Is Your Mood Making YOU Gain Weight?


Hey everyone! Henry here. I’ve been sniffing around for you all and stumbled across a sort of new way of thinking in the diet pill industry. A lot of the diet pills on the market are junk, plain and simple.

I’m sure you’ve been following my growing list of ingredients and their purported effects on weight loss. The fact is, many of the ingredients in diet pills are used to help you lose weight rapidly via laxative or diuretic type effects. Some are fat burners or blockers. A few are starch blockers. And of course, you have your stimulants that help you burn fat or control your appetite. They also boost your energy levels, which may make it easier for you to exercise.

All in all, though, they don’t help you conquer the major issues that cause weight gain. You’ll either drop the weight rapidly through unhealthy measures (laxatives, diuretics), and then gain it all back OR you’ll control your appetite or energy levels through artificial means. None of these things help you lose weight permanently.

That’s why I was intrigued when I noticed a new trend in diet pills. Rather than target all the usual suspects in weight gain, they are targeting something we don’t think about as often: How our moods affect our weight.

Stress makes you gain weight. When you are chronically stressed, large amounts of cortisol are dumped into your system. Cortisol is a stress hormone and overtime, it can lead to an increased amount of belly fat. Then, those belly fat cells grow to larger, and larger sizes. THEN, your leptin levels are affected. Leptin is the protein responsible for controlling your appetite. So, now you are storing more belly fat AND you want to eat more.

Depression can lead to emotional eating. If you’re sad or down a lot, you might begin to crave sugar. This is a natural response because sugar stimulates the release of serotonin, which is a calming hormone that can counter the ill effects of stress. Low levels of serotonin may lead your brain to send out cravings for sugar in an attempt to provide balance.

Anxiety can lead to compulsive eating (plus all the stress issues above). You know how it is when you are worried about something, right? Nibble, nibble, nibble… Sound familiar?

So, what do these new fangled diet pills contain to help you ward off the ill effects of a crummy mood? Herbals and other compounds that have a calming effect on the body. Ultimately, they all lead towards the release of serotonin, dopamine and other calming hormones and/or endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers).

Do they work? Some do, some… not so much. Again, it’s all dependent on the quality and quantity of the ingredients.

So, keep reading my growing list to see what’s up with these supposed “calming” ingredients and whether you should look into some of these supplements or diet pills. As the trend continues to catch on, the scam artists will be crawling out of the wood work!

In the meantime, here’s a list of some natural things you can do to manage stress and improve your mood:

1) Exercise! One of the best ways to counter the negative effects of stress. Exercise cleans up after a stressful situation by using up excess fats and sugars. It also helps release calming hormones!

2) Get your Zzzz’s! Sleep deprivation can make EVERYTHING seem worse. Your anxiety levels will be higher. Have you ever noticed how overly sensitive you are to things when you haven’t had enough sleep? Right away, you’ll perceive something as being worse than it actually is. There’s a reason they say “sleep on it.”

3) Take time to stop and smell the fire hydrants… I mean, roses (hey, to each their own!). Seriously, when you don’t take regular time outs (DAILY) from a hectic life, you are bound to suffer the ill effects of stress including weight gain. Find time everyday to do something you enjoy and find relaxing.

4) Turn on the tunes! Music therapy is an amazing thing. When you feel sad, resist the urge to play a sad song and instead, turn on something fun and dance, sing and be as silly as you want!

5) Journal the good stuff. I know sometimes life seems rough. I know when I’m investigating and find fraud after fraud, I tend to get a little down in the dumps. But then, I just have to remember all the people I HOPE I’m helping and it cheers me up! Try doing the same by writing down the good things in your life so your focus is more positive. The more you focus on the good stuff, the more good stuff you’ll get!

Stay tuned! I’ll keep sniffin’ things out for you! For now, take care everyone!



  1. Henry,

    Just ran across your site looking for info on “Sensa”. Boy am I glad I did. I find your site to be quite informative and I am impressed thus far and look forward to hearing more possitive feedback from you!! Thanks for GREAT info!


  2. Thanks Henry! I had a bad day today at work, and I have many other things, big things, that are negative going on in my life. I’m one of those old souls, that is very young, and people 30 yrs my elder, are amazed when they learn certain things I’ve been through, and conquered in my life, and still turned out to be one of the best moms, massage therapists, and strong women they’ve ever met. I still have bad days though. I needed to read what you wrote above. Earlier tonight, I thought it would be another night of looking at the clock, watching hour after hour go by, with negative thoughts running through my head not being able to fall asleep, and ultimately having nightmares due to that, and not getting adequate sleep. I also thought some wine would be a good idea. Instead, I’m going for a late night jog, in my neighborhood, and I’ll have some Sleepytime, and Kava Tension Tamer tea, that’s been sitting in my cupboard, waiting for me to drink them on a night just like tonight. I’m going to tell everyone, I know, and most of them are health nuts like me, about your uplifting, and educational website! Thanks again! “Good” night 🙂

  3. Great site Henry. I was almost sucked into that Sensa thing, but when I looked at their “free” trial plan, the siren’s in my head went off. The same old scam…but it works…..over and over or they wouldn’t be doing it though. Today I discovered your site and it was like a breath of fresh air. I have the stress/anxiety induced issue. I do OK on diet content and quantity most of the time, but during these long winter months when its dark by 5pm, I find myself tense and unable to sit so quess where I head? Yup….the kitchen for a little munchie. Now the 100 lbs I lost a couple of years ago is creeping back. I have problems with my hips, feet and legs, making a return to walking, running and cycling pretty tough. Have you done any research into the claims made by hypnotists? Here in Portland, I hear ads on the radio for 1 or 2, promising good results. It makes sense, but so does Sensa….until you look at it good and close.

  4. You are doing a great service here. The sad thing is that these companies prey on hope and desperation and don’t care to offer any real help for a real problem. They use this to exploit and further weaken people. Your work here is empowering people – Thank you for caring enough about others to do this!

  5. i was wondering do you know anything about the diet pill curve a trim and is there really a Chinese tea that makes you lose weight.

  6. I woke up at 3am turn on the tv, and what wasd on? A dite of course. The Food Lovers Program. Says I can eat anything I want in the rite combination and lose all the weight I want.
    Please .investigate this Henry.

    • Well, Alicia, as I’m sure you already know…you cannot eat whatever you want and lose weight, or be healthy. Food combining was a diet fad a while back that stated just by eating certain foods together, and eating other foods at different times, you could lose weight–no counting calories, no exercise…but of course, it does not work. It is all about portion control, eating healthy foods and adding in exercise (and get some sleep!) 🙂

  7. Just a suggestion for purchasing or receiving free trials on line.Go to walmart and get a prepaid debit card for the amount of the purchasing and handling.If they will not accept it you didn’t need it any way.

  8. Hi Henry,

    I have a question for you, Have you research Food Lovers fat Loss System by Robert Ferguson? If you have please let me know what do you think about it, I have seen good reviews about the program but I don’t want to buy if it may not work since is about $120, please let me know, Thanks a Lot!…. By the way your web site and eBook is awesome!


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