One of the essential amino acids, methionine assists in the breakdown of fat in the liver, which is why it may be touted as a “fat burner,” however, this is not stored fat (such as hips, bum, thighs, ab area). It may help reduce fatty deposits around the organs. Not only is methionine a powerful antioxidant in its own right, it is also a precursor to the formation of glutathione, which is one of the human body’s natural antioxidants. (sort of the “house” antioxidant if you will). Certain forms of methionine may help ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s and depression. In terms of weight loss… who knows?

Contraindications: If excessive methionine is taken in via supplementation without also providing the body with plenty of folic acid, B6 and B12, an excess production of homocysteine may occur. High homocysteine levels are linked to atherosclerosis.

Studies: There are studies that show a
possible benefit for those who suffer from

depression and perhaps

osteoarthritis and liver disease. I couldn’t find anything on weight loss.

Quantity needed: N/A


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