Five Ways to Fight Cellulite!


I get asked this question a lot: “Henry, do these cellulite creams work?” And my answer is…”No.” That’s it, no. They don’t work. What cellulite creams do, if they contain ingredients such as caffeine which does help the appearance of cellulite, but only while you are using it. Run out of that expensive cream and the dimply appearance creeps back.

That is because caffeine basically draws the moisture out of your skin in the areas you apply the cream. This sort of acts as a flush, and tightens the skin, making the appearance of the cellulite seem diminished…but it’s not getting rid of it1.

What is cellulite? It is the layer of fat just below the skin’s surface. Because women’s skin is thinner than men’s, it shows through much more prevalently. You can’t reduce the number of fat cells you have, but you can reduce the size of those fat cells, and that is one way to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

To actually get rid of cellulite, there are some things you can do. Here are the top five:

1) Exercise! If you strengthen the muscle that lies beneath those trouble areas, you will lengthen the skin, stretching it taut over those fat cells and that forces them into compliance…and you will achieve that smooth look you’re hoping for.

2) Watch your diet. Eat healthy-watch your calorie and fat intake. Less processed foods, more veggies! You’ve heard it all from me before. Eating a healthier diet helps you to lose fat, and when you lose fat, you shrink your fat cells…making them harder to see beneath the skin! Also, adding more fiber and sticking to your 8-10 glasses of water a day will help2.

3) You can try Retin-A. Some dermatologists say that since Retin-A changes the look of the skin,it can help cellulite. But the downside of this is that Retin-A (the generic name is tretinoin) is not cheap, and you’d need quite a bit to cover larger areas1.

4) Improve blood circulation by using a dry brush. You can purchase a body brush at any drugstore or bath and beauty store. Use this before your shower (twice a day for best results). Brush the skin on your thighs and buttocks in a circular motion to increase circulation. This helps to drain the cellulite out of these areas.

5) Stay out of the sun! I know, you think a tan will mask it, but really, the sun’s rays break down the connective tissues of the skin and that lets MORE cellulite show through, not less! So, instead of heading out to the pool and slathering on the suntan lotion…slather on a fake tan2!

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  1. LOVE your site! So glad my husband shared it with me. Keep up the good work and thanks for siting credible sources to back up your posts.

  2. i have pain from though out my body and would like to know if white willow bark, tumric, boswellin, devils claw and gimger root will hwelp and at what dosages should be taken

  3. Am physically unable to exercise anything buy upper body, stay hungry all the time. I drink at least 64oz of water every day…what else can I do to take away the hunger?

      • Henry,

        I love your site and also your weight loss report. Not only does it make PERFECT sense but, in 1 week i lost 4lbs! I can’t believe it. The only problem I’m having is finding the time to eat 5-6 times a day the way you prescribe. I mean I already get up at 5 get the kids together get my husband ready (LOL) and then get myself together just to have enough time to kiss my dog (which I NEVER WALK) and fly out the door. How is it that I am supposed to cook these great little tasty meals? I need some help with this. Is there an easier way to eat?

        Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!

  4. Henry,

    I am concerned about the “saturated fat” aspect of Isabel’s program (butter, eggs, meats, etc.). Having been on cholesterol meds for over 20 years, having had a stint put in my main heart artery in 1994 (at the age of 43) to open a 98% clogged artery, and having a family history of heart attacks (resulting in death) with all my paternal uncles and by-pass surgeries with all my maternal uncles, losing weight and keeping it off is a major concern (I’m approx. 15 pounds overweight)…..but not at the risk of clogging my arteries. Am I to believe Isabel’s claim that “fats do not make one fat” and extrapolate that idea to “fats (and in particular, saturated fats) do not clog one’s arteries?”

    Most of the literature I have read for a “heart healthy” meal plan tend to minimize (or strive to eliminate) saturated fats and trans-fats. One “diet book” I have read, I believe it’s called “The Maker’s Diet” is based, at least in part, on the Bible and was written by a young man who had crone’s disease. He overcame this malady, went on to earn his PhD. in nutrition, and started a company called The Garden of Life, LLC. He, too, seems to believe that much of the things being “pushed” my the medical “industry” is incorrect, related to healthy heart and weight loss programs, and promotes foods and supplements, as much as possible, in their “natural” states. However, I have to say that it has been “hammered into my head” the evils of saturated fats, and so I don’t really know who or what to believe.

  5. Healthhound,
    I do not see anything referencing DEFL or Dr. Samhouri on your site but believe I received a positive feedback report in your news letter emailed to me. Have you checked out his system?

  6. I know you said ‘The Diet Solutions Program’ was the real deal, but am i the only person who after signing up realized the entire program is delivered electronically. What a disappointment. I don’t remember anywhere in the ‘signing up’ process’ seeing or hearing anything about this being an online product. You might want to mention this major deal in your write up on ‘The Diet Solutions’, because i am fairly sure they didn’t!! I would never have ordered had i known that tid bit of info!!

  7. I saw the Sensa commercial on TV. Then went online to check it out. I am glad I did because that’s where I found the Health Hound. Looking forward to your search findings. Thanks for being here now.

  8. Hi — didn’t see a place to leave a comment on the Sensa article. You don’t have to risk being billed twice if you get it at a store. GNC sells it — two months for $89. I think it’s worth a try.

  9. first offf im going to buy this from a friend ikno she dont want it because she found something she wants to try so she is giving me hers.
    Alotta these pple here say they only have tookin it only alittle hhhm maybe that does nt when yhu only take something for awhile and the stop i think yhu need to work out eat ryte and take it ryte maybe thats why this product didnt help loose any weight?! well im going to try this out.. i use to be in a size 5 before i got pregnant now im in a size 13-15 sometimes but im going to try it the ryte way hopefully it workks!!

  10. I performed a Google search for the best diet pills (if any exist) and found a site I suffered an injury and cannot exercise. Weigh gain has been a problem for me. One product mentioned was Anoretix with a testimonial of 27 pounds weight loss in approximately 7 weeks. Is this product safe and does it work?


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