Is Lipozene Really A Scam? (A Critical Review)

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Oh Boy, oh boy… a magic bullet?

Let’s see… Lipozene… lipo… Do you think there’s supposed to be a subliminal message in this name? Lipozene… liposuction… Quick fix without the fuss or hard work of diet and exercise. EXCELLENT! Bring on the beer and BBQ baby this hound dog is hungry!

Well, just like liposuction isn’t a permanent fix for weight loss, I’m afraid I have some bad news about Lipozene.

The Claims

The Real Deal

Lipozene claims to have done numerous clinical studies proving it’s effectiveness for weight loss Really? Good luck finding them – and guess what? Obesity Research Institute LLC (makers of Lipozene) was fined 1.5 million (ouch) by the FTC for making misleading claims about weight loss.
“Risk Free Trial”… My fur is bristling – grrrrr… Risk-Free Trial offers have recently started being shutdown left and right by the FTC (their good ole’ friends) due to their deceptive nature. If you don’t return the product within 30 days you’re automatically charged up to $80 and sent more Lipozene every month.
“Lipozene creates a dietary fiber sponge that makes you feel full, thus reducing caloric intake and adding fiber to your diet.” Glucomannan (the ingredient), especially in capsule form, can cause obstructions in the digestive tract (not good!)… It’s even been banned in several countries… And the amount of fiber in a day you’d receive from taking Lipozene is a mere fraction of what you should be taking in (25 grams per day of natural fiber)


1.5 MILLION Reasons Lipozene will continue their scam…

Do ya think they needs to recoup some of that cash they lost to the FTC? Hey, the population has spoken. You can find massive posts online from outraged customers who say Lipozene didn’t work AND they continue to be overcharged… with little or no possibility of a refund (sounds like a 100% RISK… not risk free!).

It’s no secret that we all want that magic bullet to be able to eat whatever we want and skip the grueling workout (well, until you realize how great you feel when you eat right and workout!) but again, magic pills are the stuff fairy tales are made of (I guess that would be magic beans, my bad).

How about a REAL solution that’s FREE?

What you really need to lose your belly fat is to understand the secrets behind a fat-burning diet. There are foods that are keeping you fat and foods that can boost your weight loss efforts.

It’s a 100% free report I’ve put together that shows you the 11 best foods to eat for lower hunger. So you can get over the hunger surges while you try to lose weight. Let’s see… take your chances with the highly questionable company above for something that doesn’t even work (and could be dangerous) OR… try something for free (no credit card, no personal info, nothin!)…

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  1. You are correct about Lipozene. You can go to any health food store and buy a bottle of glucomannon for very little. It’s on a fiber supplement. I just purchased a bottle of it 90 caps for $4.99. After I went to the web site and saw the ingredients I knew right away it was a scam. I you want this go to any vitamin shop and purchase it.

  2. I am so glad that I had read the reviews on Lipozene! I actually was logging onto the website to read information regarding the product when the search engine got my attention to go to your site! I definatly can say thanks for saving me from wasting my time!

  3. I took this and all it did was make me sick. I stopped taking it and put it in the trash. I wish I had found your site a lot sooner.

  4. I took Lipozene for 30 days exactly as directed. Nothing happened. I didn’t change my eating habbits or activity level. I bought another 30-day supply, just to give it an honest chance. Still NOTHING happened. The online deal is also part of the scam, as they automatically send you more and bill you automatically. I also looked for the “clinically proven results” that they talked about, but did not find any, at all, so that is a blatant lie, as well. The whole thing is a scam.

  5. I’ve been watching their blanket ads on TV and thought about giving it a try. I have disabilities that keep me from exercise. There are days I go from bed to the recliner. I am attempting to cut back on food, which is hard to do. With that said, I was thinking this might help me. I always check the internet to check “real” claims before I jump into anything. Glad I did! Thanks Henry for getting the truth out there!

  6. lipozine is a rip off!!!! there should be a way to make them stop what they are doing. they take advantage of a person who is to fat and wants to lose weight, by paying a bunch of liars to say they really lost belly fat and weight.when all you really ;ose is your hard earned money. and somewhere out there is a jerk whith a big smile on his face , and a pocket full of money.


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