Can Hydroxycut Really Help You Burn Fat?

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If you have been anywhere near a TV during the last decade, you have seen commercials for Hydroxycut. Hydroxycut is one of the most famous fat burners advertised. They claim that if you take two caplets twice a day you will burn fat, have increased energy, and lose weight.

However, after numerous claims that it doesn’t work and has unwanted side effects, I decided to take a sniff around. What I found out isn’t good…

Some Good Things

The Problems

Can be bought easily over the counter, pretty much wherever you shop-grocery stores, drug stores, etc.Offers a money back guarantee.Really cool looking packaging

Have added, “Pro” and “Clinical” to their name, so it is now called: Pro Clinical Hydroxycut – a really sexy name.

*Sorry, could not find any other “positives” about Hydroxycut. I will keep investigating to see if I can find some, but it doesn’t look promising.

In 2009, the FDA issued a warning about the ingredients after the product was linked to liver damage, rhabdomyolysis, and at least one death.A study published in The New York Times said that the ‘research’ Hydroxycut uses to back up their weight loss claims is not founded in anything scientific.Each one of the tablets contains more caffeine than two cups of coffee-that amount of caffeine is not good for the body.

Unwanted side effects like feeling jittery, increased heart rate, feeling like you are going to pass out, headaches, and sweating for no reason have been reported.

And That’s Not All…

Once, Hydroxycut contained ephedra, which most people now know is a dangerous weight loss drug which has caused many deaths in those taking diet pills that contained it. It was banned, and Hydroxycut had to change their formula. Perhaps ephedra was the only thing causing weight loss in the original product, and now that the formula has changed, the weight loss is non-existent.

So, the now people are paying a substantial amount for a weight loss drug that is essentially a caffeine pill. It makes you jittery and spikes your heart rate, but does nothing for your weight.

So, How in The World Do You Really Lose Weight?

I wish I could tell you that magic pills would work for you, but they don’t. You just end up with really expensive urine. There are some supplements that can aid with mood and help with conditions like an underactive thyroid, but there are no miracles.

In fact, there is a great alternative to Hydroxycut that my pack loves. Unlike Hydoxycut, this program is not scam. It’s a 100% free report I’ve put together that teaches you several proven methods to lose weight. In the Health Hound’s opinion, I would say that it’s a no-brainer not to at least give this free report a try.

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Don’t just take it from me! Here are a few emails from others who have checked out my weight loss report:

“Dear Henry,

I want to thank you for the weight loss report . I started on it 2/23/11 as of today I have lost 23 lbs. and feel great ! I am exercising and lifting weights along with the clean eating. This is the first plan that has helped me keep losing and not crave anything like I always did on other eating plans. again thanks for getting me on the right path I am so happy I found your website!”

Teri (Submitted on 2011/04/26 at 10:28 am)


Great download! I am a real skeptic – especially with downloads, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by your write-up. It makes sense! A friend recommended Sensa and after reading your site, I am (once again) too skeptical to try.”

Thanks again,


  1. Thank you for the information on diets. Do you have any information on the product Zija. I am about 50 pounds overweight and really can not lose it. I go to exercise about 3 times a week.

  2. I take the hydroxy cut for women which has iron and folic acid. it doesnt give me the jitters or heart racing. I am a nurse and was worried about taking it but so far so good. it doesnt make me not want to eat sweets but it does give me that full feeling. the rest is really up to me I guess. I think it helps me not to over eat and makes me more aware of what I am putting into my mouth because I am full. downfall…I have to take 2 three times a day. I dont think it is a bad product along with exercise but I also dont think its the best either

  3. i did take hydroxycut when it had ephedria, i lost 65 pounds. but i do feel like it caused me to be diebactic. i also felt high. i also had the same feelings like you talk about in you ad.

  4. I got the free weight loss report and it says exactly what I have always known. I didn’t put it on quick and I aint gonna take it off quick. Diet and exercise is the only thing that works. What about Alli? Its advertised a lot. Have you done research on it? Thanks Health Hound for all your hard work.

  5. Have you ever researched ‘MetaboMax Free”, a weight loss pill by Nature’s Sunshine. Claims it will ‘boost energy, increase metabolism, and burn fat”.
    Any feed back would be appreciated.

    • The 17 day diet has you doing 1200 calories a day for the first 2 weeks, I basically did the same thing and got the same results on my own.

  6. Great info,thanks so much. Though fairly new I am curious about your opinion about Dexatrim mas keto-7. Do you have any recommendations for women like me who have hypothyroidism?

  7. I heard about Thermogenic Push but know nothing about it. Can u offer any details and tell me if it’s effective? Im looking for something that will help increase my energy level and help curb my appetite.

    • I have taken it on and off for about 2 years now. I have noticed that I cannot go to sleep if I take 2 or more pills so I only take 1 pill right before my workout.

      Yes, it increases my energy level so I can work out more and just walking will make me sweat (due to thermogenics). When I first looked into this, the people at GNC told me that it’s mainly a thermogenic.

      Maybe it was coincidence but I had lost 40 lbs that year with the help of this drug because it increased my energy level (caffeine; I don’t drink coffee or anything with caffeine in it so it helped).

      I do not know if it will help curb your appetite, but notice that it tells you to drink 8 cups of water or just a lot of water when taking this drug. The reason why they tell you to drink just a ridiculous amount of water is so that it will give your stomach the illusion that your stomach is full, so less food is required, and you THINK it has helped curb your appetite.

      I just might have had the placebo effect but I KNOW that the energy boost is real.

  8. Hydroxycut now makes caffine-free Hydroxtcut. There for eliminating the jittery/anxiety like symptoms….. Thats really the only negative that you really spoke of above, everything seemed to be linked to caffine….

  9. I absolutely live getting your daily updates and information on products….. I would like some info on raspberry ketones if you have any…..thank you

  10. I took Hydroxycut Hard Core several years ago for an extended period of time. It never helped me loose weight, but I liked to “energetic” feeling it gave me as I was always feeling tired if I didn’t take it.
    Well, I had an annual exam and my liver enzymes were elevated, my doctor had me do an ultra sound on my liver and luckily nothing permanent was affected.
    My Doctor also discovered that I had a Vitamin D3 deficiency and that is why I was feeling tired all the time!
    I got off the Hydroxycut & added a good Vitamin D3 supplement to my daily multi-vitamin and within 3 months my liver enzymes were back to normal and I was no longer feeling tired!


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