Six Pack Abs Made Easy



by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri, CSCS, HFS

Neuro Metabolic Fat Loss & Fitness Expert


Have you ever considered doing every exercise on an unstable surface, as to train your core at all times?

My belief is that this is the fastest way to gain six pack abs with the least amount of effort. In fact, I’ve been able to help tons of people incorporate unstable surface training to their workout programs in order to guarantee faster results, less strain to their lower backs, and reduced waistlines.

Training for functional abdominal strength while training for aesthetic purposes just makes sense. Functionally, your abs work to stabilize your lower spine, flex your trunk, rotate your trunk, and digest food. It is always important to consider the actions of the muscles you are training for these reasons:


  • If you consider all actions of muscles you are training, you will stand a much better chance of stimulating areas of your muscle you would not otherwise recruit.
  • You will feel stronger in daily activities, thereby enhancing your motivation to return to the gym.

In order to truly reduce belly fat to the extent necessary to develop six pack abs, diet is an essential component.   Personally, I’d rather see you stay away from extreme dieting and unrealistic food choices, but rather find mechanical foods that you enjoy eating. Mechanical foods are nutritional sources that require energy to be broken down and digested. Through increased energy use in the digestion process, you will increase metabolic demand and improve fat loss.
Remember, in order to guarantee your successful attainment of six pack abs, you will need to be disciplined and dedicated to your fitness program. Also, be sure to begin slowly and progress over time. If it truly is your goal to have six pack abs, it would be wise to make this a long-term goal that will be sustainable for years, rather than days.

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