My Investigation On “Get Slim While You Sleep”


Today’s Target: Get Slim While You Sleep

Get Slim While You Sleep by “Debs” or “Jane Fielden” One had the knowledge, the other the “talent?” This is an audio course designed to help you lose weight by listening to audios they claim will alter your subconscious so you can lose weight. Thus the “while you sleep.” You also get bonuses with it (recipe book, CD burning software to make the digital audios into CD’s and more).

So, does it work? Let’s sniff it out.

Is the company or product an obvious scam?

Need I point out the obvious too good to be true? Get Slim While You Sleep… erm… wouldn’t that be nice? Okay, okay… I get it. It’s all about the subconscious. In part, this is true. We have many weight loss barriers that have something to do with our self-image, psyche, subconscious, emotions etc. And many of those issues can be overcome through credible hypnosis programs, cognitive behavior therapy and in some cases, just realizing it. (i.e. I eat whenever I’m sad or whenever I think about my ex or etc.).

Is the company guilty of deceptive marketing?

She skews the facts… listen to this:

Directly from the web site:

“You see your subconscious is in charge of all the functions critical to your survival, such as heart-beat, breathing etc. Allow me to prove this to you – you can use your conscious mind (“will power”) to “choose” to stop breathing for a while but as soon as you stop thinking about it, you start breathing again automatically – it’s subconscious.”

WHAT? This is called your AUTONOMIC system and yes, while you don’t have to make a “conscious” effort to breathe, she makes it sound as though you could theoretically control this function of your nervous system. Well, Criss Angel believes he can, but… well, there you go. Smoke and mirrors! Listen, just as you cannot override your nervous system’s subconscious ability to make you breathe (you will gasp for air sooner or later), you cannot try to alter your hypothalamus’ (where hunger is triggered) ability to signal hunger.

Your body signals hunger when your blood glucose levels drop. NOW, you can alter at what point this is signaled by choosing healthier foods like whole grains as opposed to less complex carbs (most overly processed refined carbs) and combining them with a small portion of lean protein. This stabilizes your blood sugar for a longer time. As well, you may have screwed up this function in your body by consuming too much sugar over the years. SO, stop eating sugary stuff and you won’t feel hungry as often.

This also made me chuckle:

“How if I ate this tasteless cracker every meal, thrashed away on a treadmill for miles and twisted my body into unnatural positions 5 times daily, the weight would just fall away.

Yeah, right – like we all have 4 spare hours a day with nothing else to do!”

Umm… Whoever said you had to spend 4 hours a day exercising to lose weight? Can you say “RHETORIC?” (nice word for B.S.)

Okay… I could pick apart the majority of the web site, but we don’t have all day.

Does the health product live up to it’s claims?

NO. As important as it is to address the psychological, subconscious issues many people face when it comes to weight loss and making the right choices, eventually, you have to know how to eat healthfully and exercise if you want to lose weight. And other than the recipe book, I see nothing here that will take you to that next level even if the audios improve your “willpower” as they say it will.

Does the product have any dangerous side effects?

Well, no, so long as you don’t crank the volume while you listen and damage your hearing. Other than that, there are no pills or other weight loss concoctions that could harm you physically. In fact, I feel the product is rather benign…

What does the Better Business Bureau say about the company?

Get Slim While You Sleep is not listed with the BBB and there are no reports.

What are people saying about the product or company on blogs and forums?

Funny. The only people saying anything are those who gave testimonials on the web site. The articles that popped up on Google all lead back to the web site. Hmmm… are they the only one’s talking?

Good buzz, bad buzz… no buzz?

This seems especially odd since Deborah Kerslake is supposedly the “most sought after weight loss consultant in the country.” Now, the company does appear to be based out of England, and I may not be as familiar with some of the popular or celebrity weight loss consultants in the UK. I just don’t see much evidence of her popularity on the internet.

Does the company sell other questionable products?

There are bonuses that go along with the product being sold, but there are no other products that could be found. Again, “most sought after weight loss consultant in the country” with her amazing “Slimming Bullet” has no other products. I guess she decided to stop at one hit. I did find some information on a Deborah Kerslake, but I can’t be sure it’s the same person because there is no link to the Get Slim While You Sleep product.

So What’s The Verdict?

This appears to be a flat-out scam by someone who only wants to basically STEAL your money. I’m gonna say it now… avoid this one at all costs people!


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