Lose Belly Fat Through Exercise


by Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri, CSCS, HFS

Neuro Metabolic Fat Loss & Fitness Expert


Losing belly fat through exercise is not as easy as people make it seem. The truth is, your body will lose fat from every place you do not want, first. It is very difficult to lose fat in the ‘hard to reach areas,’ such as love handles, hips, buttocks, and the belly.

Through the proper fat loss program, though, featuring high intensity exercise, it is possible to reduce your body fat to the point that you will see trouble areas melt away. A properly guided exercise program that asks your body to utilize compound movement schemes and the proper length:tension (length tension ratio) will dramatically increase your results in the gym.

Many people wonder whether or not body weight resistance exercise serves adequately to reduce belly fat through exercise. In truth, body weight resistance exercise is enough to help almost ninety-percent of all the clients I see reach their weight loss and fitness goals.
Heavy weight lifting, several times per week, is not necessary for most people’s goals. Most people come to personal trainers with the intention of losing fat, decreasing body weight, and improving stamina. In order to this effectively, I cannot think of a better way than forcing the body to be able to resist its own weight through dynamic and challenging movements.

Some of my favorite body weight exercises include the burpee, squat thrust, pull up, plank, push up superset, and reverse lunge.

For the most part, each one of these exercises targets the entire body, rather than isolated segments of the body, thereby dramatically increasing metabolic demand, and improving fat loss results.

Good luck!


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