CLA – What’s the Skinny?


So, folks, nothing ticks the Hound off more than irresponsibility (well, maybe actually having ticks…but that’s beside the point). Today, I was on a popular social media site, glancing at status updates, when I saw a major name in the fitness industry post a recommendation for Tonalin CLA. This person suggested that everyone go out and purchase it, because it would melt the fat right off their bellies!

Now, being ‘in the know’ I’ve been aware of Tonalin CLA for years, and I’ve heard their claims. CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid, and is found naturally in meats, dairy products and processed foods…actually, it is found naturally in most foods that aren’t good for you…it is a mixture of fats.

They did studies years ago and found that CLA helps animals to naturally prevent fat storage…but in humans? The evidence never panned out. Some studies said yes, some studies said no, mostly because there are 25 different forms of CLA on the market, and all have different concentrations of these naturally occurring chemicals.

Products like CortiSlim, Tonalin, and Enova oil purport to use CLA to help you lose fat…but studies are showing they aren’t so good for you. There are side effects to CLA-severe diarrhea and stomach cramps2. In addition, a study that followed Tonalin users for one year showed that the participants that used Tonalin actually lost five pounds of body weight over a year…but their risk of stroke and heart disease increased, because for some reason, the product increased the white blood cells in their bodies, which is a sign of inflammation and it increased a chemical in their bodies which is related to LDL, the bad cholesterol.

The FDA won’t approve the products, and the claims, they say, are unfounded. The bottom line, once again, is that a magic pill isn’t out there. Eat right, exercise…and that is when you’ll see results. These products may cause harm to your body down the line, and is that really worth the five pounds of body fat you may or may not lose? This hound does not think so…

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  1. I am a 42yr.s old. 15yrs.ago I was in great shape,even after i had my 2 kids, I still got back into my size3-5s. Now,I’ve been in a Methadone clinic for 10 yrs.and I also suffer from Bi-polar. I am depressed by the way I let my body go,and do not eat healthy anymore. I’m embarred to go to the gym,because I used to have a very,very, fit body.I used to love to workout,I got up to my blackbelt in Tae kwondo. Now i sit on the couch allday. PLEASe tell me what is the best work out plan for me???? thankyou

  2. Hi Henry….I have a question for you…..have you done any research on Apidexin…I just ordered it, and was curious to know if others out there besides the few reviews they have on there web page have had success with using it? Please let us know if you haven’t already, should you decide if it is a good product or not… thanks in advance.

  3. Actually, many studies and meta-analyses have shown that CLA can increase LBM while decreasing fat mass, especially so in a caloric deficit… But the side effects, including increased risk of cardiac issues certainly does exist.

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