Fat Loss Factor – Does it work?


Note: Since finding a good weight loss course is so rare, this investigation is longer than the others because I had to include proof of everything I found.

Henry’s Rating: 5.0 / 5.0 

It’s not every day that you find a weight loss program that actually works. But ol’e Henry here is pretty good at research so I have come across a few. Let’s see if Fat Loss Factor is one of them. It’s a 12-week fat loss program created by Dr. Charles Livingston. A nutrition and fitness expert. He started out by helping people on a one-on-one basis to lose weight. He developed a unique way of helping his students lose weight… and now he uses his Fat Loss Factor program to bring this technique to people all around the world.

But anyone can say all of this. Right?

Does it all check out? Or is it a load of horse manure? Here we go:

My Investigation

The claims

The core claim of Fat Loss Factor is that you need to detox (or cleanse) your liver before you start your main weight loss plan. This will make your weight loss MUCH easier and will help to KEEP the weight off because your liver will metabolize fat much easier (since your liver is now healthier and better able to do its job). On top of this claim, Dr. Charles also says you can lose weight without giving up your favorite foods. Although he does NOT claim (like the Food Lover’s Diet does) you can shed pounds while eating ONLY your favorite foods. So – do these claims check out?

The 1st thing I found:

After some time researching and some dead-ends I found this on an ABC news article featuring none other than a certain big time tv doctor himself.

Q: Isn’t the word ‘addiction’ a little over the top when it comes to things like baked goods and burgers?

A: Not at all, Oz said. Sugary and fatty foods affect the pathways to the brain in the same way as heroin or cocaine. Sugar acts directly in the brain to inhibit the effect of leptin and increased appetite so you never feel full. So then you keep eating, and you become leptin-resistant, he said. What you need to do is break the addiction by detoxing the liver, which has stopped metabolizing fat properly. Sugar consumption causes fat to build up in liver cells, which decreases the liver’s ability to metabolize fats and sugars and detoxify your body.

Q: So what’s the first step to getting back on track?

A: You need to detox the liver so it can start to metabolize fats properly. For one week replace all grains with cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower to clean out your liver, Oz said. Bulk up on foods from the allium family — garlic, chives, leeks — because they are full of flavonoids.

So, a certain big time tv doctor backs the idea that liver detox is good for weight loss! Awesome! Because this is the foundation of Fat Loss Factor. (NOTE: Big time tv doctor was not recommending Fat Loss Factor itself. Just the idea of liver detoxing. Which is what I was looking for.)

The 2nd thing I found:

I went over to livestrong.com. One of the few health sites I trust. Right up there with WebMD.com. I found this:

Because the liver is typically the first organ to filter everything you consume and drink, it can become overwhelmed with fats and toxins, according to Gittleman. Even overeating can decrease liver function, because the liver stores excess food as fat. A result of a clogged liver is weight gain. This is evident in thicker waistlines or an increase of fat around the abdomen, according to “Alive” magazine author Brad King, M.S., M.F.S. Flushing, or cleansing the liver, increases its ability to properly metabolize foods and liquids consumed as well as to store appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Great, this is looking good.

What about the eating your favorite foods claim?

If your liver is better able to metabolize foods (as my research shows) then it makes sense that you could eat your favorite foods in moderation (as Dr. Charles says). Unlike the Food Lover’s Diet, which is ALL about eating NOTHING but your favorite foods. (lol!)


It looks like the idea of liver detoxing prior to starting a good weight loss plan IS something that DOES help! But we have more to research… moving on…

BBB rating, Company history, Before & After Pics, Testimonials.

After seeing that you CAN in fact increase your weight loss by doing a liver detox first… I wanted to research the company behind Fat Loss Factor. Because who knows… even if the idea and the science is legit, it doesn’t mean the company is legit, right? Maybe they’ve scammed people before? Let’s find out: It took some time, but I eventually found out that the company’s legal name is GreenLife Weight Loss, LLC. So I headed on over to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and checked them out. As you can see below (next page) in the screenshot I took, they have a “B” rating. Which is very good! scalebbb







On top of that, they had NO negative reviews on the BBB site. Of course, they also had no positive reviews. But I’m guessing that’s because people never go to the BBB to leave positive feedback. They usually go because they’re as mad as a rabid pitbull. See, no bad reviews:  



Are the before and after pics real?

On the main page (I’ll give you the link in a second) Dr. Charles has placed four sets of before and after pics which show incredible transformations… But are they real? Well, I couldn’t verify them beyond a shadow of a doubt… but I will say this: According to domaintools.com, one of my ninja research websites, the fatlossfactor.com website has been around since 10-21-2009. See:   2014-01-15_055413













If these guys were using fake before and after pics for FIVE years, the FTC would be ALL over them. And the BBB would NOT have given them a “B” rating. So, even though I couldn’t find a way to absolutely verify the pics, I do believe they are legit.


Are the testimonials real?

This is a biggie! If the testimonials are real then this would have to rank as the top fatloss course I’ve ever investigated. There are over 3,800 comments on the Fat Loss Factor page. Most of which are positive. Comments like “I have much more energy and less hunger” and “I have lost 10 lbs in just the first week.” are common, as is “Not only did I lose weight, I feel healthier too!” Those comments come from men and women of all ages.

Looks like many people have experienced some great results following Dr. Charles’ advice.

But are they legit?

Same answer as the before and after pics. If these guys were using fake testimonials for FIVE years, the FTC would be ALL over them. And their BBB rating would be a big red “F”. Plus – they would have to pay anywhere from $2500 to $100,000… and would probably have their business shut down.

They would have to be insane to do this to themselves! So, yeah… even though I have no way to get in touch with the people to interview them (maybe I’ll find a way soon)… I DO believe they are all real comments from real people.


What you get

Now let’s talk about what you actually get in the Fat Loss Factor course. The program includes:

  • Main Fat Loss Factor eBook – The main course. Based on the idea of liver detoxing before you start losing weight. This is what you want. Everything else in this list are added bonuses.
  • 1 year of email coaching! – I have never seen any other health product provide this. I wish more did.
  • Free Lifetime Updates – if Dr. Charles finds a better way to lose weight, you get access to it for free.
  • A 100% refund guarantee AND you get to keep the digital version of the course! – But you have to contact them within 8 weeks of getting the course
  • 10 Minute raw food recipes (ebook) – Contains a LOT of good recipes. I tried the Quick & Zesty Salad on pg 30 and loved it. Tasted MUCH better than Pedigree dog food!
  • Measurements form – So you’ll know exactly how much you’re losing as you progress.
  • Fat Loss Factor Quick Start Guide – Helps you get started with the program. (Although it’s a bit long for a “quick start” guide)
  • Videos (Master Cleanse) showing how to cleanse and detox your body. – You get to see Dr. Charles in person show you how to make the cleanse.
  • Daily Food Diary and Exercise log for tracking your progress – Very helpful way to be sure you’re on track.
  • Three workout guides. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. – The beginner workouts use very very light weights.
  • FIVE Sample 15 minutes workouts. – Each PDF contains links to web videos showing an animation of how to do each exercise. Very helpful!
  • Pre-created grocery list – List of things to buy.
  • Goal setting guide. – Weak! Probably the only weak part of the program. But I got something that can solve this… see below…


The price is $54.99 for all of this. Given the results people seem to have with Fat Loss Facot, it IS well-worth that price. Especially considering the money back guarantee you get. Which they DO honor.


I think that Fat Loss Factor is among the best of the best. I definitely give it 5 out of 5. Use this link to get the course now. Oh, and please don’t forget to take before and after pics… and PLEASE send them to me at henry@healthhound.wpengine.com. I really want to see folks lose weight because of me. It would make me feel great!


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