Hoodia gordonii


(also known as hoodia, xhooba, !khoba, Ghaap, hoodia cactus): Hoodia is a cactus found in South Africa. Years ago, an anthropologist noted that native hunters in South Africa would chew on the stem of the hoodia cactus to stave off hunger while out on long hunts in sparse vegetation. Science later found that hoodia contains a compound called p57 that mimics glucose in the body. Because low blood glucose levels trigger the hunger response, p57 is able to delay this response because the brain is fooled into thinking there is an adequate amount of blood glucose. So, hoodia is an appetite suppressant. Hoodia is used in many popular weight loss supplements such as Healthe Trim. There are some issues with hoodia. For one, it’s expensive. The popularity lead to a scarcity and black markets for hoodia. It is very difficult to grow outside of its native Kalahari Desert. The South African government had to limit the sale of hoodia to only C.I.T.E.S. certified companies to preserve the species and slow the black market. For this reason, many hoodia products contain very little pure hoodia, to the point of it being ineffective. At best, hoodia is a mild appetite suppressant and most weight loss pills that enable weight loss also rely on other powerful stimulants and sometimes fat burners or blockers.

Contraindications: Should not be taken by diabetics or patients with hypoglycemia. Should not be taken during pregnancy or lactation.

Studies: There are

no published studies on the effectiveness of hoodia, despite any bogus claims!

Quantity needed: No known quantity because nobody has proven its efficacy


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