Stretch Marks and Weight Loss


Did you know that when you have rapid weight loss, you actually cause your body to create stretch marks? It’s true. The striae on your body come from rapid weight can and weight loss, so if you do lose a great deal of weight it will show in your skin.

How can you remove these stretch marks that are related to your weight loss? There are several options-you can try over the counter stretch mark creams, which often take a while to work, or you can spend the extra money and opt for laser surgery.

If you decide not to use the creams, removing stretch marks can be quite expensive. But you do have a few options when it comes to removing the striae on your body.

One option is to have laser treatments. Lasers can be used to improve the appearance of stretch marks, especially those new ones you’ve gotten from rapid weight loss. These laser treatments cost anywhere from $200 to $700 per treatment, and it can take up to six treatments to get rid of them, but this will depend upon the severity of the stretch marks on your body. If you have the treatment while the marks are still new, they are easier to remove and will take fewer treatments.

Another option to get rid of stretch marks from weight loss is the fractional laser. This type of laser is usually more effective on older white stretch marks, as these are the ones that have more texture. Since these are harder to get rid of, the lasers will take a bit longer to work, and of course, cost a bit more. But how do they work? Well, these lasers create ‘vertical injuries’ to the skin which will then heal. Your uninjured skin will heal quickly, and then unite with the new skin. The healed skin will not have any stretch marks, and will be completely smooth.

These will take a few months to show improvement, and do include some downtime.

Stretch mark removal creams can help with the newer stretch marks from rapid weight loss. The sooner you start the better. They are much cheaper than lasers.

Stretch mark creams with the right ingredients will work to remove stretch marks and even work to prevent new ones as you continue with your weight loss. If you decide to use one of these creams, make sure to do your homework and research each one’s ingredient list and look for customer reviews.


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