My Investigation of the Sonavil Tinnitus Treatment

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Today’s Target: Sonavil for Tinnitus Relief

Sonavil is a supplement containing Calcaria carbonica as the main, active ingredient as well as dicalcium phosphate, Echinacea purpurae tops, feverfew, ginkgo leaf and lactose USP. Calcaria carbonica comes from the inner layer of oyster shells.

Is the product or company an obvious scam?

Right away, I’m sucked into a story by this unknown woman.

She mentions a study that proves Calcaria carbonica helped people in Europe overcome tinnitus. She does not reference any study, so I tried to find a study that proved Calcaria carbonica has reduced tinnitus symptoms. Zip, zilch… If anyone can find one, please let me know.

Another thing that bristled my fur was the dance the sales copy did around “time.” Check it out: “How Fast Sonavil™ Works For You”

“You want it to work fast don’t you…If you’re like most people suffering from tinnitus , you needed a solution yesterday. You want one that will work fast.

Waiting weeks and weeks for your prescriptions to take effect just isn’t going to cut it. Especially when they start to make the symptoms worse.

Sonavil™ has a proven system for relief that is unique because it starts working immediately. Because it works from the inside out, getting to the cause of the ringing, Sonavil™ helps you to start taking control of your emotional and physical health with the very first dose.

In fact, because you take Sonavil™ twice a day, it has been created to help you with the specific symptoms you experience at various times throughout your day.”

Soon after, the indication is that Sonavil will relieve your tinnitus immediately after the first dose:

“The moment that you take your first dose of Sonavil™, it goes to work immediately. Remember what it will feel like to be normal?”

If this were the case, then why haven’t doctors prescribed Calcaria carbonica for tinnitus sufferers?

I also couldn’t find any company information on the sales letter. Who are these people?

Is the company guilty of deceptive marketing?

So, the above “immediate relief” was likely deceptive. However, there’s something else. I couldn’t find any studies on Calcaria carbonica and tinnitus relief, but I did find a study indicating that gingko leaf helped relieve tinnitus (1). Yet gingko leaf is listed as an “inactive” ingredient on the label. Why? Maybe there’s insufficient quantity?

Ultimately, the most deceptive aspect of Sonavil is the lack of information regarding any other treatments for tinnitus. It’s important for people who suffer from tinnitus to be evaluated for other conditions (i.e. high blood pressure can cause tinnitus, medications can cause tinnitus) and follow through with other treatments such as noise therapy.

As with anything, popping a pill rarely “cures” anything on its own.

Does the health product live up to it’s claims?

Check out these claims:

“As you’ve already seen, medical, research, and scientific organizations all around the world have put their stamp of approval on the potent combination of ingredients found in Sonavil™.

Really? Where did you prove this?

“In fact, the research of such bodies as Commission E, the group of scientists that advises the German government, has shown in multiple studies that the ingredients in Sonavil™ have been proven time and time again to address the most common symptoms of tinnitus.  Further, the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Of The United States indicates in a similar fashion.”

In researching this claim, I found myself winding up at Sonavil sales letter after sales letter. In other words, they seem to be the only ones making such claims. Commission E has a list of monographs that discuss the safety and efficacy of herbs (and it’s written in German). Calcaria carbonica is not an herb, it’s a compound found in shells. The Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the U.S. does not appear to have anything listed about Calcaria carbonica regarding tinnitus.

Does the product have any dangerous side effects?

Feverfew or Gingko: Not to be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers or anyone on blood thinners or OTC painkillers (especially aspirin) as it may cause internal bleeding.

Echinacea purpurae tops: Should not be taken by anyone with hay fever or allergies to the daisy family.

What does the Better Business Bureau say about the company?

The BBB has nothing to say about the product Sonavil and there is no company name.

What are people saying about the product or company on blogs and forums?

From Yahoo Answers:

Any homeopathic Dr Out There? Tinnitus? ( Sonavil )?

So i heard from friends and Sonvail agents and patients that Sonavil Really works….. Does it? Sonavil.Com… It says that they even give you your money back if you get no results. They are really sure that it will relief your ringing in ears completely…. Is it safe to use? Yolanda V.

Best Answer – Chosen by Voters
Safe to use, yes because homeopathic potions are just tap water. Effective, no because homeopathic potions are just tap water. Don’t waste your time and money, see an audiologist – William T

Sorry folks, after scouring the boards, the above was all I found. If you find anything, let me know in the comment section below.

Does the company sell any other “questionable” products?

As mentioned, I couldn’t find a company name, but there do not appear to be other products.


1. Drew S, Davies E. Effectiveness of Ginkgo biloba in treating tinnitus: double blind, placebo-controlled trial. BMJ. 2001;322(7278):73.

So, What’s The Verdict?

I would never recommend Sonavil to anyone suffering from Tinnitus. Extremely deceptive marketing and downright lies here people. They claim this “miracle ingredient” with no links to the treatment of tinnitus will cure it instantly. Really? Yeah Right.

There is a great alternative to Sonavil that my pack loves. Unlike Sonavil, this program is not scam. It’s a 100% free report I’ve put together that teaches you several proven methods to eliminate your tinnitus. In the Health Hound’s opinion, I would say that it’s a no-brainer not to at least give this free report a try.

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