Main phytochemical in purple fruits such as red grapes and especially in red wine.


Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard University was looking for a compound that would turn on the anti-aging gene, sirtunin. Resveratrol did just this and further studies concluded that a strong resveratrol supplement was capable of keeping overweight mice healthy despite their high calorie diets and weight. The mice could run faster and lived longer than their “healthier” weight counterparts in the study. On dissection, they had less fat accumulation around organs. In another study by Sinclair, mice fed high calorie diets and supplemented with resveratrol did not gain as much weight compared to the control group fed the same diet but not supplemented.

Quantity Needed: The mice were given 24
mg per kg of body weight. Now, human studies have not been done, so I can’t tell you how much is needed or safe for humans, but if we based it on this figure, a 150 pound (68 kg) human would need 1.6 grams.Again, don’t go taking 1.6 grams of resveratrol! I’m a health hound, not a doc. Just to give you some idea of the amount of resveratrol the mice were given… it would equal the resveratrol in 1000 bottles of red wine… Holy cow, you’d have to start drinking early in the day!


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