My review of Fat Loss Time by Dr. Kareem and why you shouldn’t do too much too soon…


I was recently sniffing through a weight loss forum when I came across a post by someone giving praise to a course by the name of Fat Loss Time.

So as usual, I had to check it out. Here’s what I found…

A quick overview…

The course is by a guy named Dr. Kareem Samhouri. Kareem has been on lots of tv shows as a health expert and and as it turns out his methods are even being taught in top universities.

Basically he’s a proponent of quick 10 minute exercise routines that use your entire body. This keeps your body guessing and also causes your metabolism to shoot up like a rocket. This is exactly what he teaches in “Fat Loss Time”.

So, what are these “methods”?

I did quite an extensive research on his methods and they seem legit. Some call it high-intensity training. But I don’t think that word suits it very well because it makes it sound much harder than it is.

I like the word Kareem uses instead. He calls it “3D Exercise”. Because you use your entire body in a full motion kind of way.

I think the greatest benefit of this course is that you only have to do 10 minutes of exercise twice a week. Leaving more time for you to live your life and do the things you enjoy.

The Health Hound’s verdict…

Dr. Kareem is the real deal. I rarely see someone in the health information world with this much credibility. The methods he teaches in Fat Loss Time are legit and they might even be the best (safe) methods of losing weight out there today.

Exposed: weight loss video from Dr. Kareem

I recently discovered a killer video by Dr. Kareem that’s loaded with some unbelievable weight loss training and information. You’ve got to check this out. I’d say the free video on Kareem’s site contains better weight loss information than most paid products out there.

Click here to watch Dr. Kareem’s weight loss video!


  1. I’m 52 years old fairly active. I work night shift 10:30 pm until 8:00 am so it’s tough to maintain a “normal” schedule. I appreciate your cander with your comments regarding the P90X which I know I may not be able to commit to. But I want to lose 23 lbs and want to lose it in 3 months. Please help.


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