Do you really NEED a diet pill?


Hey Everyone,

I’ve been busy putting together some ingredient lists of popular diet pills so you can avoid being the victim of a scam.

FLASH UPDATE: The ingredients list is now complete (but I should mention that I’m adding to it all the time) and you can access it by clicking here.

Man, I have to tell you that these companies don’t make it easy to figure out exactly what’s in their product and more importantly, how much of each ingredient is actually in the product. They also don’t make it very easy to figure out whether their “clinical” studies are the real deal or if they’ve just taken a few bits out of a study to make their product sound amazing.

Of course, that’s part of the shell game. Confuse the heck out of the consumer so they just buy the product anyway!

The thing is, do any diet pills work without also following a healthy diet and exercise plan? And even if they do, is it safe or healthy to use diet pills to lose weight?

That’s what I wanted to blog about today. Do you really need a diet pill, or are you just wasting your hard-earned bucks? I’m going to break it down into the three potential situations and you can choose for yourself.

Diet & Exercise Alone

There are some excellent programs out there to help people lose weight. However, there are also some silly plans and plans that ask you to do more than what you can actually accomplish. To boot, what works for one person won’t work for another.

Eating healthfully and exercising is the only true way to lose weight, healthfully and at a rate that will help you keep it off. Diets that ask you to eat in a way that you can’t commit to for life will certainly fail in the long run. If you have to exercise for an hour or more a day to lose weight, you might not be able to keep up with this schedule. Sooner or later, the weight will come back.

If, on the other hand, you find a plan that advocates a healthy lifestyle with a variety of affordable, easy to prepare foods you enjoy or at least can enjoy, then you can accomplish weight loss… as long as you are also willing to get to the gym or hit the pavement now and again. Hey, exercise is important, so even if it’s taking the dog for a brisk walk or run everyday (always a good plan), you need to have an active life to either lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Diet, Exercise and a Weight Loss Supplement

If you can find a weight loss supplement that will boost your weight loss efforts, then great. Just make sure you sniff it out first and make sure the supplement doesn’t make wild claims that you can lose weight just by taking the product.

You see, many weight loss supplements or “diet” pills aren’t really capable of helping you lose weight while you eat whatever you want and never get off the couch. However, for these milder type supplements, you might be able to boost your efforts a bit. Green tea extract, for one, is a great weight loss booster, but it doesn’t work all by itself.

Diet Pills (with no “diet” or exercise)

There are diet pills that can help you lose weight without doing a thing. Unfortunately, they fall into three categories and all of them have dangerous or uncomfortable side effects. Check it out:

Fat blockers: Alli and other fat blockers do help you lose weight. However, they work by blocking fat absorption. The fat has to go somewhere if it’s not being fully digested, so you end up having increased… erm… well, if you were me, you’d be at the door a lot to go outside if you catch my drift (or getting in big, big trouble with your owners). Many users of Alli report unpleasant side effects such as bloating, cramping and even “anal leakage” where bowel movements begin before you get where you need to go! Not pleasant.

So, what’s a person to do? Stop eating too much fat so you don’t wind up with the side effects. Now, what’s the pill doing for you to help you lose weight? You cut excess fat out of your diet. The pill no longer has a purpose. You’ll likely lose weight simply by lowering your fat intake, provided you don’t replace one bad eating habit with another (too many processed, sugary carbs??).

Stimulants: Stimulants that help you lose weight speed everything up in your body and control your appetite. Unfortunately, you’ll eventually need to up the dosage because your body builds a tolerance to the stimulant. This can lead to dependence or taking the stimulants at a dangerous dosage.

Stimulants are also a little tough on your heart, and they are definitely ill-advised for anyone with heart issues or high blood pressure. Not a good plan.

Diuretics and laxatives: You probably know that using Ex-Lax to control your weight isn’t a good plan. There’s a sneakier form of laxatives, though, called the “cleansing” product. Whether it’s a tea, powder or pill, if you are regularly using cleansing products to quickly drop weight, this isn’t much different than using other laxatives. In a way, this is just another form of “purging.” Natural laxatives may be helpful on occasion, if you use them to cleanse or detox once a month or every few months. But, if you are depending on them to keep your weight at a certain level, you’ll not only gain the weight back, but you put your digestive system in the position of becoming dependent on those laxatives to do what it needs to do.

Diuretics are also sneaky ingredients in many diet pills. All they really do is help you rid your body of excess fluids. So, you might lose weight, but it’s only water weight and it’ll be back… yup…it’ll be back.

Okay, that’s all for now guys! Stay tuned for some product reviews on popular diet pills and supplements… Gotta go!



  1. Thank you so much for the information, i was going to try sensa, so glad i didnt order it. and thank you for the info on the other diet pills. i guess it s just hard work and eating right.

  2. So please let me know what food should be eaten to keep the diet,
    and what food needs to be avoided.
    Your help would be really appreciated.

  3. what about colon cleansers? do they work for losing weight?
    it hasen’t helped me so i stopped using it. i think i’ll do what i
    should have done in the beginning…eat less and exercise.

  4. thanks for all your good advice. What do you thinkof Jillian Michaels Fat Burner Pills and all the other stuff she has on the market. Incidentally, I bought some at CVS for 39.99 and saw the same ones at Walmart for 28.88.

  5. Had previously asked if you had any information on Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Capsules. I have heard good things, but also had an allergic reaction to an all natural supplement before. Just wondering if you had gotten any feedback on the product.

  6. I recently purchased the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet you mentioned in a nutrition guide you recommended reading after researching the 6 Week Body Makeover. I’m wondering why it is necessary to purchase their extra supplemental product, a ‘diet’ pill?

    I am excited to start this program as it contains a lot of information that supports other research I have already done, but I am on a tight budget and cannot afford the extra “supplements” he has listed as part of the weekly menu for the 7DBBD program. The supplement shakes, bars, diet “vitamin”, and metabolism boost pills are naturally at an additional cost to the program itself and very well could be useful. However when you don’t have the extra cash to dish out for spendy “pills” and powders a good old fashion recommendation for an alternative would be nice.

    Seems to me that there would “make it yourself” options provided within the program instead – how to make a nutritious snack bar or shake, or alternative product to purchase; suggestion/s on multivitamin/s (over the counter) to use instead of just the “diet vitamin” product sold through the program. Especially since really the program is supposed to be geared at getting your body healthy and burning efficiently on good for you foods instead of becoming dependent on a powder supplement and/or pill.

    I have the same issue with any program that sells the idea of a good program but then sneaks in this little addendum to what they deem as successful results.

    I know there is also responsibility on my part to put in a little to get my desired return, but I’m not willing to fork out hundreds of dollars on extras (because it would take more than just a months’ supply to reach my goal; a month’s supply of powder drink, bars and pills for a week’s worth and a month’s worth of product ON SALE is just under $100 – on top of the cost for groceries recommended in the program).

    I’m at a loss as to what to do except make my own substitutions. I wonder if you or any of your readers have encountered this question before, and what you / they recommend to move forward.

  7. I have found your blog quit the eye opener. I have been using Alli for a year or so, I did loose weight at first about ten pounds but I was also power walking daily three miles. Had emergency appendectomy six weeks later still on Alli not active gained weight back.

  8. I believe I’m already on your list, so thank you. Just wanted your
    list of good foods and oils. Alsol, wondering if those persons who cannot clean out their kitchen and fill their fridg and cupboards with healthy foods could go on an “every-other-day” diet. This means eat
    normally (with discretion) but on alternate days use a fresh veg and
    fruit blender-mix diet. What oils should be in that blender drink

    • You definitely don’t want to do an ‘every other day’ diet with fresh and healthy foods only every other day. You need to incorporate healthy, fresh foods daily, getting at least five fruits and veggies a day! Definitely need to clean out those kitchens!


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