High Intensity Interval Training Best Cardio To Burn Fat?


High Intensity Interval Training is one of the most popular new workouts. While HiiT workouts seem to be the newest thing in workouts, they are actually not new.  High Intensity Interval Training is a workout that is based upon the Tabata Protocol.  The Tabata Protocol was created by Izumi Tabata several years ago–in 1997. Tabata proved that when a body goes into VO2 Max (basically the anaerobic zone), he or she will have a greater fat burn for a longer period of time than someone who does a steady state cardio workout (read: long, boring cardio workout session). This fat burn extends into the time after the workout is over–even when the person is sitting around, watching television.

This is why HiiT, or Tabata Training, is the best workout to burn fat.

The original Tabata protocol included a five minute warm-up and then just eight minutes of work. These eight minutes of work were done in 20 second intervals.  To follow this, you would workout hard, as hard as possible, for 20 seconds, and then rest for ten seconds.  After that, you’d repeat the interval for a total of eight minutes. At the end of the workout you will cool down for two minutes. This means that you will do just 15 minutes of work every three days.  A simple weight loss protocol, yes?  Actually, if you are doing it correctly, Tabata is NOT easy!

If you have never done a HiiT workout, or a Tabata workout, start out with a four-minute workout plan. This means four intervals, at 20 seconds each, with a 10-second rest after each, and then repeat the four exercises again.  There will be a brief warmup and a cool down.  When this gets easy, add a second interval of four minutes.

How To Start a HIIT workout

To begin, start with a three to four minute warm up–this can be jogging in place, easy jumping jacks, marching, etc, and then follow this with your Tabata or HiiT intervals. Then, do a two minute cool down. Followed by a stretch.

Common HIIT Exercises

Many people wonder how to perform these intervals. They are simple, really.  Do them on a treadmill, a Stairmaster, elliptical or an exercise bike–or just do them without equipment. Do jumping jacks, split lunges, burpees, and so on–but whatever you do, do the interval at the highest intensity you can.

Today you can purchase HiiT workouts  on DVD that are designed around these same principles. These DVD workouts often involve plyometric moves or other types of high intensity cardio moves.  Typically, at-home workout DVDs are not performed on cardio machines.  Another way to do a HiiT workout or a Tabata-type workout is with a personal trainer, through a local Boot Camp provider, or at a gym where they offer these types of classes.

Any type of HiiT workout will push your body into the anaerobic zone and will help you burn the maximum amount of fat, even after your workout is over.  Additionally, this will help to increase your endurance levels during workouts, and increase your body’s muscle strength. Both of these will aid in weight loss.

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