Don’t Buy THIS At The Drugstore


Hey all, you may have seen the recent article which consulted doctors, dentists and dermatologists, asking them what NOT to buy at a drugstore. Their answers might surprise you, but they might not. If you pay attention to my site at all, I’m sure it won’t come as any shock to you to see that doctors say to stay away from those over the counter weight loss pills!

See, it’s what I’ve said all along: We know that the over the counter weight loss pills are not usually FDA approved, and they are not given the same battery of tests that those prescribed by a doctor are given.

Dr. Fred Ralston, the president of the American College of Physicians has this to say about the weight loss pills you find in your drugstore: “There is little evidence that any individual product is both safe and effective. If such diet aids safely produced the weight loss often claimed, there would likely be more evidence and recognition of that fact both in the medical community and in the press.”

He also said the same things that I’m always preaching to you: “It is clear that extra weight increases the chance of disease and even death, but these pills are not the best way to achieve better health. A better diet and regular exercise have health benefits of their own and are more likely to help with weight loss. When someone thinks of buying diet pills, they do understand the need to slim down, but use of these pills distracts from safer and more effective ways of achieving weight loss.”

See? A good diet and exercise are the keys to healthy weight loss!

Dermatologists also got in on the act, and here is where they will save you a lot of money: the other item they said to skip in the drugstore? Wrinkle creams! Turns out, they are no better than a facial moisturizer. So, don’t spend 20 or 40 bucks on a wrinkle cream, spend about 8 on a good facial moisturizer (one with SPF!) and save some money!

Dr. Laila Almeida, a board certified dermatologist said, “Any moisturizer for the skin will make wrinkles less obvious.” She added, “The data showing improvement in wrinkles is soft. I am not convinced that wrinkle creams are any better than moisturizers. Many come in as beauty aids and they don’t have to show the same criteria as if it’s a drug. If you want to combat wrinkles, avoid sun exposure and smoking and moisturize your skin with any kind of moisturizer.”

Dr. Payman Simoni, a board certified plastic surgeon, agreed with Dr. Almeida, “Once the aging process begins, no lotion is going to stop it. You can, however, remember to be preventative by wearing sunscreen, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen, and incorporating antioxidants into your diet.”

So, pack, make sure to add those antioxidants to your diet (I think we’ve talked about that before!) and drink your water!


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