Fiber For Weight Loss


You have probably heard that eating fiber can help you lose weight, but maybe you don’t believe it. But it is true. We aren’t talking about rapid weight loss-you won’t lose five pounds in a week, or drop a dress size this weekend (any diet or weight loss product that promises that is a SCAM! Remember that!) but instead you will lose weight gradually, in a healthy, sensible manner-which is the Hound’s favorite way!

How do you do it? Well, my pack and I switched from eating unhealthy foods to eating healthy, sensible foods that pack a lot of fiber in each and every mouthful…it fills us up, and well, it makes us, ahem, more regular…

Fiber is a buzzword that is bandied about all over the place, and for good reason. Adding fiber to your diet is really the best thing you can do for diet. What is fiber? Well, I didn’t know fiber from a hole in the ground when I started (I assumed it was what I took in when I ate a shoe…). Actually, though, by definition dietary fiber is all of the edible parts of plants or analogous carbohydrates that are resistant to digestion and absorption into the small intestine with complete or partial fermentation in the large intestine.

WHAT? I know, now you are asking me, “Henry, what in the world does THAT mean?” Close your mouth and listen up. All that means is that some fiber is not digestible at all and will pass right through you (yep, that means exactly what you are thinking…). In this way, it won’t get stored as fat. AND it actually acts as a cleanup tool, because it sucks up the fats that are hanging around in your digestive tract and takes them out, too.

But fiber doesn’t stop there, folks. Fiber also promotes healthy digestion and it will help to regulate sugar in your bloodstream. Americans only consume about twelve grams of fiber a day, on average, but the American Health Association and the National Cancer Institute say that we should take in at least twenty-five to thirty grams per day-so we have a lot of catching up to do!
Fiber is also responsible for that full feeling we all get after eating-telling us to stop! The more fiber you eat, the fuller you will feel, and you’ll feel fuller longer, meaning you will eat less food! That can’t be a bad thing! It helps you to reduce the number of calories you take in, helping you lose body fat and weight! Cha-ching!

How can you add fiber? Go for veggies-they are all about fiber. Look for whole wheat or whole grain bread. Oatmeal. Bran cereal. Read labels! OH, and it is important to note: Increase the amount of fiber in your diet slowly. Adding too much too soon can give you abdominal cramps (ugh!), gas (yuck!), bloating and diarrhea or constipation (so, trust me, add it slowly…add just a few extra grams per day until you get to that highly desirable twenty-five to thirty grams).


  1. I already receive your newsletter! Thanks for all the great tips.

    I am trying to find out information on something I received in the mail. It is a weightloss system called Kennedy and Lamberts, where they also market their product Zipolean.

    Could you sniff this out for me? Their website gave me no real information.

    Thanks! Teri


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