Can “Sensa” Really Help You Lose Weight?

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Sensa claims that if you sprinkle their salt (“Tastant” Crystals) on your food, you will end up eating less – and therefore lose a bunch of weight. Although the idea sounds kind of strange, their presentation and the credentials of the developer (Dr. Alan Hirsch) seem impressive.

However, after receiving numerous requests from the pack, I decided to do a little sniffing around. And the results aren’t exactly pretty…

Sensa’s Claim

Dr. Hirsch claims there was a peer reviewed study supporting the claim that subjects lost over thirty pounds using Sensa (versus the control group that lost only 2 pounds). The claim is that this study was peer reviewed by the Endocrine Society.

The Problem with Sensa’s Claim (Dishonesty)

The Endocrine Society says they did not review the study. On ABC’s 20/20 news they stated that, “they were surprised and troubled by the promotional nature of his presentation”. In fact, none of the internal “studies” are confirmed by any respectable body.

More Bad NewsFor Sensa…

And the not so great news about Sensa doesn’t stop there. In response to those who have accused Sensa of not being open with the science that supports the idea behind their “Tastant crystals”, they have finally posted links to their research on their website. Under the “clinically proven tab” visitors are taken to a page that summarizes the results of Dr. Hirsch’s study called “Weight Reduction Through Inhalation of Odorants”, where he reported to have found “some correlation between odorants and weight loss.” At the bottom of that page you can find a link to the entire published study.

But if you took the time to follow that link, (and don’t worry the Hound already has!) You would find that Hirsch’s subjects used an inhaler to administer the smells in very concentrated doses, directly into the nasal passages, which is nothing like the tiny sprinkle packs they sell. The study also says that his subjects often used the inhaler up to 288 times a day! The study was only conducted over six-months, which is generally regarded as pretty short to be statistically relevant. Most such trials are run for a year or more.

Also, the study states that the appetite suppressing smells only worked on certain types of people that were pre-qualified for the trial. Those that:

  • Had a great sense of smell.
  • Only ate 2-4 times a day.
  • Felt bad about overeating but good about themselves overall.

At the end of the study the doctor himself states that there “may be some benefit to smells if coupled with a nutrition and exercise program.” I couldn’t agree more, but you could get the same results sprinkling little packets of blue cheese on every meal if you coupled that with a “proper nutrition and exercise program” – and you would save yourself 300.00!

Plus the Sensa website itself lists these possible side effects of using the product:

  • Upset stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Hives
  • Gas
  • Loose bowels
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Swelling

And those are just the ones that the company will admit to, others that have been reported but that they deny, range from rectal bleeding, intestinal blockages, and gall bladder issues.

And, finally, customers simply don’t appear to be happy. Please go through the comments below. It appears Sensa’s free trial offer is kind of tricky. It is not only on this blog, but all over the web… Community doesn’t lie.

So aside from not losing weight, people are getting charged $89 not once, but twice before they are able to stop the billing. And getting a refund doesn’t seem to be that easy. As reported by rip off report 

In short, it appears to be one of those over aggressive marketing organizations that I love so much.

So What Can You Do to Curb Your Cravings and Lose Weight?

I wish I had a magic bullet for you (I am not creative enough to make up a word like, “tastant crystal”). My understanding is that there are some behavioral therapies that can work if the problem is emotional. But a lot of my pack has found that cravings are often caused by eating the wrong foods. If you start eating the right foods, most cravings go away on their own.

Which brings me to my “11 foods that fill you up without fattening you up” report. Which you can get right here:

[hcshort id=”27″]

No magic fairy weight-loss crystals here, folks. Nope. I’m giving you the opportunity to learn which foods can help you eat less… and NO they aren’t disgusting either.

This is all my gift of good health to you… will you take advantage of this gift?



  1. Wow…I guess it depends on how you use it or your frame of mind! I’ve been using it for 3 weeks…it DOES suppress my appetite….not sure how, but got a month’s supply at Costco for $38….I spread it on liberally and it truly has made me stop snacking…my biggest issue! I can’t wait for lunch…sprinkle it on and halfway through, I’m full…I don’t finish my meal and am very full! So unless I hear that it’s harmful to your health, I’m going to continue on! Tried CLA, tried SAFSlim for belly fat; didn’t work. I say if you watch what you eat (they always show people eating Key Lime pie, ice cream, etc.) C’mon…it’s all about what you ingest…and the quantity you ingest! I’m happy with Sensa and have lost 8 lbs….

  2. I’ve been using sensa for about 2 months now and i do have to say i’ve lost quite a bit. My pants are literally falling off of me and my clothes are too big. However, I constantly feel sick to my stomach. When I first started I got painful headaches and when I started month 2 more painful headaches. And everyday my stomach hurts. I can be fine and then I eat just a bagel or toast with sensa on it and then I feel extremely ill. I do not vomit but sit in miserable pain. It works but you go through pain to get it!

    • why on earth would you continue to use product that constantly makes you sick to your stomach and leaves you in pain? Wouldn’t exercise and proper nutrition be a safer and better bet?

      • FalN

        You might want to get checked out for gall stones, I got them years ago, from using Hydroxycut I imagine, but I would eat and be in intense pain. I was in the Navy and the docs just xray’d me and said I was constipated, but if you go to a real doctor they will send you for an ultrasound that will detect the stones. Ended up with a week stay in the hospital, no more gall bladder which apparently makes fats harder to break down for me, and about 2-3 weeks recovery time.

  3. I av read lmost all the review,i was thinkin of buyin the sensa but i am not,is this product salty,what happen wen u stp tkin sensa u will gain all the weight back and more,u can not sty on it for ever,proper diet and exercise is more safe,good luck to all who tryin to lose the weight,god bless

  4. Thanks for your review of Sensa. I tried it, it did not work. Today, I went to my bank to get money to buy Amtrak tickets to see my son in Portland, and Sensa had deducted all but $11 from my account. I cancelled my membership in March, and still they deducted precious money from my account and refused to reverse charges. Does anyone know what sort of legal action I can take? I’m an unemployed single mother, and I told Sensa that plus the fact that if they didn’t reverse charges, I would not see my son. They were quite rude, pompous, sleezy, unprofessional. Ugh.

    • Best thing to do is file a complaint with your state Attorney General — if a company is still billing you for a product you have canceled the state AG will try and get money back for you. Each state AG’s office will take consumer complaints and try to get money back for their residents for free.

  5. Interesting….I can tell you I started a new system, I am now keeping a food journal, writing down everything I eat, and its pretty amazing.Now that everything has caloric counts (even in resturants). I noticed that when I get hungry really is because I am reducing calories…and how much I really was eating before, I know for a fact that doing so is making me aware I really was over eating!!!

  6. A word to the unwise, When I buy anything that says FREE TRIAL I use a pre-paid-card, I only put the amount the free trial is for, that way the company can’t charge me before the trial period is up, At the end of the free trial and I’m pleased with the product I’ll add the amount contracted for. If I cancel I don’t have to worry about them charging me. Pre-pay-cards cost 5$ but they are worth it.

    • That is a very smart thing to do. I wish that I would have thought of that. Instead my so called “free trial” ended up costing me $89.95.

  7. I LOVE the idea of using a prepaid card to buy stuff online. I am going to do that from now on for EVERYTHING!! Cancel your debit card with your bank NOW. And order a new one with a new number. Talk to your bank about not allowing that company to charge anything to you anymore. And contact your state attorney general to put a stop to the fraudulent use of your card.

  8. @ Murell- I have never heard of a pre-aid card but I really like that idea!
    Where can I can one of those?

    • They do not take prepaid card for payments becauce they can not charge you for the next payment becauce they know it is prepaid for up to a certain amount and can not contin to steal your money.

  9. I have not tried it, thanks to reading this first. And I noticed, you really DO NOT get 30 days free. The 30 days starts the day you place the order, not the day you start taking it

  10. For those having money issues with Sensa… make it easy, just go to any GNC store and buy your Sensa in the store. I will do that today and hope I loose weight. I just called and the price is: $90.00.

    • I just started Sensa and bought it at Costco because I didn’t want to go through their website. It was $28 for a one month supply. I will try for one month to see if i get any results b4 I spend any more $ on the second month. So far, no side effects.

  11. use your citibank card instead of any other credit card or pre-paid debit card. You can generate a random number and revoke it at anytime. Works great 100% of the time and no fee.

  12. Sensa is a scam. I called today to get a return number and was advised that there was a long wait time so the IVR prompted me to leave my number and when it was my turn someone would call me back. About ten minutes later someone called me back and asked questions to see if I was using the product correctly, I interupted and said I would like a return number, and then he said he would need to transfer me to customer service. I remained on hold for over twenty minutes and no one came on the line. Thank goodness I paid for this with my American Express card, because I will be calling them to charge this company back. Don’t buy this product….You will be sorry!

  13. i have emailed the people sensa says supports there product and no one has responded .. so i think its a bad product

  14. The Sensa website itself lists these possible side effects of using the product:

    • Upset stomach
    • Dizziness
    • Hives
    • Gas
    • Loose bowels
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Dizziness
    • Swelling


  15. After using the one month free trial, I gained 5 lbs. Keep in mind I work in a gym. Weight train 2x a week, and do other physical activites at last 2-3 the rest of the week, have access to supplements and nutrition plans. At the end of my tril I received an email requesting a progress update and a link to complete a survey. I replied to both. In each I requested the compny not to charge me for the product. A day later, the charge was showing on my statement. I called the company for a refund. They flat out refused, wanting the product back, and 3 weeks to issue a refund only after the returned product is received in their warehouse. I called my bank to dispute the charge. My bank claims rep, myself and a Sensa rep claiming to be a manager, were on the phone together. The manager told me to return the product and call back with a tracking number to get a courtesy rush on my refund. I sent the product and called back with a tracking number. Sensa still refused to rush my refund. After requesting to speak to a manager again, this time someone totally different, the manager proceeded to tell me she would listen to the transcript from the call with my bank in order to verify I was told by a Sensa manager my refunded would be rushed if I provided a tracking number. She did not call me back. This issuse is still unresolved. I have NOT been given my money back. This is the worst product and the worst company to deal with.

  16. I tried the Sensa scam too. They tell you it’s a free trial. Yeah, free for $89.95, which they bill the second you order. Not only that, they say their powder is tasteless and odorless, another lie. Plus, it doesn’t work at all. Don’t waste your money.

  17. People amaze me. There is no “magic bullet”. Besides,ANY weight loss product that advertises that you can eat ANYTHING you want to,and still lose weight,is a crock. If you believe that you can sit on your butt all day,and eat fast food and junk food only,but still lose weight,I suggest you have your head examined. It also confounds me that people will put up dangerous side effects to lose weight,and be “healthier”. FYI:if it kills you,or permanently harms you,you might as well have stayed obese/overweight. All you did was exchange one set of health issues for another,one that has the potential to be even worse! If people used common sense more,there would be fewer scammers out there.

  18. I have read all the comments. In the past I have joined weight loss clubs and lost weight only to regain the weight plus more. The key is learning an all new way to eat at least 5 small meals a day. At age 70, I am now 60 pounds overweight. I still hold a full time job. I truly need to lose weight but have become senetary because of many health issues. After reading the comments, this is not the “magic bullet”, and I don’t need the issue of the side effects. This product sounds too good to be truly and I won’t even give it a try.

    • I just watched an extensive sale campainge on The shoppingchanel in Toronto, sounded tempting however, not one before and after pic’s. OH! and this new and improved Sensa has a new ingrediant, only avail. in Canada, not in the US version, this statement is what made me suspicious AND it’s not available in stores, sold exclusively on the shoppingchanel. I’m guessing they’ve sold all they could in the US and has this “new” version for Canada to sucker us in now! I’m glad I read some reviews before ordering. Thanks all for your help.

  19. My friends and I have been using Sensa for a week or two now combined with exercise, and have not had ANY problems at all. We’ve all lost at least over 10 lbs, and we’re all feeling really good. So I can honestly say, it DOES work.

  20. I started using Sensa this week, have noticed it does curb my appetite, I am eating less, feel better, and am more energetic. I am not sure if all this is psychological, or is actually physiological. I want to lose 30-40 pounds, have gained the Freshman 15 plus since I have been in college over the past four plus years. I haven’t noticed any side effects yet, except for eating less, and even better, not wanting to eat more. I will be watching for any unwanted results, and will comment here again. I am also combining Sensa with eating only vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean meat, with occasional dairy. I have a four month supply, but once I am used to eating right, and consuming less, will probably stop the Sensa and just continue working on a healthier life style. If Sensa kick starts me, I will be happy.

  21. Glad I came across this website before trying to call or order a free trial of sensa online. Wondering aside from eating healthy which I already do, and exercise which I have been doing more of the last few months if there are any other ways I can try to loose weight cause so far even eating healthy and all the exercise I have been doing has not helped me AT ALL!! I don’t over eat I have a portion size guide on my fridge and one for my purse when I go out and I use it EVERY time I eat, I count calories I’ve even been using P90x and Insanity workouts but im still at a very Unhealthy 175lbs and I need to be at 130 (according to the doctors weight/height chart) they have been on my for years about my weight and so far i’ve been able to get down to about 150lbs but I wind up shooting right back up to 175 within a few months Im getting very aggrivated and discouraged. .. so any advice any of you may have I would appreciate.

    • I would advise you to talk to your family doctor and maybe have him / her do a medical work-up with lab tests including thyroid levels. Sounds like you may have an underactive thyroid. Maybe not but worth checking out. If it IS hypothyroidism, it’spretty common and fairly easy to correct and the daily medication is very inexpensive.

    • I think thats wise, I would be very cautious of anything like this. I cant speak for diets but I would definitely try to just eat properly, get rest and exercise first. Even if there is a medical issue, drugs dont help either, or if they do, there are crazy side effects. Pills, diets, scams….they are all designed to lure us into this believe that we have no control over what happens to us and have to look outside. Its scary when you take the time to look at who is funding health information and medical research etc or how your insurance company determines your course of medical treatment rather than your doctor! just be careful….

  22. Monday,June 25, I was on the Sensa web site and thought I might try the product. However, I read all the FINE print and realized the “free” it was questionable at best…. I had filled out everything up to the credit card number and then quit leaving no payment method….. and left the site. Today Tuesday I get a phone call from a Sensa reprentative….they had taken my phone number off the web site…
    unbelieveable…….. then the representative agrued with me about the price and the condition of the “Free offer”…………. it was surreal!!!!!!!! No to this product because of their managment/customer relations!!!!

  23. Sensa stole my money. I wanted to try the 30 day trial so I gave the credit card information. Then I was told how much would be charged after the trial and I changed my min. I made sure I repeated myself about NOT sending it or charging it. I got it in the mail a week later.They refuse to refund shipping charges.

  24. I was really wanting to try this after seeing it on T.V but seeing everyones negative comments on it Id rather not. Anything that has side effects I end up getting them so I’m going to play it safe and do weight watchers again. I lost 50lbs on it last year

  25. Don’t get fooled by their FREE TRIAL! If you read their 30 Day Free Trial Ad they say that they will send you a 30 Day Free Supply of Sensa + you pay S&H. Read the Ad a little farther down and it says they are going to send you a 60 Day Supply for your 1st and 2nd month. It don’t take a “Rocket Scientist” to figure out since they have your Credit Card Number they are going to charge you for the 2nd month of Sensa! Pretty slick I’d say!!!


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