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  1. Do you have any info on a product called SnoreStop? It looks like a spray you spray into the back of your throat – was wondering if you’ve seen any info on this product?

  2. I saw an online ad for Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal. It is “all natural” with claims of moles, ect., being gone or flat within 3 days. It’s a one time charge of $37.00. It also includes 7 healthy type books. It feels like “If it sounds too good to be true”… Have you heard of this product? Thanks, Teri

  3. Thanks for the great reviews. I’ve read many of them and found them very helpful. I was wondering if you could review Dr. Fuehrman’s book/eating plan- Eat to Live. It seems like a great eating plan to me and very well supported by research. Although the plan is very strict and difficult to follow (more because we are surrounded by temptation then because of the nature of the food itself). I would love to know your opinion.

  4. Have you investigated biphedadrene? I see it advertised in the SELF magazine and want to know how it works? It is expensive but does it work?

  5. I just wanna know if the 7 day bally blast works for real?I’ve tried stuff off other sites that say they have tried a product and it works and then u get it home and NOTHING.Iwant just one time for someone to be honest and say no it dosen’t work or yes it works 100%.

  6. Just wanted to say I appreciate all the information you provide, which is very straightforward. I only wish to suggest some sort of search function within your website?

  7. Have you ever checked out Athletic greens ? I am thinking about trying it and i am hoping i get a response about this before i get it. Love your site . . Thanks ..

  8. Do you know anything about Roca Labs? It is the no surgery gastric bypass. They have a drink that makes you feel full and eat less. I can’t find any bad information on it. Thanks

  9. I enjoy your Emails and reviews of some programs. I am curious if you know anything about or can report on VISIONWITHOUTGLASSES.NET as I keep getting steered to that site.

  10. I used the 6 week body makeover plan for a bout 8 weeks and lost almost 30 lbs. I did cardio every other day and used the resistance bands for the “weight” training. It worked well. The only difference I see between your eating plan and the 6WBM is that you encourage a healthy fat with each meal and you don’t restrict certain fruits and vegetables because of “body type.” Makes sense to me!

  11. I’m considering purchasing Les Mills ‘The Pump’ and wondered if you have any input regarding the program…claims leaner build, unlike the mass building p90x, and a 1000 calorie burn rate.

    • It is a high rep program, so it should ‘lean you out’ rather than bulk you up. If you’re close to a gym, they do offer Les Mills Pump classes, and that may be a good option for you to try it out. Most gyms will offer you a free day pass to check it out!

  12. I enjoy your emails. Please let me know if the “Fat Loss Ignition System” works. You sent me an email link to it and I wanted to know if it is worth purchasing. Thank you.

  13. Have you looked into Isagenix products? I have some acquaintances who sell the products, claim great weight loss, increased energy and they never get sick, and find them quite pushy about it all. Over time, I haven’t noticed that they have lost any significant weight and I have seen them sick with colds and flu. I’m chalking it up to another scheme to make money, but thought I would seek an unbiased opinion.

  14. I am reading your sample menus for weight loss. You advocate eating protein at every meal (for women). Are your suggestions for 5 meals per day or is that simply 5 samples of meals from which to choose 3 daily meals? If it is five, it surely sounds like a lot of calories. If I need to lose 10 pounds, would this be a good plan for me? It would obviously be easy to follow and very satisfying.

    • Yes, as it states, everyone should be eating five (or six) small meals a day, every three hours (or two!). Small meals, healthy proteins, fats and carbs. This keeps the metabolism up and the body burning calories, and keeps you from getting so hungry you overeat. Good luck!

      • I understand the concept of “grazing”, my big question is how much time should I allow between my last meal and going to bed.

  15. Do you know anything about the Food Lovers Diet infomercial or ?
    Thanks for the info about Nopalea! I think I’ll try some prickly pears instead.

  16. What about cellulite? My Dr. says there is no way you can get rid of it, even if you have it surgically removed, it will come back – I don’t want to beleive him! I know there are a lot of ways to make it look better but is there really any way of actually dissolving it? It looks terrible, and it just deosn’t seem to go away. Even where I have muscle tone, you can see it rippling the skin. Any ideas?

  17. What is your opinion of “balance bracelets?” any thoughts on improving balance- I have an inner ear problem.

  18. Love love love this site. Just found it and I’m so happy to finally get truthful answers about all the weight loss products out there. Just found a new one my daughter-in-law is using. Have you done any research on a line called”Beelieve”, includes ZXT, magic slim, Infinity and Platinum Body Slim most of these produsts contain Bee Pollen. ANy info would be helpful before I decide to buy. Thank you

  19. I had gastric sleeve surgery in June 2011 , so far Im down 153 lbs , Im 6’5″ and 325 , I know my skin will never be the same and eventually im going to have to have surgery to remove excess skin , my question is , im starting to be come addicted to working out , im trying to get my arms bigger , is there any workouts I can do to get them tighter so the excess skin isnt so flabby ???? thanks for your help

    • This means no processed foods, eating natural, healthy, organic products…shopping the perimeter of the store…fruits, veggies…making your own! 🙂

  20. Hi Henry,
    Does the product Keratin shampoo and conditioner really restore loss of hair . And if so what are the side effects.

    • I believe keratin is used in straightening or strengthening of the hair. From an online source, I’ve found that: ‘keratin refers to a family of fibrous structural proteins. Keratin is the key of structural material making up the outer layer of human skin. It is also the key structural component of hair and nails.’ I’ve never heard of it for restoring hair loss, though.


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