Fast Fat Loss


Fast weight loss is on everyone’s mind, however, it seems that no one really knows how to achieve it. You may know that you cannot spot reduce fat. The fat will only come off by doing overall cardiovascular exercise. What is the best way to do this?

Fast weight loss can be achieved through targeting muscles using resistance training. This will firm up the problem areas, and these moves will strengthen and tone those areas up quite quickly. Strength training is actually the best exercise for weight loss.

However, you must also do cardiovascular exercise in order to burn fat. Strength training moves will help to tone your muscles, revealing a tight body when the fat comes off! This can be done with weights, resistance bands or your own body weight.

What you may not know is that the more muscle mass you have on your body, the higher your metabolism will be. A higher metabolism means that your body will continue to burn fat all day. Even at rest, if there is more muscle on the body, your body will continue to burn calories.

Steady state cardio will help you to burn fat, but of course, at a slower pace the body will burn fewer calories. Recently, studies have shown that interval training, and high intensity interval training are the best ways to burn body fat. If you take one of these classes, you’ll go all out, at maximum intensity for thirty to sixty seconds, and then rest for thirty seconds. Then you will follow this with another high intensity move. These classes usually last for around thirty minutes and are said to burn many times the calories of steady state workouts.

If you spot train with weights, you’ll be able to tone up one area over another. And then, once the fat comes of the body, your muscles will look sleek and lean. Targeting the muscles of the trouble zone will help to firm them up. Once your body fat is burned off, you will look even more toned and fit.

One thing to remember is that the trouble zone areas such as the abdominals, thighs and triceps, will carry the layers of fat on them and cover up your toned muscles until the fat is burned off. Once you burn fat off, your tight muscles will show up! In summary, it takes a good cardio workout, strength training workout and a healthy diet to help you achieve fast weight loss.


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