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  1. I have read a couple of articles on your site…very informative and the information is right in line with other things I’ve learned/read over the years. Thank you. I’ll keep reading. One thing that I have not gotten a complete understanding of over the years is: Is there a minimum number of calories that a person (who is trying to loose weight) should consume daily, regardless of activity level? Weight loss shows talk about “net calories” and a negative caloric day….however, these shows are having people workout 4-6 hours a day and burn 6,000 calories. I don’t have time for that, nor do I want to do that. I burn somewhere between 275-400 calories a day. There are days that I don’t eat much and want to make sure that I am not making myself fatter! Can you give some insight?

  2. Hi,

    Can you look into Zija. They claim that the ingredient in Zija which is the moranga tree is all natural and gives you several essential vitamins your body needs. In addition they have an XM pill that is an appetite suppresant which also includes the Moranga tree ingredient. Curious minds want to know.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi: Could you please investigate “V-Body”. It sounds like a MLM scam. I think it is some type of vitamin drink? I need your help on this one Hound. Thanks John

  4. Hi , This is a great site !!! thank you, I was wondering about Herberal Life shakes for loosing weight ?? this product has been around forever and someone I know just started it and it’s kinda costly and I wasn’t able to find anything of this product here ?

    thanks Kathy

  5. I just read your weight loss report and blueprint for weight loss. My question is, you have a POST Workout meal plan, but what is suggested BEFORE a workout. I go to my gym at 530 am and usually eat a bowl of Special K with skim milk for energy to get thru my workout. I do a 50 minute spin class. I have a hard time eating much at 5 am, but I can certainly handle the POST Workout meal. Thanks!

    • Basically, you are to eat five small meals a day, and one of these would be post-workout. Post-workout you should always include a healthy fat, a healthy carb and a protein.

      • Henry, Can’t remember the name of the Product—I think its called FULL BAR, invented by a bariatric Surgeon. i read that you eat a bar, drink a glass of water, and eat a half hour later. It is supposed to make you feel Full, apparently treat you like you had Bariatric Surgery, Without The incision, non invasive. Just curious what you think, thanks peggy


  7. I just happen to sign on to your blog while looking up the weight loss system. Sensa. boy am I glad I did . Keep up the good work. We all want a quick way of loosing our weigh. But I have found that you have you have to move and monitor the food you take in. It works. Again thank you.

  8. Lumiday……what a scam. One FREE bottle but they continue to send the second and possibly the third @ $85 before you can cancel the order. Then they make offers to you for a lesser price…. check this one out.

  9. Can you take a look into Phenocal? I heard it was a ‘great’ weight loss pill, but I have yet to hear of anything that has actually worked.
    Also, what would you recommend to someone who is slender but wants to get a flat stomach?

  10. Hello Health Hound!

    My question is: Why does it say “no peanuts or cashews” in your weight loss pamphlet.

    I wasvery happy to find your web pageand appriciate the work you are doing here.

    Sincerly, Chloe

  11. Hi Healthhound an others, does anyone have any feed back on the my pillow? I suffer from several spine problems and have been looking for a great pillow to sleep with an I was wondering if its a scam or a good product?

    Thanks for any help,

  12. Hello I have been trying to get info on a diet system called Herbalife. It seems to have good reviews but so did alot of other diet systems and products that i have looked and after viewing your page they weren’t good at all. So before starting on this shake type diet I was wondering if you have heard of it and had any info on it plz let me know if there is anything

    Thank you so much for your help

  13. Hi, Henry

    Your site has helped me in the past…”thank you”…..I was wondering if you know anything about a formula called “Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery”.

    thank you…………..

  14. I just read your Weight Loss Report and in it you reference chapters in The Diet Solution Program, where do I find The Diet Solution Program? Am I missing something?

  15. I am curious what you might know about Beyond Diet – watched the video, seems like sound advice – but not sure I want to waste yet another 50.00 on flakey advice

  16. Henry,

    I’m thinking of trying Skinny D. have you heard of it? I guess it’s new by dr. Agin. It sounds very good n all and they say they have all good nutirients to help you through the day. What do you think?

    Please help.

  17. Wondering about “Beyond Diet” program by Isabel and Jeff…
    Just stumbled across the website today and am curious to know if anyone has used the program…and if it is a sound and successful one when followed properly.
    I do not want to be scammed out of money to find there is nothing “grand” about the program and it’s the same old “no diet” diet.

  18. Hello i found you reading up on Nopalea recommended to me you are concise and to the point love it . i am not actually looking for weight loss but pain help naturally . i have asthma , somehwat severe allergies and fibromalga. thank you and God Bless

  19. Getting ready to start your program. I stumbled across it while researching p90x. Should I continue my regular lifting regimen and how many times a week should I try the program?

  20. I’d like to hear what you think about Black Cherry Juice and its anti-imflammatory powers? Ive tried it 2 separate times to detox and boy does it work for me – cleaned out my digestive track of toxins and definitely decreased swelling. What do you think about this? …thx, greg


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