Who Says Diet Pills Don’t Work?… My Review of RealDose Formula No. 1 Weight Loss Supplements From RealDose Nutrition

Henry‘s Rating: 4.8/ 5.0


real dose reviewsI’ve always thought that diet pills are a complete waste of time.

Not only because the bad experiences my pack members have sent in… but also my OWN experiences.

I’ve never tried one that works without speeding me up in an uncomfortable way. And even worse… I’ve taken pills that have made my heart beat faster (palpitations), caused shortness of breath, dry mouth and nausea.

So needless to say… when one of my pack members recommended I take a look at this new weight loss supplement called Formula No. 1 from RealDose Nutrition… I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it.

To be honest… I waited a long time before I started my research. I thought… well this stuff is probably crap so why waste my time on it? But in the end… I’m glad I finally did review it.

Is Realdose The Dream Pill?

The man behind these supplements is Dr. Steven Sisskind, M.D – A doctor who studied at one of the top medical schools in the country (Baylor College of Medicine).

Being backed by a real doctor certainly helps, but a lot of pill companies are backed by “real doctors” so the real digging has to do with research around the supplement itself.

The Formula No. 1 weight loss supplement is presented as a pill that curbs your appetite, relieves stress, reduces fat storage and increases fat burning.

Essentially everything you need to lose weight quickly and easily.

But HOW does it do this?

Ok, stay with me here… this might get a little technical.

The first thing I noticed was their claim that two of their ingredients have been shown separately to double weight loss results by double-blind human trials.

Listen closely: This is the Rolls-Royce of medical studies. If there is one kind of medical study to trust… it’s THIS kind.
Essentially it means that neither the scientists OR the people being experimented on knew which person was given the real supplement… and which was given the sugar pill (the placebo).

What this means is that… the two main ingredients in Formula No. 1 have been PROVEN to increase weight loss beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Are you excited yet?

If not… you should be! I know I was when I looked into this.

And in case you’re wondering WHICH ingredients were in the studies… it was the Piper Betle/Dolichos Biflorus extract and the green coffee bean extract. (I’ll explain what they do below).

Let’s get to the details…

Formula No. 1 contains two main ingredients. Both of them separately attack and reduce a particular fat-loss “block”.
First is a proprietary Piper Betle leaf and Dolichos Biflorus seed extract. This extract works by increasing adiponectin in your body. Adiponectin is a hormone that helps your body burn fat for energy.

If you do research on adiponectin, you will find it is the new “holy grail” of fat burning, and THIS particular extract is one of the ONLY proven nutrients to increase levels in your body.

Another good thing this extract does is decrease your ghrelin levels. No, ghrelin is not a villain from Harry Potter. It’s the hormone that makes you hungry. Lowering it lets you eat less WITHOUT feeling like you’re starving.

For me this is a big deal. Heck, back in my big-as-a-saint-bernard days if I didn’t eat at least half a bag of dog food I wouldn’t feel full. It’s a common problem people have… and a big reason people tend to stay overweight.

The second main ingredient is a patented green coffee bean extract from Madagascar. What this does is limit sugar (glucose) absorption. This helps prevent carbohydrates from turning into fat, and maximizes the results of any low carb diet.

I have to admit that I had never heard of these ingredients before I looked into Formula No. 1.

So I was eager to get to the research stage of my review…

What Does My Research Say about Realdose ?

From what I can tell from my research on WebMD and NIH.gov (National Institutes of Health)… the research looks solid.

RealDose provides abstracts and links to studies done by places like the American College of Nutrition and The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. This makes it super easy to check out their claims… something most weight loss companies DON’T do.

It’s all there… ready to be checked out and verified by any SMART people. Read: My pack members.

But I’ve decided to kind of narrow things down and go over each detail of the supplement and the company that makes it.

So here goes…

No Bait And Switch Realdose is the Real Deal

What’s most impressive is that the RealDose company uses only the actual ingredients used in the research studies. Most supplement companies use research on an ingredient in their marketing… and then turn around and give you some cheap substitute with little to no real power.

RealDose uses the same exact stuff as was used in the studies… so you KNOW you are going to get the same results as claimed in the research.

And with so many dirt-cheap substitutes available from China… getting the AUTHENTIC high-grade ingredients is becoming more and more rare in the weight loss industry.

So this is definitely some good evidence of the company’s honesty.

The Right Dose

RealDose-CertifiedSomething else that has always bugged me about most supplement companies: They claim the benefits of certain ingredients and then HIDE the dosage. And when you do the math… you realize it can’t possibly have the amount of the ingredients to get a result.

But with this company, they put the dosage front and center. And they include exactly the same dose of the active ingredients as was used in the research. This is pretty cool, and all too rare.

So what we have in this formula is two separate ingredients BOTH proven to double weight loss results… and BOTH at the right dose. (And again, they are BOTH authentic ingredients and not substitutes).

They also have a third ingredient (Rhodiola from Siberia) at the same dose used in studies. What it does is reduce stress and anxiety… a big issue when trying to stick to a diet.

A Very Important Caveat about RealDose

One thing that is clear from their video presentation (which I strongly recommend watching) is that this is not a miracle pill.
What this means is you CAN NOT eat whatever you want and still lose weight on this pill.

They don’t claim this and if you did believe something like this… you would be crazy. There is no pill that will do this period.

So what do they mean by doubling fat loss?

The studies they cite are done with people running calorie deficits. What this means is that they are eating fewer calories than they are burning (the only way to lose weight).

The big deal is that in these placebo controlled studies… people are losing over twice the amount of fat when taking the pill as folks taking a sugar pill. Two separates ingredients do this.

So what they are doing is accelerating fat loss, not creating miracles. And they are very honest about this. I don’t know about you, but if I am going to diet… I definitely want to double my results for the effort!

Reputation of  RealDose

I’ve searched on ripoffreport.com (a popular consumer review site) and found NOTHING negative on the RealDose company.
This is really good considering the fact that MOST weight loss companies have TONS of negative feedback on those web sites. (Because most diet pills DON’T work).

And on the RealDose site they have tons of “verified buyer” success stories. They are not all overblown and seem very realistic.
Plus, they have a 365 day guarantee. So if you don’t lose weight… you can get your money back. I didn’t test this… but they HAVE to abide by this guarantee legally. And the fact that they would give a ONE year guarantee shows that they have lots of confidence in their product.

Given all this… I’d say the reputation of the RealDose company is A+.

Upfront & Free Education:

One thing I like about this company that they provide good upfront education. For example… a video Dr. Steve produced explaining the hormonal reasons why you can’t lose weight even when you are doing everything right.

I learned a ton and fact checked it. It is stuff you need to know. He goes through the product, the research and of course offers you a way to test the product for yourself. So please watch the whole thing and make the decision for yourself.

Click here to visit the RealDose website 

If you don’t have time to watch the video, you can just go to this page on their site and read about what they have to offer…

My Final Thoughts on RealDose

There is no such thing as the perfect weight loss pill. No pill can make you drop all your excess weight overnight. It just isn’t going to happen.

But you CAN increase your weight loss results by taking the Formula No. 1 supplement.

Formula No. 1 is the closest thing you can get to the “magic pill.” And if you do happen to find anything better, Please let me know about it… but I honestly don’t think you will.

Click here to watch a video on Formula #1 that contains more information.

And as always… let me know how it goes. I do my best with these reviews. Try to keep my pack informed. But it’s hard to do this without my pack there to back me up with different perspectives.


  1. Thanks for the honest report Henry.
    I too am fed up with bogus reviews and con artists in the world of weight loss.
    Based on your report, I am going to try this along with the 5 days a week of strenuous martial arts and the low carb, low fat diet I follow.
    I am a typical case of ‘weight won’t shift because of hormones’.

  2. Hi Henry,

    Couldn’t wait…! had to stop reading the article and jump right in to placing my order! Like sooo many others, I’ve tried this diet, diet plan, and diet pill. I ordered the small size to give it a try and will let you know my progress. I’m so glad I ran across your web site a couple days ago. Keep up the good work.

  3. This pill does indeed work, and believe me, I was very skeptical. It does reduce appetite, no cravings, full faster, more calm, less anxious, more energy. Sleep better. But you have to try to eat a sensible diet, you cannot eat all u want and loose weight. This pill makes eating right, easy,, with out going hungry, very easy.

  4. hi i would like to try RealDose Formula No. 1 Weight Loss Supplement
    does it really work to stop cravings and help with curbing your appitite??

  5. Just started today. I’m so excited and motivated. I went and bought the
    cherry and pomegrante concentrate. We raise grassfed cattle and know
    others that do the pork etc., so that will be easy. Im putting in an non-gmo
    garden this summer. I’m type 2 diabetic and I am praying that this works. I
    want to get off the harmful pharmecueticals. Good Luck to All

  6. Ive been scammed so many times that im going into this.one very skeptical. Will comment when I know more.

  7. I returned from a summer in Europe 10 pounds heavier and I have been taking the Formula 1 Real Dose faithfully for 3 months. I have been following the suggestions of their doctor regarding my diet. His suggestions as to what to include and what to exclude from one’s diet are very helpful and make sense. Initially, I lost the extra 10 pounds on this program in the first 4 weeks and was thrilled — maybe I was on to something. Disappointingly, however, for the past 8 weeks I have not lost another ounce. (I’m in my mid 70s and am about 15 pounds overweight). My weight fluctuates a couple of pounds up or down, but basically I seem to have reached a plateau I cannot seem to get past. I am returning the unopened containers, as I seem to get no benefit from the formula.


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