Is Healthy Trim (Healthe Trim) Really, Well, Healthy?


I’m on patrol late one night listening to a country-western radio station when an ad for Healthy Trim (aka Healthe Trim) comes speeding along with BIG claims for fast weight loss.

“Get high school skinny!” screamed the ad.

I thought I would “pull it over” to see if I needed to write a citation or let them off with a warning.

Nothing wrong with big health promises, if they’re backed up with research and customer results.

Here’s what I found after “running the plates” on Healthe Trim:

Healthy Trim Product & Health Claims:

* Their website video claims Healthe Trim is the “#1 All Natural Supplement In The World” and the “Fastest Selling Weight Loss Supplement In America.”

* The video spokesperson, Monique (who we believe to be the company owner’s wife, see below), claims she lost 10 pounds in about 2 weeks while on Healthe Trim.

* Monique says Healthe Trim is a “Miracle Product.”

Health Hound’s Field Findings:

I could find no information confirming Healthy Trim’s claim to be the fastest selling weight loss supplement in America or #1 all natural supplement in the world.

HealthyLife Sciences, LLC, the maker of Healthe Trim, has only been in business since January of last year (2009). With literally hundreds of other natural diet supplements on the market being sold through GNC, Walmart and Vitamin Shoppe, it’s difficult not to raise an eyebrow on this one.

I watched a radio station interview of Healthe Trim Founder, Matthew Dwyer, and his wife, Monique. Monique is the SAME energetic video spokesperson on the promotional website (where she fails to mention, by the way, that her husband owns the company).

You can watch that radio station interview here.

Health Hound Assessment:

WARNING Issued: No independent data published to support Healthe Trim sales and market share claims.

Citation Issued: NO scientific research is provided on the Healthe Trim website to backup claims that the product can help you lose the 10 pounds in 2 weeks as Monique states in her video. Most health experts recommend that, for healthy weight loss, you should only lose 2 pounds per week. The Healthe Trim website may be in violation of new FTC rules stating companies need to publish the “typical” results of their customers alongside glowing testimonials.

It conveniently slips Monique’s mind during the website promo video that she has a Personal Trainer and works out at least 3 times a week, which she admits during the radio interview video.

Citation Issued: “Miracle Product?” ‘Nuff said.

Healthe Trim Pricing:

healthe trim pricing

One “30-day supply” of Healthe Trim is currently priced at $54.95
plus $7.95 shipping, bringing the total cost to $62.90 per bottle.

WARNING Issued: The video and the FAQ states that you may need to take up to 2 capsules at at time, twice a day (4 capsules per day). That would make one bottle of Healthe Trim last only 15 days (4 capsules x 15 days = 60 capsule bottle), which means you would need to spend $109.90 plus shipping for a true 30 day supply. This possibility needs to be better disclosed at time of purchase.

Company & Reputation

HealthyLife Sciences, LLC is based in Atlanta, GA.

The company publishes their address, phone number and support email address. They also provide a toll-free number for customer support.

Mailing Address:

HealthyLife Sciences, LLC
8601 Dunwoody Place
Building 400, Suite 418
Atlanta, Georgia 30350

Toll Free Customer Support: 800 456-TRIM (8746)

Better Business Burea (BBB): I found HealthyLife Sciences to be a BBB Accredited company with an A- rating.

Internet Reputation:

As of this Health Trooper filing, I could find NO “rap sheet” (complaints) on HealthyLife Sciences on popular consumer advocacy websites such as or

The amount of negative chatter on the Internet concerning Healthe Trim was low.

Health Hound Wags Tail: It appears that HealthyLife Sciences does a good job of customer support and honors customer refund requests.

Product & Ingredients

According to, Healthe Trim contains the following ingredients:

* Green Tea Leaf Extract
* Poria Cocos
* Coix Seed
* Cassia Seed
* Lotus Leaf
* Water Palntain
* Cumquat
* Methionine
* Mulberry Leaf
* Gymnema Sylvestre
* Eleutherococus Senticosus
* Pyruvate
* Trace Minerals
* Caralluma Fimbriata
* Chromium Picolinate
* Hoodia Gordonii

Health Hound’s Field Findings:

The Health Hound knows that many of these ingredients have been shown to support healthy weight loss in scientific studies.

The PROBLEM is that ingredients like Caralluma Fimbriata require a significant amount of the herb to be effective (according to the research) and it would be difficult to include enough in one capsule along with effective doses of the FIFTEEN other ingredients.

A strategy of “pixie dusting” a whole slew of ingredients in one diet formula is common in the supplement industry to create the appearance of a “comprehensive formula.”

It’s impossible to tell whether effective dosages of each ingredient are present because Healthe Trim doesn’t publish the precise amounts per capsule.

WARNING: As of this writing, Healthe Trim’s website FAQ reports that Healthe Trim contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA).

Here’s a screenshot of the FAQ concerning HCA:

healthe trim hydroxycitric acid HCA

On May 1, 2009, the FDA issued a warning for consumers to stop using a competing product, Hydroxycut (a product containing HCA), because of reports of liver failure requiring liver transplants in some cases.

FLASH UPDATE: Here is the current (as of Feb. 24, 2010) supplement facts for Healthy Trim. What’s very odd is that the ingredient containing HCA, Garcinia Cambogia, is NOT currently listed on Healthy Trim’s ingredients page. Why the omission?

healthe trim label

Health Hound Assessment:

WARNING Issued – If Healthe Trim does contain HCA, the Health Trooper must issue a warning that consumers should be very careful before considering taking this supplement.

CITATION Issued – I could not find any references to scientific research or clinical studies backing up Healthe Trim’s weight loss claims on the HealthyLife Sciences website. This, coupled with my skepticism that Healthe Trim is able to include effective doses of the 16 listed ingredients in 1 or 2 capsules forces me to issue a Health Trooper CITATION on the grounds that Healthe Trim may be inflating the effectiveness of their formulation by using a “everything but the kitchen sink” marketing strategy.

Health Hound Overall Assessment: “Reckless Marketing”

While HealthyLife Sciences receives good marks for apparently taking good care of its customers and A- BBB rating, I can’t ignore the fact that Healthe Trim results are being overhyped.

There’s no documentation of what results a typical customer is really getting and no disclosure of simple stuff like the fact that the video model on the website is the founder’s wife who uses a personal trainer and works out 3 times a week.

HealthyLife Sciences marketing method of co-opting popular radio DJ’s to lose weight with Healthy Trim and then buy advertising on those same stations smacks of a “payola” scheme.

The final straw is that the product may contain HCA (according to the product FAQ’s), which may make it a health hazard.

Share your Healthe Trim story with the Health Hound! Leave a statement below and I’ll be sure to follow up.

I’m always on the trail!

Henry The Health Hound



  1. thank you for all the information I have been taking it for a week no soda, coffee, ect… I do seem to have head ache was not too sure if it was from the pills. by reading this information I am sending the pills back for a full refund…

    • Ann Brandel…if your body is used to caffeine (soda, coffee) and you suddenly stop…headaches are a common side effect…the headaches will eventually go away if you continue to avoid soda and coffee…I’m glad to have found this site…I’ve been reading for almost an hour…thanks for the information and the honesty!!

  2. Thank you for your website! I now know that I will not be purchasing this product and really need to just start excercising again!!

  3. Wow! Tank you so much for the information, My husband and I just started back working out and wanting a Little extra help and were seriously thinking of purchasing this product. Byt thanks to your research I will not waste my money. I think will stick to working out and eating healthy. Thank you

  4. Like you said, I was hearing my local radio hosts talking about how much wait they were losing without starving themselves. I was very hesitent, I never took any diet suppliment or whatever to lose wait. I finally made the purchase, started with 2in morning and faithfully waited the 2 hours before I had breakfast.
    I knew 2 was too much for me, I felt nausia, rapid heartbeat and overall terrible. I omitted the one pill and felt great. I can say I lost 10lbs,but I’ve also been taking it from Christmas. Lost 1 or 2 weeks in between because I didn’t order till after I was out.
    Lately I have’t been feeling well and today had a scare and decided nomore this was my last pill. I have’t lost any weight in a while actually I’ve been eating more to try and get rid of nausea.
    Was not aware of the hydroxy in this product untl reading your article. I hope to god nothing happend to my health because of this. Have you had any reports of symptoms or health issues.
    Thank You.

  5. Thank you for researching I appreciate the information. I don’t think I will try it. I will just keep doing my excrise and eat healthy.

  6. so if I take blood pressure medicine even though it is a maint. for headaches I probably should not take Healthe trim. Is that right?


  7. Live in the DFW, Texas area and another country station is touting Healthy Trim. Decided to do my own independent research. Found everything I need to know on your website. Thanks for being on top of things

  8. I bought a bottle last week. It was funny that one of its biggest selling points was that you do not have to change your lifestyle…except for the 64 oz of h20 you drink everyday and the prohibition on coffee and even occasional diet sodas. I like coffee and diet coke. They forgot to mention those things until I opened the package. My guess is that the large volume of water is the key to filling you up and eating less -not the magical ingredients. I think I will return mine.

  9. So this is a scam, if every DJ people who we dont even see, only hear, is getting paid a little to blab on about how this product works then that is all it is. sad

  10. This is almost like watching politics. Everyone is so “grateful” for this research about the no research that healthetrim has done. I haven’t seen any research from either side.

    So, let’s see if a positive response ends up on her.

    I listened to the crap on radio for months, at my favorite station. I thought, what a scam! I enjoy listening to the DJ’s, but I’m well aware they are marketing sell outs.

    I finally took a shot, and ordered 3 months worth, taking only half the dose though. At first, I did nothing. I didn’t change my diet (ON PURPOSE…i think that’s what they are meaning), it just kinda changed. I was already intent on cutting out soda and coffee so no big deal there, I had already done most of that. I had more energy to play with my son the first 3 weeks. My appetite slowly dwindled, but keep in mind, I was very very overweight. I actually started eating normally, not treating everything like a massive buffet. This added more to my energy, and started showing some weightloss. About 20 lbs in a couple of weeks. Well, all the energy, the lack of appetite, etc. ended up getting me motivated to work out. I enjoy working out now. Everything just kinda compounded on top of itself, and now, I’m 85 lbs thinner, I’m so energetic, I’m almost hyper. I sleep 7 solid hours a night and practically hop out of bed in the morning. I play with my son more. I’m so lightfooted. And, my lifestyle has changed so much, I don’t even take the stuff anymore.

    Its not a magic pill, its a catalyst. A jumpstart. Most of the complaints I’ve read on here just sound like you were hoping for a magic pill with no effort, and I can assure you that’s not the case. I used the bottle as my jumping point, but I had to do the rest.

  11. I tried Healthe Trim over the summer and begain a work out routine at the same time (4xs a week) and did not lose 1 single pound in the first 30days so I sent it back for a full refund. Another lady I work with and workout with started taking it at the same time as me and had the same results. I believe she lost 4lbs the first week and then nothing after that…

  12. I have been taking HT for almost a week and so far no negative effects. I take 2 in the morning and try to drink several glasses of water after taking it. This has kept me from any sensations of nausea while I wait 2 hours to eat. I monitor my caloric intake every day and stick to my base metabolic rate. I have lost some weight but I attribute this to cutting out soda and or coffee.

    The most imortant thing is consuming enough water for your body size. I will begin to excercise gradually and see how things go.

    This is meant to be supplemental to exercise and diet like any product out there. If it helps increase the effects of healthy living for 3 or 4 months and I acheive better results great.

    I am on blood pressure med.’s and my BP has decreased since I have been on this.

    People should keep in mind that if you dehydrate your body and take dietary suuplements your are going to damege your liver & kidneys…its a fact.

    For now I see no negative effects. I honestly would do this before I went to a DR and had phentormine perscribed, but that is just my opinion.

    I think as an adult we need to read between the lines and take things as they are. A pill can help your efforts to loose weight but reasonable diet, excercise and time are what yeild results.


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