Does Jenny Craig Really Have the Answer to Weight Loss?

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Valerie lost it and kept it off. Kirstie lost it and gained it back. Jenny Craig’s weight loss program has helped many folks lose weight, while others had a hard time with long-term results.

Why do some people find success with Jenny Craig while others don’t?

Are YOU the right candidate for Jenny Craig? Let me help you figure out the answer…


Cons (Expensive! And is it worth it?)

Very structured program with healthy meals and support. Do you really want to eat boxed meals for the rest of your life or learn how to create your own weight loss or weight management menu?
Convenience. Meals are provided so you don’t have to plan. Expensive! Likely to run you over $300 a month.
What about the rest of the family? For those with families, it may not be very practical to have your own meal and still prepare family dinners.


Are You a Valerie or a Kirstie?

Committing to a program like Jenny’s can be a very simple way (IF you can afford it) to have someone hold your hand through the mechanics of weight loss. The meals are planned and you have a support system.

Likely, this is why Valerie and Kirstie lost weight initially. They had to stick with the program (and probably had personal trainers to boot) and sure, the program is scientifically designed to help people lose weight by eating the right foods and especially, in the right portions.

BUT, Kirstie gained it back. And others have as well. Ask yourself, if Jenny lets go of your hand (or you run out of money), will you know what you should be eating? Will you be able to prepare healthy meals and keep off the weight or continue to lose weight?

Do You Want Long-term Weight Loss FAST?? (And for FREE?)

You could spend a small fortune on Jenny Craig OR you could do something today, right now, to learn how to lose weight quickly and keep it off for life. Don’t worry folks. This is NOT a crash diet.

It’s my 100% free weight loss guide to help you discover foods that have been keeping you fat and foods that can turn you into a fat-burning machine. You can make simple changes and lose weight quickly, yet keep it off for life.

You don’t have to call Jenny… A FREE weight loss guide is only a few clicks away…

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Don’t just take it from me! Here are a few emails from others who have checked out my weight loss report:

“Dear Henry,

I want to thank you for the weight loss report . I started on it 2/23/11 as of today I have lost 23 lbs. and feel great ! I am exercising and lifting weights along with the clean eating. This is the first plan that has helped me keep losing and not crave anything like I always did on other eating plans. again thanks for getting me on the right path I am so happy I found your website!”

Teri (Submitted on 2011/04/26 at 10:28 am)


Great download! I am a real skeptic – especially with downloads, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by your write-up. It makes sense! A friend recommended Sensa and after reading your site, I am (once again) too skeptical to try.”

Thanks again,


  1. Jenny Craig is teaching me how to maintain every pound I lose, and teaching me healthy portion sizes, and now i am able not only to track my calories in but also my calories burned each day, giving me exact control over my weight loss. AMAZING!! WORTH EVERY PENNY SPENT!! 95 lbs down! NO PERSONAL TRAINER NEEDED!!

    • Yes, Jenny Craig is a structured weight loss program and for the majority of us, that’s what we need. As far as the hand holding, if I could have done this on my own, I wouldn’t need any weight loss plan. I needed to learn how to eat as well as learn how to change the way I thought about food. Jenny has helped me to do all of that.
      The best part of the program is their maintenance and it lasts for 1 year. During that time I was weened away from their food and taught how to eat real food and become my own weight loss manager. I’ve been successful for 6 months and I sitll go to the centre 2 times a month to get that support that’s so important.
      Thank you Jenny for making this the last time I ever have to loose 50 Lbs.!!!

    • Yes, its easy to lose weight on JC as I discovered its not what has been put in the food for you to lose weight but what is in the packaging! yes, the packaging. There are chemicals in the “boxed” food items to trick your thyroid. I checked into this because this is what happened to me – my thyroid went wonky (over active) and as a result I lost weight quickly only to put it all back on after I was told to stop eating their “boxed” foods. Argggggg – waste of money…

  2. I’ve been with Jenny Craig for 3 weeks now and Have lost around 6 pounds. They do deliver on the wight loss promise. I hate going to the gym and they never pushed the issue. Instead we came up with healthy, alternative ways to increase my daily activity and it worked out (no pun.) Is it for everyone? I don’t know. But it was certainly the best choice for me. I am a single woman living on my own with a very busy schedule that barely leaves me any time in the kitchen. I was already eating boxed food before I went on the Jenny diet so the only change for me was that the variety of the food increased. I also used to starve myself between the meals and deny myself any snacks or sweets. Now I can kick back and eat delicious Jenny snacks with ease of mind because I know they won’t add to my weight. It’s honestly the best part of the program.

  3. I lost the 8 pounds I needed tp lose but was disappointed that very little belly fat was reduced. Most of the 8 pounds lost must have come from places I couldn’t afford to lose.. like my face. Please give my an answer.


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