Is Healthy Trim (Healthe Trim) Really, Well, Healthy?


Healthe Trim’s nationwide radio ad campaign claims that you can get “High School Skinny” by taking 2 capsules on an empty stomach 3 hours before breakfast. The idea of deferring breakfast seems counter to conventional weight loss wisdom, but Healthe Trim has an impressive array of radio disk jockeys who claim to have lost as much as 71 pounds while taking the product.

The pack has sent in several requests for an investigation, so I decided to pick up the scent and track down the real story. My findings didn’t exactly come up roses…

The Claim

The Problem (It’s Impossible)

The Healthe Trim website
says you can lose weight without changing your diet.
This is just insulting. You cannot lose weight without changing your diet. If this was true they would not even have to advertise.


The Claim

The Problem (Potentially Harmful Ingredients)

Healthy Trim claims to not cause harmful side effects. Product contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA). On May 1, 2009, the FDA issued a warning for consumers to stop using a competing product, Hydroxycut (a product containing HCA), because of reports of liver failure requiring liver transplants in some cases.

The Pack Is Not Happy…

Based upon comments on forums, complaint boards, and on this blog (please see below), Healthe Trim customers don’t appear to be losing weight. I am not finding as many customer service issues as other products I have reviewed, but enough to know that they do some creative billing.

In short, it appears to be yet another one of those over-aggressive marketing organizations that I love to sink my teeth into.

So What Can You Do to Lose Weight?

Well, “not changing your diet” simply isn’t going to cut it! I wish I could snap my fingers and make you, “High School Skinny”.

The truth is that you have to change the way you eat and get the right kind of exercise.

Healthe Trim also claims to reduce cravings (kind of weird since you don’t have to change your diet). This is also something a pill won’t do. But a lot of my pack has found that cravings are often caused by eating the wrong foods. If you start eating the right foods, most cravings go away on their own.


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