Is Lipozene A Scam? You Decide!


Is Lipozene a scam? You should definitely do your research before you make that decision. Now that you have heard of Lipozene you want to know what it does.

So when you water it down, basically Lipozene is a diet pill that will make you feel full–so that means that you will eat less. And that, in turn, means less pounds.

The diet aid Lipozene was made by the Obesity Research Institute. The Institute promises that Lipozene has been clinically proven, based upon numerous clinical trials, to help reduce body fat and help users to lose weight. The company says that their drug is a 100% all-natural weight loss product. And they promise that experts agree it contains only safe ingredients.
Basically the key ingredients in Lipozene include green tea, which is used to help improve the body’s metabolism and aid in weight loss, Kola-nut, which is an all-natural herb that is said to help boost energy, and vitamins B-6 and B-12 which will speed up the body’s metabolism.

Lipozene’s most active ingredient is glucomannan. Glucomannan is another of its all-natural ingredients. This one is a fiber supplement. Fiber helps users feel fuller, which means you eat less Fiber also helps to reduce users’ cholesterol and reduce their body fat since fiber grabs fat in the body, eliminating it before it is absorbed.

Taking these pills before you eat is the key to making you feel full.

Now, what is the price for Lipozene? Typically a 60 count bottle of Lipozene will cost you about $30. The manufacturer recommends taking up to two pills, three times a day-right before each meal.

There are special offers available on the Lipozene website, such as ‘Buy One Bottle, Get One Free’ and there is also a free bonus offer of a bottle of their ‘Metabo Up’ which is a pill designed to increase your metabolism. Additionally, they offer free shipping and handling. There is also a money-back guarantee. They say that if you do not lose weight, you will get your money back.
According to Lipozene’s website, Lipozene is a product that ‘creates a dietary sponge that makes you feel full, thus reducing caloric intake and adding fiber to your diet.’ They also note that ‘Weight loss varies by individual.’ This says that they do guarantee that you will lose weight, just not how much or how fast.

Studies on glucomannan have shown that users do lose weight with the supplement, but at just a rate of around five and a half pounds during a two month period.

Lipozene states that they used clinical trials to prove that the product works and they do have the results on their website alongside before and after photos from users.. However, the product is not yet FDA approved.

Lipozene’s customer service is only available by phone, and not by email. If you do decide to order these diet supplements, make sure to do your research and even price compare to save yourself some money.


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