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Today’s Target: Ring No More

Ring No More are pills sold as a tinnitus cure. The product contains Cinchona bark, sulphate of quinine, iodide of potassium, phosphate of potassium, salicylate of sodium and salicylic acid. Its purpose is to stop the ringing, buzzing, vertigo and other symptoms associated with tinnitus and Meniere’s disease.

Let’s go through our investigative process and sniff it out.

Is the product or company an obvious scam?

The Ring No More website has very little information on the ingredients of Ring No More and their exact physiological effect on tinnitus. The product is over-priced at a whopping $79.99 one month supply (one bottle). They then have a “deal” where you can get 6 bottles at $26.67 a bottle (by 2, get 4 free). This clearly indicates that the $79.99 is way over-priced.

Rhetoric, anecdotal testimony and high prices… recipe for a scam folks!

Is the company guilty of deceptive marketing?

Can you say “magic bullet?” As with soooo many pill products out there, Ring No More claims to relieve tinnitus all on its own. There are absolutely no proven studies referenced on the site. There isn’t a company name. There is reference to the product being approved by the FDA for the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, but read carefully:

“Ring No More is a safe and effective homeopathic formula developed to work with your body’s own healing mechanism to drastically reduce the pain and discomfort of dealing with the constant ringing, roaring, and whizzing day after day. With advanced technology and a special proprietary blend of quality ingredients, approved by the FDA for the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the U.S., Ring No More works naturally with your body’s own healing processes to bring you the peace and quiet you thought you’d never have again.”

Clever wording. Is it “Ring No More” that’s approved or the ingredients that are approved??? When I sniffed it out at the FDA website, I couldn’t find anything. Generally speaking, the FDA does not “approve” or “disapprove” herbal or homeopathic remedies.

Does the health product live up to its claims?

Ring No More is a homeopathic product and though there are some great homeopathic remedies out there, no one can expect a pill to “cure” tinnitus or relieve symptoms all on its own. Traditional homeopathic remedies are also taken in tonic form and it’s unknown if pills can really replace these traditional tonics.

Ultimately, treating tinnitus requires other therapies such as noise therapy and retraining. So, no, “Ring No More” does not live up to its claims.

Does the product have any dangerous side effects?

It’s difficult to determine the exact amounts of the ingredients and likely, the potency is weak as with most homeopathic tonics or pills. However, here are the side effects of some of the individual ingredients:

Cinchona bark (a.k.a. Quinine bark)

  • Abnormal bleeding or bruising
  • Using too much Cinchona or using it too often can cause headache, upset stomach, and problems with vision and ringing in the ears. In extreme cases, coma and death are possible

Quinine sulphate:

  • cinchonism (tinnitus, headache, nausea, diarrhea, blurred vision, deafness, vertigo)
  • hypersensitivity
  • blood disorders
  • kidney failure
  • hypoglycaemia
  • heart arrythmias

Okay… why does a tinnitus relief product have ingredients that can CAUSE tinnitus in some individuals? Again, these are weaker amounts, and in some cases homeopathic medicines actually induce the symptoms to get rid of the symptoms. It’s difficult to understand, but in some ways, it’s like curing someone of allergies by giving allergy shots that contain the allergins.

However, there’s no discussion of this on the website.

As well, excess amounts of potassium can have adverse effects on the kidneys and use of potassium in drug form is contraindicated for a number of health conditions including thyroid and kidney problems, cystic fibrosis, Addison’s disease and tuberculosis.

There are more than 46 drug interactions known for potassium iodide.

What does the Better Business Bureau say about the company?

The BBB has nothing to say about the product “Ring No More” and there is no company name. I also didn’t find anything on Mel Lambert, the purported creator of the product.

What are people saying about the product or company on blogs and forums?

From the Tinnitus Support Message Board:

“Has anyone tried Ring No More?” — actfray

“I haven’t. But it should probably be called Money No More. Yet another “supplement” that proports to quiet tinnitus. Every day I hear ads on the radio for another product, Quietus. The only good these commercials are doing is raising people’s awareness of this overlooked affliction. Having said that, what doesn’t work for some may benefit others.” — In2006


Subject: Anyone tried Quietus for Tinnitus?
From: ljutic111
Date: Tue, Mar 16, 2010 – 05:03 PM ET

I just purchased “Ring No More” for a 6 month supply at $170 . Take 2 pills a day which taste like a sugar pill and if it doesn`t help , I get my money back . We`ll see ?? They are homapathic vitamins so they say . Only wished I was still working and could have had them analized at Bristol Meyers Squibs . For other reasons my doctor told me to take 1 aspirin a day so maybe I`m defeating the Tinnitus by taking aspirin ? I may stop taking it today.

Does the company sell any other “questionable” products?

As mentioned, I couldn’t find a company name, but there do not appear to be other products.

So, What’s The Verdict?

I can’t find anyone who has reported success with Ring No More. Even if it did work, the product is way over-priced and the company behind Ring No More, which I can’t locate, is definitely guilty of deceptive marketing. Let’s also not forget that it contains an ingredient that has been known to cause tinnitus. So, I absolutely cannot recommend Ring No More to anyone.

There is a great alternative to Ring No More that my pack loves. Unlike Ring No More, this program is not scam. It’s a 100% free report I’ve put together that teaches you several proven methods to eliminate your tinnitus. In the Health Hound’s opinion, I would say that it’s a no-brainer not to at least give this free report a try.

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  1. Thanks for saving me from making a big mistake with Ring No More. My Tinnits is awful; reduces my already reduced hearing ability. I was hoping for a little relief from the ringing in my ears. Nothing the doctors have recommended has helped. Maybe one day the medical profession will find an answer for we sufferers.

  2. I purchased the product in April 2010, received it and began taking it immediately. The instructions say to take a tablet twice a day. I did that for just over 30 days now. I haven’t noticed any relief from the ringing. When I placed the order,the sales rep said she referred an aunt to the product and she noticed improvement in just a few days. I haven’t noticed any change in my symptoms.

    Just before the end of the 30-day warranty, I began calling the customer service number I received with the product. That number was for a company called Palo Alto Laboratories. The phone message said their number has changed. The company named in the recorded message for the new cust svc number is Pacific Naturals. I finally made contact with a cust svc rep about a week after beyond the 30-day warranty.

    I explained that the product is not working as advertised and I wanted to return it. The rep said I am beyond the warranty period she cannot issue a refund. She said I should continue using the product because it may take another 30 days or more to achieve the desired results.

    I said the warranty and instructions should stipulate that. Her response was to just to keep using the product.

    Needless to say, I am not impressed with the product or their customer service.

    Personally, I would not recommend the product to any one. Anyone who purchases the product needs to note that the company is very rigid about the 30-day warranty period. Be sure to contact the customer service about a return before the end of the 30-day period, like at the 20-day or 25-day mark. Try it at your own risk.

  3. The “ring no more” folks have multiple ads in today’s (6/3/2010)Miami Herald saying “call right now and ask how to receive a free supply”. I called and it was all BS. They had a guy reading a funky script and then told me that I had to purchase 2 months and they’ll send me one free. I hung up since it smelled like a big scam.

  4. FYI, the makers call themselves “Pacific Naturals” according to the ‘customer service’ number, 1 877 217 2619. There is actually no customer service, as they place calls on hold and do not answer them. The main reason a customer would call is to activate the no obligation free 30 day trial in order to get their money back if it did not work for them. They have your $80, so you are supposed to call to get it refunded.
    I have run into this kind of scam before, so wanted to try the number before ordering to see if I actually could get my money back: NO.
    I also question the claim of FDA approved that you get when calling the order line number.

  5. I buy my husband LipoflavonoidPLUS on line & my husband said he notices improvement. Make sure to get the plus! i bought the regular & his symptoms came right back. It is also a homiopathic remedy- but they list the ingrediants on the bottle not like the Ring no more people. Also they told me 9.99 charged to my card & I just rec’d the pills- and they charged 89.99! i wish I saw this website before ordering them for my husband:<(

  6. I asked my doctor about Ring No More and he concluded exactly what you have stated. Quinine is a toxin that can cause tinnitus. No published studies on any web site and no listed quantities of the ingredients means anything could be in these pills. The ads are false, there is no ‘free sample’. Everything screams ‘ Buyer Beware’ ! Spend your $170.00 on a good bottle of booze.

  7. I have been trying “Ring No More” for about a month with no improvement at all. They ran a huge add in the local Tampa paper so, I figured it was legit company. I should have known better and Googled them. I did call them a couple of days ago and got a recording saying they weren’t open at the time and gave their normal working hours which, was when I was calling. It appears I just threw away $170!

  8. I bought Ring No More on 3/7/2010. Tried it for 25 days with only slight improvement. I returned the bottles and the next shipment that had already been sent on 4/12. They received the bottles on 4/16, but have not refunded my money. It appears that Pacific Naturals is the company making Ring No More. Palo Alto Labs is the company handling the billing.

    Bottom line: Ring No More didn’t work for me. After 3 months, I have not received my refund and don’t expect that I ever will. No one answers their customer service phone number anymore.

  9. I responded to an ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer to try this “free” product which would help with my tinnitus.- guaranteed to work in two weeks or I would get my money back. The “free” product cost me a couple hundred dollars. When I called to get my money back, I was told that since it has no chemicals in it, it would take a month to work. The young lady I was talking to admitted I was told that it would work on two weeks. I found her pushy and manipulative. I insisted on getting my money back. She told me there would be a “restocking fee” and I must return all bottles within a week. I hung up the phone and immediately went to the post office, returning all bottles, including the empty ones, by priority certified mail. According to the post office, they received my package in two days. When it did not appear as a credit on my credit card in two months, as promised, I called again and was told by Cesar that I needed to call in 7 to 10 business days for an authorization code. I called after 10 business days. Misha then told me I needed to call in 7 to 10 more business days because they had moved to a different state. I wonder what there excuse will be when I call them again on September 14?

  10. I ordered A 60 day supply of Ring-No-More pills from Palo Alto Labs after reading a newspaper ad. When I called them the pitch was, “You have nothing to lose. If the pills don’t work, you can get a full refund after you have tried them for 30 days”. Of course, the pills didn’t work, but I was surprised that Palo Alto Labs would not refund my money. I made multiple phone calls to their customer service people and got multiple excuses about why there would be a delay, since they were very busy taking orders it would take a while, etc. I ordered the pills in March of this year. and today I tried to reach them ant the phone number does not work. Palo Alto Labs had also involuntarily enrolled me in a program to receive some other pills (Planplus 5730) on a monthly basis at $14.95 per month. I never received the Planplus 5730 product and I only found out about it because my wife noticed a strange charge on our credit card bill; I was, however, able to get the charges for this product refunded after several attempts over a two or three month period. It looks like my Ring-No-More money is gone though, but maybe someone else will see this and be able to avoid this scam…Live and learn.


  12. I too fell for this scam, but I fought back by filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision at They say if they get a series of complaints, they will launch an investigation. Ring No More may be tied to a company called Nutramedics out of West Palm Beach, Fl. Fight back..file a complaint TODAY!

  13. A highly respectd RD says the ingredients in Ring No More are not only not helpful, they may be harmful, or even dangerous. She finished in the top 1% in the nation in the clinical part of the RD finals. File complaints with the Florida agency of consumer protections, the West Palm Beach County DA, and the south florida US Attorney. Don’t sit there and suck your thumb, FIGHT….NOW …file with Federal Trade Commision (

    • The last time I called the Ring No More/Nutramedics phone room, I said I was going to call the Federal Trade Commision, “Jennifer” said “We don’t care who you call”! I said “What?”, she repeated…”We don’t care who you call”.
      All of you can wait for ‘moderation’. I didn’t. These people are thieves, call your local DA, and US Attorney.AND, file a complaint with the FTC.

  14. To ‘Ring No More’ man, don’t worry about a spill…the csr phone room given to me by the ad agency that paid for the ads gave me a number that answered Nutramedics/Ring No More….1025 N Floor Mango Rd, West Palm Beach, Fl 33409-4163. They were established in Florida in 2004…have a staff of 19, and an annual revenue of 1.2 million dollars, of which, $169.98 was stolen from me. Don’t be babies…FIGHT, file with the FTC.

  15. 1866 676 5995 – I found this to be a reliable number and called to cancel today. My husband used the product for approximately 3 months and initially saw improvement, but it did not last. I found the staff member who helped me to be nice, but not extremely professional and he did cancel my order/subscription. I think I will follow up with my credit card company just to be sure. Thank you all for the helpful information.

    • Same number I have, when I call asking about my refund, its the same person each time and he is not very helpful, gives me the run around, I doubt I will ever get my refund. I plan to report them to the Texas Attorney General’s office, not that it will do any good.

    • Thank you for posting the working phone number. I just call and s/w Dana. She acknowledged my refund and forwarded my follow-up request to corporate. She stated to call back in 7-10 business days to ascertain when the refund would be credited to my credit card. So, fingers crossed, I hope this will get results.

  16. I ordered and returned the product in May 2010 and still can not get a refund. I have been told so many stories, the latest that I should call back in 7 days, I have been doing this for 2 month and still no money. They will not let me talk to a supervisor or give me an emial address to register a complaint. Rig Off Artist? You bet…

  17. Ordered the pills on June 16, 2010 after answering a no risk trail ad for Ring No More. The charge on the credit card was $269.97.
    The ad was in the Ventura County Star. “No questions asked ” and a refund would be received if produt sent back.

    I sent the product back on July 9. I attempted to return it immediately after receiving it. They said to wait 10 days to let them check to see if I should pay the restocking fee of $40.
    They would check their tapes of the call to see if I was treated fairly and then would say if I should have to pay the restocking fee. (I did not complain about paying the restocking fee) I called back and no mention was made of that and with difficulty I was able to get a special number to put on the front of the package to allow me to return it. “Wait 8 weeks for a refund”

    It’s been about four months and I have yet found a number to call that works. And have received no refund

  18. I bought a six months supply for $168. I tried to cancel the order and was told that they don’t have a 72 hours buyer’s remorse policy in their state and that it had already shipped. When the package arrive it had canceled written on the label. At the end of the one month trial period I called for a refund. I was issued an RMA number and returned the unused portion of the order. I was told it would take 2-3 cycles on my credit card for the refund to show up. The refund was not on today’s CC statement, so I called and all phone numbers are “out of service”. So, it looks like this is just another fly by night rip off company. So, I will be contacting the Attorneys General for the states of Maine and Arizona and the Postmaster General concerning the fraudulent activities of the Ring No More company.

  19. same story as others- i bought the product – i tried it for 2 months- no results – called them and they gave me other products that will help make the pills work – nothing- got RMA – and returned the goods- told i will get credit in 2-3 billing cycles- spoke to 5 people- now phone is disconnected – FRAUD

  20. My wife purchased the product “Ring No More” in April 2010. She found the product non- effective, shipped it back and was told to wait for a credit to the account. Ten calls later, no refund. Always the same story, wait 3-5 days, call back in 5 days, sent request to corp. call back in 5 days, system problems, check is on the way (2 times), can’t send check will credit your account. Call your credit card co. to see if it was a credit to your account. Now it is Feb. 08,2011 the ph # 866-676-5995 is no longer in service.This is FRAUD!!!!

    • I too fell victim to this scam…same number which is now disconnected, and endless searches on the internet to find some other phone number to this company. I bought my product in November, 2009. After promptly returning the product and several calls to customer service over the following year, I finally had a promise in December 2010 that refund checks would be mailed on February 8, 2011. Obviously I was just getting the run around. Does anyone have a working number for these guys (Palo Alto Labs, Nutramedics, Pacific Naturals…whatever their names are?) or has anyone successfully received a refund? I am so mad about this…

  21. I’m so surprised to be reading all of these negative reports. I used to suffer with ringing in the ears, but after reading an ad in the LA TIMES and talking to the company I decided to try it and I’m so glad I did. Within a couple of weeks, the swooshing sound ceased. I was amazed, and it hasn’t returned. The following year my sister started experiencing the problem. I shared a bottle with her (had purchased 3) and she too had success. Then about six months ago my friend’s elderly mother tried it, and hers too stopped.

    So sorry that you all didn’t experience the same success..



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