Sensa for Weight Loss


Have you tried Sensa for weight loss? Perhaps you are wondering what Sensa is? Sensa is a product that promises to curb your appetite and help you lose weight. The way that is used is by simply sprinkling the Sensa ‘tastants’ onto your food. And this, they say, is what will keep you from eating too much food. You use these tastants at every meal.

Sensa is ‘tastant crystals’ that you sprinkle on your food, like salt, only these tastants have no flavor. The program was developed by Dr. Alan Hirsch, and it promises to keep you from overeating, so that you lose weight.

Sensa’s website has testimonials from users who have tried the crystals, so you can read actual user feedback there. Sensa’s manufacturers also say that the program is clinically proven. They promise you will lose 30 pounds without really dieting–by simply eating less, and with absolutely no exercise at all. The clinical trials listed on their website purport to have been tried on 1,436 men and women, and participants lost an average of just over 30 pounds by using only Sensa tastant crystals on their food each day.
The product is said to active your ‘hunger control switch’ and this is said to keep you from overeating, thus resulting in weight loss. If you eat less, you can lose more weight.

There are no stimulants, no diuretics, and no fat blockers in Sensa. Make sure to read the fine print on the money-back guarantee. Sensa for weight loss is a revolutionary new weight loss system that offers users a free 30-day trial program. However, they do have automatic shipping, so be sure to cancel if you do not keep the trial package. You will have to call and speak to a representative in order to cancel.


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