Chromium picolinate


Chromium picolinate is a highly absorbable form of chromium, which is a trace mineral needed in small quantities in the human body. Chromium is widely used in weight loss supplements for its purported ability to stimulate fat burning.

But what do the studies say?

Studies: A handful study reviews,

one of which covered 24 studies on 200 mcg-1000 mcg supplementation with chromium picolinate, found it to be ineffective or only minutely effective in weight reduction.

Quanitity needed: Well, at least 200
mcg to be slightly effective…

There have been a few reports of kidney
failure after long-term use as a weight loss supplement. As well, there are questions regarding its ability to skew levels of neurotransmitters, which may affect people with schizophrenia, depression or bipolar disorder or those with a family history. There are also potential drug interactions. As well, diabetics taking insulin should avoid chromium picolinate due to its ability to lower blood glucose. Taking chromium picolinate during pregnancy may cause birth defects. If you notice any of the following while taking chromium picolinate, you need to stop taking it: nosebleeds, excessive bruising, unexplained rashes, fatigue, loss of appetite, decreased urination, sleep problems, headaches, dizziness or extreme loss of appetite.


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