Garcinia cambogia


Garcinia cambogia is derived from the Indian fruit called gambooge. It is used in weight loss products for its ability to block the enzyme that signals the conversion of excessive carbohydrates to fat. The effect is that excess carbs are burned and less fat is stored. It also suppresses appetite. Carcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid and may be listed as such on weight loss supplements.

Contraindications: Garcinia cambogia should be avoided by individuals at risk of or who have developed Alzheimer’s or other dementia due to the excess production of acetylcholine in the brain because of the breakdown of hydroxycitric acid. As well, because of the effect on carbohydrates, garcinia cambogia has an effect on blood sugar and should be avoided by diabetics, especially those taking insulin.

Studies: In a review printed in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in which several dietary supplements were reviewed for the ability to promote weight loss, there was a bit of promise shown with the reviewed supplements including garcinia cambogia; however, the final word was this:

“The reviewed studies provide some encouraging data but no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that any specific dietary supplement is effective for reducing body weight. The only exceptions are E. sinica- and ephedrine-containing supplements, which have been associated with an increased risk of adverse events.”

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