Hip Hop Abs by Beach Body

Henry‘s Rating: 2.0 / 5.0


Hip Hop for Ripped Abs?

Shaun T has all the moves to present a great looking ab program. I mean, who doesn’t want a fun way to work off the bulge and end up with a ripped sexy core. BUT, will you be able to bust a move and find the same results as the sexy peeps on the infomercial?

Is Hip Hop Abs Hot or Not?? Let’s sniff it out…


Cons (Commitment??)

Everything you need to get sculpted abs: Cardio, Targeted Ab Exercises, Combination Program, Nutrition Guide and Extras… worth the cost. Tough! If you’re committed, sort of in shape and have coordination… GREAT! If not, you might be in trouble.
Fun! You need to look forward to exercise if you’re going to stay committed. Fun for some, not for others. If dance isn’t your thing or you are beginning this program way out of shape, you won’t have much fun.


Another Beach Body Program that Works for Some… Not for Others.

Shaun T has all the right ingredients save for one (I’ll tell you in a second). The right ingredients? Cardio, sculpting and a handy nutrition guide! All of these are essential and I give Shaun T kudos for not trying to trick his audience into believing you can do some crunches or use fancy equipment and end up with rock hard abs. BUT…

Not everyone can do this workout. It’s tough and you’ll definitely feel the burn, but not if you are starting out in poor shape. It takes some amount of strength and exercise experience to get through the workouts. Many folks looking to lose weight are going to have to start out a bit more slowly.

So again, just like most of the Beach Body products such as P90X, Hip Hop Abs is effective IF you can commit and IF you are in decent shape when beginning the program. Even if you are in decent shape and you happen to have two left feet, you might find Hip Hop Abs a bit daunting.

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Don’t just take it from me! Here are a few emails from others who have checked out my weight loss report:

“Dear Henry,

I want to thank you for the weight loss report . I started on it 2/23/11 as of today I have lost 23 lbs. and feel great ! I am exercising and lifting weights along with the clean eating. This is the first plan that has helped me keep losing and not crave anything like I always did on other eating plans. again thanks for getting me on the right path I am so happy I found your website!”

Teri (Submitted on 2011/04/26 at 10:28 am)


Great download! I am a real skeptic – especially with downloads, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by your write-up. It makes sense! A friend recommended Sensa and after reading your site, I am (once again) too skeptical to try.”

Thanks again,


  1. Hip Hop Abs is great and alot of fun. Exercise is an individual sport and one has to know how to go at there own pace. Stamina will be obtained. If you don’t like to dance try something that suits you.

  2. It is fun. Remember to find one that will keep your attention. Don’t burn yourself out or get disappointed as well. Always Always keep hydrated with any of the workouts.

  3. three yrs ago I toped out at 225lbs standing 5/2. i lost 60 pounds but have gain 30 back. i really need something that will help me keep the weight off with out hurting my back.

  4. As with anything you must be committed to see success. I am not the worlds greatest dancer but I have done this program went at my own pace & did see results.

  5. I got Hip Hop Abs and I enjoy it because to me it fun. I do recommend that you pace yourself and eat right and drink water lots and lots and lots. I have seen results and I am still pulling out the DVDs and working out to them

  6. I have all of the Hip Hop Ab programs and recently ordered the Dance Party programs I enjoyed it so much. It doesn’t promise magic. It helps you to enjoy working out and no it is not easy the first time but the more you do it the easier it gets and isn’t that the point?

  7. I am not in especially good or bad shape and this workout was easy enough for me to do and the best part is it is actually FUN to do and I like the great music. Most music on workout videos stinks! Not here. I don’t know if I would get the sculpted abs shown on the video but I feel like I get a good cardio and fat burning workout which will certainly let me burn some of the fat off those abs so that makes me happy. If you aren’t a great, or coordinated dancer, don’t use that as an excuse, just have fun and do the best you can-keep moving- and you should do fine. If dancing isn’t your thing you should look into a different workout, video or otherwise.


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