Kelly Osbourne Diet


Kelly Osbourne’s diet has been in all the magazines and on all the entertainment news outlets lately. She lost a staggering amount of weight, and she says she did it simply by changing her eating habits.

She says that before, she never ate breakfast, she drank a lot of soda, and she snacked too much. Now, she eats breakfast every day, drinks water instead of soda, and keeps portion control in mind when she fixes herself healthy snacks!

Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss is one that everyone should aspire to, since she did it in a healthy way. She used no pills or gimmicks, simply watched what she ate.

She also exercised and watched her carbohydrate intake and made sure to fuel up on protein–which is essential when you work out.

Kelly says her diet consisted of eating breakfast, a morning snack, then lunch, then an afternoon snack, dinner, and finally an evening snack. Everyone probably knows by now that eating five to six small meals a day keeps the metabolism up and keeps you from overeating because you do not starve yourself.

Kelly Osbourne’s diet consisted of egg-white omelets with turkey bacon for breakfast and a chopped salad with tomatoes, salami, mozzarella and garbanzo beans during lunch. She would then have a turkey burger with salad or steamed vegetables for dinner. She also admits to having all the sugar-free Jell-O for snacks she wanted.

You too can lose weight like Kelly Osbourne. Stick to healthy snacks, watch your portions, and eat five to six small meals a day. Add in 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week and you will lose the pounds in no time!


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