. I just am angry for my stupidity in believing their sales pitch. This noise is driving me crazy and now keeps me awake at night so I’m tired every day. The amount of noise I had before trying their product never bothered me in the night. They have definitely damaged my overall health and well-being.

  4. Thank you for this service. I ran across it when I went online to see if anyone else had the same experience I had with the product Sensa. I wish I had known about your site before I got scammed!


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